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Chapter One: "Promotions"

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Jake Denton - April 22, 2011 04:00 AM (GMT)-On-
<Briefing Room>

3...2...1... The wrist watch strapped to Jake's left wrist flashed twice, signaling that it was now 12PM; not even mid day yet given that they were on a longer planetary rotation than that of Earth.

Jake was in the Briefing Room, standing near the door that led to his office, while the team members of EE-1 and 2 stood at attention on the other side of the room.
Hands behind his back, Jake fiddled with a small, shiny black box as he glanced at those assembled.
Finally he spoke.
"You all have done remarkably well here, you all have shown great courage, teamwork and admiration despite tremendous adversity and hardship. I couldn't ask for anything better. I am very proud of each and every one of you and am glad to count you as more than just members of this expedition, but as my friends. Now, there is one among you all that deserves an award, for his courage and overall hard work for everyone on this base. Tech Sergeant Calmara, step forward please." Jake said.


TAG: EE-1 and 2

Let us begin the third mission!

Kristian Fulk - April 22, 2011 11:10 PM (GMT)-ON-

"Commandant, Commandant !!" the last two words which was winding through Fulk's ears.He had been suffering from liver tear which also caused internal bleeding from the ship crash. He had been unconcious for the whole time after the crash and finally was getting back to himself. He opened his eyes instantly woke up and started to look around

He had a common bad feeling about what was going on around he slowly tried to get up from his bed.

Captain Charlie Evans was sitting on one of the beds getting a physical done; the first one since their arrival at Ecco base. Only a few minutes in to the physical he heard someone stirring. Looking behind him Charlie's eyes found the bed of Commandant Fulk.

He had only seen the man on board the Excalibur; never had talked to him directly. From what he had been told the Commandant had been found unconscious and hadn't woken up since the crash.

Nodding in thanks to the nurse, Charlie got off the bed and approached Kristian's bed.
“Commandant Fulk?” Charlie asked.

with buzzing ears and trying to get up on his feet when Fulk heard someone was calling him he answered politely "Yep thats me" he said and he made himself in a sitting position on the bed.

“Good to see that you are alive. The Colonel will be glad to hear it as well. How do you feel? Do you remember anything?” Charlie asked. He watched a nurse come over and begin to check Kristian's vitals before returning his attention to Fulk.

"Feeling rather sore but otherwise fine i suppose.I happen to remember nearly nothing..." he paused some than continued "Last thing i remember was crashing on the planet and an incredible pain" Fulk answered.

Charlie nodded his head. Yep that about summed things up quite nicely!
“Yeah. The ship crashed on this planet. Sadly the ship itself couldn't be salvaged but those that survived managed to find this base; it's quite large actually.

So far we've been here for a month and a half and while there is a working Stargate we don't have enough power to contact Earth. Thankfully we found the Communication Stones and have been using the only working stone to communicate with Earth.” Charlie explained.

"Thats something at least" Fulk said then added "Any idea who was the original owners of this base ? And when i'm cleared for duty i would like to report to Colonel i want to make myself useful" he said.

“No, we don't know who built the base. As for reporting in, you should. I heard rumors that the Colonel was going to give you a team.” Charlie said. He shrugged his shoulders as if they were just that; rumors.

"A team.." Fulk paused he flew choppers,he has been in space heck even did a flight in space but that was different for him "Well if thats true thats gonna be something new" he said and added "Well let me try walking if i can get up to my feet i think i'll have a clear for duty report eh ? "

Charlie smiled and nodded his head.
“I believe so. The Colonel as well as EE-1 and 2 should be in the Briefing Room. I think the Colonel's giving out promotions or something. I can walk you there.” Charlie offered.

"That would be good" Fulk said and slowly he got up his feet ~so far no problem he said to himself.

Nodding his head, Charlie led the way out of the Infirmary and headed towards the Briefing Room.

Once they arrived Fulk just entered the room and looked around for what was happening.


a JP between Commandant Kris Fulk and Colonel Jake Denton as Captain Charlie Evans (NPC)

Tag: Open

James Calmara - April 24, 2011 02:42 PM (GMT)ON
< Briefing Room>

Calmara stood smartly at attention facing the colonel's office, shoulder to shoulder with EE-1 & EE 2 as he’d been ordered. Rumors of promotions had been doing the rounds ever since contact with earth had been made. Calmara would be lying if he denied the thought of an extra stripe wasn’t appealing. If not him, whoever was promoted it would be well deserved.

He listened as the colonel spoke, nodding in agreement with what he said. Until his name was called. He proudly took a few steps towards the colonel, and halted remaining at attention. Stating simply "Yes Sir."


Tag: Denton & All

Jake Denton - April 24, 2011 05:48 PM (GMT)-On-
<Briefing Room>

A few seconds before James stepped up, Jake noticed the door to the Briefing Room open. A man stepped in; a man that Jake didn't recognize at first. "Yes Sir."

Jake refocused on James. Right; promotions.
"Technical Sergeant James Calmara, for actions that have gone above and beyond the call of duty you are hereby granted the rank of Master Sergeant, with all of the privileges and rights of that rank." Jake said as he took his hands out from behind his back.
Handing the box to James, Jake continued with "Congratulations, Master Sergeant."

Jake allowed James a few moments before he looked at the others present.
"Major Knight, Captain Oliver and Commandant Laurie, step forward please." Jake said.
He waited until those called stepped forward before reaching in to his side pocket. He pulled out three boxes; each with a small label on it telling him which box went to which person.
"Major Knight, Captain Oliver and Commandant Laurie. You all have shown considerable bravery this past month...indeed before we even came here. You all chose to leave Earth, carrying the knowledge that we may never get to return home. You all have fulfilled your duties to the best of your abilities and beyond, and for that I am deeply grateful. Major Knight, I hereby grant you the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, with all the rights and privileges thereto." Jake handed the Major one of the boxes, before he stepped to the right so he was standing in front of Captain Oliver.
"Captain Oliver, you are hereby granted the rank of Major with all of the ranks and privileges of that rank." Jake said.
He handed Major Oliver the box addressed to him before finally stepping to the right once more so he was standing in front of Pierre.
"Commandant Laurie. It is my great honor to grant you the promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, with all of the rights and privileges thereto. Congratulations." Jake said. He handed the Lieutenant Colonel the final box before taking a step back.
"And finally I have one more award to give out; it goes to a man who thought of the team he served on more than himself. I can think of no other person that deserves this more than him. I wish he could be here but I grant Lieutenant Thomson the promotion to the rank of Captain, with all of the privileges of that rank."

He paused for a moment to let everything sink in before turning to the others.
"And for the rest of you all, thank you for your hard work and keep at it. You are all dismissed." He said.

Now that the promotions had been dealt with it was time to get down to business. Easing his way towards the newcomer, Jake held at his hand.
"Commandant...." Jake looked to see the last name on the man's uniform, "Fulk."


TAG: James Calmara, Kristian Fulk, Pierre Laurie, Open

Kristian Fulk - April 24, 2011 06:16 PM (GMT)-ON-
<Briefing Room>

Fulk was inside the briefing room watching the promotion of a fellow member of the expedition though he didnt remember anyone it was still good to see some military traditions going on.

"And for the rest of you all, thank you for your hard work and keep at it. You are all dismissed." He said.

~Well not me Fulk thought he was just woken up and had to report to Colonel. Just as he was thinking that the Colonel came towards him.

"Commandant...." Jake looked to see the last name on the man's uniform, "Fulk."

Colonel said and Fulk shook Colonel's hand "Yes,Sir thats me" he said.


Tag: Colonel

Jake Denton - April 24, 2011 07:14 PM (GMT)-On-
<Briefing Room>

"Good to see you up and around Commandant, I was beginning to be a little concerned." Jake began, gesturing for the Commandant to follow him. Heading to the door on the far right, Jake opened it and stepped in to his office.

There wasn't much there yet; a table, three chairs, a clock and a fairly nice bookshelf.
"Take a seat." Jake said, indicating one of the two chairs on the far side of the desk. Rounding it, Jake took the chair on the other side of the desk.
"I assume someone has filled you in on the situation?" he asked.


TAG: Fulk

Kristian Fulk - April 24, 2011 07:28 PM (GMT)-ON-

"Good to see you up and around Commandant, I was beginning to be a little concerned." Jake began, gesturing for the Commandant to follow him.

Fulk nodded and fallowed Colonel.They entered his Office rather empty but thinking about the situation that was normal.

"Take a seat." Jake said, indicating one of the two chairs on the far side of the desk. Rounding it, Jake took the chair on the other side of the desk.
"I assume someone has filled you in on the situation?" he asked.

Fulk took his seat and answered "Yes Captain.." paused he tried to remember the Captains name in the infirmary altough he didnt asked his name he remembered it from his uniform "Evans, told me about the situation we got here.As soon as i was up i wanted to report in so i can make myself usefull" he said and added "So what can i do ?"


Tag: Colonel

Jake Denton - April 24, 2011 07:41 PM (GMT)-On-
<Jake's Office>

"Well," Jake began. He took two files out of the desk drawer, placed them on the table and gave them a small push which caused the two files to slide across the desk so Fulk could get them.
"First I do have some good news...well good news in a way. Lieutenant Colonel Knight informed me a week ago that she is stepping down as CO of EE-2, which means that I am in need of a new Commanding Officer for that team. I was rather hopeful that you would like the position." Jake said. He then gestured to the two files, "Meet your team. First Lieutenant Jet Carter Hughes, Jet for short, will be your XO; your eyes and ears in the field. Also, First Lieutenant Ashlyn Techryn. She is very capable of fulfilling her duties."


TAG: Fulk

Also, please note that Ashlyn is an NPC until such time that her player returns which means that you can control Ashlyn.

James Newman - April 25, 2011 05:37 AM (GMT)ON

After the Promotion ceremony, James headed back to his room to change. He got into his gym gear and then headed off to the gym to do a workout. As he was walking down the corridors he turned on his radio.

=^=EE-1 this is Major Newman. Please meet me in the gym in ten minutes.=^= James said before turning off towards the gym. He entered the gym and got straight into his workout while he waited.


TAG Anyone on EE-1 or anyone who wants’ to be in the gym.

Kristian Fulk - April 25, 2011 01:42 PM (GMT)-ON-

Getting the two file Fulk glanced an eye on both.He didnt seem to remember them on board the ship though but anyway i'll meet them he said to himself.

"I would be happy to Colonel." He said than added "If there is nothing more i'd like to eat something and meet my team"


Tag: Denton
(Noted the note)

Andy Riihiniemi - April 25, 2011 06:18 PM (GMT)-ON-
<Andy´s personal quarters>

Andy was trying to sleep when suddenly he heard voice from radio
"EE-1 this is Major Newman. Please meet me in the gym in ten minutes."

"Damn it... why does this happen every time when I try to sleep after night shift..."
Andy thought when he was looking over his clothes.

He stop on the way at the mess to get some coffee.


TAG: anyone of EE-1 in the gym.

Jake Denton - April 25, 2011 07:20 PM (GMT)-On-
<Jake's Office>

"By all means. Just be advised that there will be a mission briefing at 1500 hours." Jake replied.
He sat back in his chair, eying the Commandant carefully. He believed Kristian was a capable individual; capable of commanding EE-2 with the same vigor that Jake had witnessed with Cira.


TAG: Fulk

Pierre Laurie - April 25, 2011 09:13 PM (GMT)<< ON >>
< Command Centre >

Laurie entered the command centre and looked over the main display, read outs of the current status of everything on base. ~Lieutenant Colonel, that's going to take some getting used to~ Pete thought as he looked over the readings.

Everything appeared to be good. They had stabilized the base power and were now running almost entirely off the bases own power system, meaning there generators could be saved for back up.

"What's the status of the latest salvage teams?" He asked Oliver, who had also come to Command from the briefing.

"Major Harlov's team is overseeing it, but we've picked clean most of the useable equipment. Most of it is so damaged it would take more to repair it then the pay out of having it, but we've also begun to cut apart the ship itself. Support beams, wall panels and the like. It will provide us with a good source of structural material if we need to build anything." The newly promoted Major replied.

Pete nodded, "I understand that the teams have shuffled a bit."

"Ya, well with myself and Eriksson and a few others out of commission some of the younger officers have been put on teams. An Irish Commandant is taking over team 2 and 3 is being retasked for recon under a Captain Evans. Last I heard the Colonel is also looking at getting a fifth team. I know that Newmans team found some food, but we're really going to need to get off world and searching for supplies if were going to make it long term here. The Scientists report we look to be entering late fall, and who knows how rough the winters could be here."

"Well we don't really have a choice but to survive."

<< OFF >>

James Calmara - April 25, 2011 09:25 PM (GMT)ON

<Briefing room>

Calmara couldn’t help grinning when the Colonel announced his promotion and handed over the black case. He saluted then stepped back and looked on as others were similarly honoured. Walking out when they were dismissed, flicking open the box as he did glancing at the pair of rockers.


Calmara had just made his quarters when a radio message came through to report to the gym. Stashing the box in his quarters he hurried along to the gym as had been requested still riding high with promotion. Walking in he acknowledged Major Newman and asked with a grin, “Sir, what’s the occasion, a team talk?”


Tag: Newman & EE1 & All

William Moss - April 26, 2011 05:24 AM (GMT)<<ON>>
<<Chief of Security’s Office, Ecco Base>>

After allowing him a moment to relax, Will grabbed the stack of folders on his desk and began to look through them, it was time for him to appoint deputy and he was going to appoint Santo Rikui Sayako Yanagita. She was from the Japanese Self-Defense Force and even though she came from small military she had some security experience.

Warrant Officer Class 2 Aayan Brown of the Royal Navy, would continue in her role as the base’s Master-At-Arms, it was going to be the Security Detachment Non Commissioned Officer In Charge that would give him the most problems, at most Will, himself should have been filling that role, but he had been placed as Chief of Security which was an Officer position.

After reviewing all of the E-7s and E-8s that had security experience he decided to go with Flaggstyrman Kim Gustafsson of the Swedish Defense Forces and that rounded out his command staff, now the hard part would be the defense teams and everyone else.

Will was really wondering if he could foster that off on someone else.


Mission #3: "A Storm is Coming"
Chapter #1: "Promotions | Chapter #2: "Briefing with Late Breakfast" | Chapter #3: "New Teams, First Mission" | Chapter #4: "Move Out"

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