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Michelle Hankins - November 13, 2013 05:17 AM (GMT)ON

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
Lieutenant Colonel Michelle 'Rose' Hankins
Captain Burt Gummer
Scotty - English Bulldog
Random, red shirted, Sergeant...

Michelle sat there in her '27 Challenger, thinking over the things that has happened to her over the past few months. Car accident. Ex goes missing. The Command she's always wanted. A Command she never expected. And why she even bothered getting the latest model Challenger in the first place if she may not even drive it again. Oh right, compensation for the idiot who ran the red light and slammed into her '19 Challenger passenger side, totaling it and injuring her in the process. Though, she had been told how lucky she was, if the passenger side hadn't taken most of the impact, she could of been seriously injured, maybe even paralyzed and this Command would of definitely gone to someone more experienced.

She sighed heavily at the thought, because if it was the driver side that was hit, she surely would of been dead. Drunk drivers. When you know you should of been dead in that last battle of that last mission, but some how came out of it alive with nothing but some scratches and bruises, the one thing that kills you, or nearly kills you, is a Drunk Driver. The most ironic thing in life. Survive a bullet, die in a automobile accident. Well, she didn't, how else she be here? But others have sadly. At least she was able to honor and celebrate Veterans Day on her feet and not in the hospital bed.

Michelle shook her head, Now isn't the time for this. We spent plenty of time in the hospital thinking this over, we don't need to be doing this now. We. Oh lovely. Said 'we' instead of 'I'. Now I'm really losing it. Before she could continue, she heard a curious, and worried sound from Scotty in the passenger seat, while staring at her with those big brown eyes of his. Michelle looked at Scotty and smiled, "One good thing about being a Commanding Officer of a Starship...I get to bring my best friend in the whole world with me!" She grinned and rubbed his head with one hand and scratched his back with the other, which got him all happy, his tail smacking against the door hard enough that it sounded like he was going to put dents into it.

"All right, lets get on going shall we?" She said, as she popped the trunk before opening up her door and stepping out of her car. She was suddenly caught off guard by a Air Force Sergeant in a red shirt, which Scotty sensed her surprise and started barking from the driver seat. Michelle regained her composure and gestured her hand down, telling Scotty to relax. "Sergeant."

"Sorry ma'am, I've been waiting for you to come out so I can help you with your bags." said the Sergeant.

She shook her head, "Don't suppose you got anything better to do?" She asked with a smirk.

He shook his head with a smile, "No ma'am. Just here to keep your hands free in case something happens."

Michelle raised a brow, "Like what?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "I honestly don't know. Anything could happen."

Michelle slugged him in the shoulder, "Just yanking your chain. Of course you can take my bags to the ship."

"Yes ma'am!" He quickly saluted before moving towards the back of her car and grabbed her bags. "Have you ever Commanded a Starship before, ma'am?" He asked.

Michelle turned towards him, "No I haven't, but I've been preparing myself for years. I've taken all sorts of tests I could find, and asked a lot of questions of former or current starship CO's for advice and suggestions. Why?"

He paused for a moment, "How did you get this Command, if I may ask, ma'am?"

"No you may not." She said with a grin.

"I think I can."

Michelle turned around to see a Marine Captain, though his hands were rather dirty, suggesting he was the engineer, possibly the Chief. Marine Grease Monkey? Seen her share, but never would of thought of one being on a starship. Her mistake for thinking so. "And you are?"

"Captain Burt Gummer." He said, holding his hand out.

She didn't hesitate to shake his hand, despite how unclean it was, she wasn't afraid of getting a little dirty. She then looked at Scotty and pointed at her side. Scotty dropped down onto the ground from the driver's seat and sat down next to her right leg, facing the Captain. Then she looked back at him, "That name sounds familiar."

Burt laughed, "So does James Kirk, but he isn't the Tiberius one. So no, I have no relation to the fictional character on a old horror-action movie."

She shrugged, "Wasn't much horror in it."

He shrugged, "To some people. Scared the shit out of my kids though." He chuckled.

Michelle smiled and shook her head. "You suck."

He shrugged again, "They gotta grow up some how. Anyways, how did you get this Command?"

Michelle smirked, before looking at the Sergeant then back at Burt. "I was recommended. It happens to help when you save a few lives who run a major company that happened to have help in supplying and funding of this project."

Burt nodded his head, "I see. Well the reason why the Sarge over there asked, is because someone is going to take your car to storage, so that it be kept some place safe while we are long ways from home. Which you might want to leave your keys behind."

Michelle frowned and began walking towards the structure that held the elevator to the shipyard. Scotty following right beside her with ease. "Left them in the ignition. Don't they do that already to all in the service?" She asked him.

Burt immediately followed by her other side while the Sergeant followed behind her. "Well...guess that's true, but you be surprised how many times these NCOs been asked about people's vehicles and what not."

"How many?" She asked as she pulled out her security key, sliding before opening the door and stepping onto the lift, Scotty, Burt and the Sergeant, who is squeezing into the rear, followed after her.

Burt raised both brows, "Uh..." He paused for a second, never having expect someone to ask. "Um...a lot...lost count really."

Michelle grinned and rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Captain. So I read the Defiant went through a lot of hell."

Burt sighed, "Yeah she did. I lost a good men under my department, real good men. Knew what they were doing than anyone else. If they were still with us, we probably would of gotten the ship home sooner but all I had left were a bunch of kids, so green that you'd think they been irradiated."

"I wouldn't put them down so much like that, Captain. I don't think they expected to be in that kind of situation all so quickly." She told him.

Burt shook his head, "No one did. It was suppose to be a simple mission. Bring supplies, deliver some information, return home. Nothing to it."

Michelle raised a brow, "But the hyperdrive failed."

Burt grew irritated just from her saying it. "I went through the god dam thing I don't know how many times. There was nothing that would of caused it to malfunction. It was perfectly intact before the Brotherhood began beating the crap out of us."

Michelle frowned heavily, "Then what happened, Captain?"

Burt just about slammed his fist into the elevator door when it opened the second before, leaving him to hitting nothing but thin air, and look silly. But seemed like that still helped him calm down. "I have no idea. As I said before, I went through everything. Even the dam techs here went through it before installing the Subspace Capacitor. No one knows. What else doesn't make sense, is how the hell the Brotherhood knew where we would drop out? It was like they were waiting for us at the exact spot."

Michelle began walking towards the ship, getting a good look at her as she sat there in the dock. "I never thought something like this would be so beautiful."

Burt blinked a moment, a little caught off when she switched subjects. But he shifted his eyes from her to the ship. "Aye, no matter what these babies are made to do, they are still quite a sight." He said before catching up to her when she began walking faster.

"From all I could gather and read on my flight here, Command suspected sabotage. A Command subroutine that activated the moment you reached a certain distance, or a saboteur who ended up dead during the battle with the Brotherhood."

Burt sighed, "But there was nothing on the drive itself, or in the computers that would suggest such a thing."

Michelle shook her head, "Are you sure you checked everything? Every nook and corner?"

Burt sighed again, "Yes, Colonel. It was like the Brotherhood flipped the switch to something and bam, out we came."

Michelle turned onto the catwalk to one of the airlocks of the ship. "I highly doubt the Brotherhood would of come up with something capable of forcing ships out of hyperspace. So you had to of missed something, that's all there is to it."

"But I-"

Michelle stopped and turned around, "There is no way the Imperial Brotherhood are that resourceful, Captain. They may have better us on occasions, but only because we've been caught off guard every time. But it does not mean they have such capabilities."

Burt licked his lips, "We sure have the capability to create the Subspace Capacitor, nearly or as equal to a ZPM...just more big and bulky."

Michelle shook her head, "Forget about it. We have no way of confirming anything, so keep it to yourself."

Burt shrugged his shoulders, "Keep what to myself?"

"Precisely." Michelle said before resuming her trek to the ship. "Sergeant."

"Yes ma'am?"

"What's the status on the crew?" She asked.

"Almost all the crew has arrived, ma'am. We're still waiting on Task Force Stalker, and some other personnel but I believe they're on their way as we speak."

Michelle nodded her head slightly, acknowledging what he's said. "Sounds good. Captain, the ship?"

Burt rubbed his hands together, "She's ready to go and fit as a fiddle but my team is still running system wide diagnostics. They slapped on a lot of fire power, Colonel."

Michelle looked over her shoulder, "Something wrong? Do we have enough power for them all?"

Burt nodded his head, "Oh yes, of course, it's the main reason why we got the Subspace Capacitor, the Asgard Power Core wouldn't been able to power all these upgrades. It's just...they had to make a lot of modifications and changes to the ship itself in order to get all these upgrades placed. And nothing has been truly tested."

"I thought the simulations said everything was flawless?" Michelle asked.

"Please, Colonel. Simulations are just that, simulations. In order to have a true test of our equipment, we need to power them up and use them. If we happened to power up weapons in a real fight, and find out half of them aren't working properly, not getting the power they're suppose to be, even when there's more than enough power to go around...well, it be a very short test I can tell you that much." Burt explained.

Michelle shook her head, "I can't believe they would send a ship out untested."

Burt chuckled, "You're definitely new at this. You might as well consider this the new X-304, just not officially. All the Mark upgrades had one ship go through a live test in order to find any bugs in the system that needs ironing. This is the very first Mark Four, and is the corner stone of the future Mark Fours. Once we iron out all the bugs in the system, we send the updates to Command, they update their specs, and then, every government with a Mark Three can get a Mark Four upgrade."

Michelle stopped at the airlock, just outside of the ship. Scotty stopped beside her and looked up at her, curious as to why she had stopped. "So we'll be making history with this ship?"

Burt shrugged his shoulders, "Good and bad. It all depends on what face, and what choices you make. Hate to tell you this, Cap'i'ton, but you have a lot of weight on your shoulders. Command won't be too happy if you screw up."

Michelle looked at him, "Thanks for the heads up." She gave him a sour look before looking down at Scotty. "Ready buddy? Our new adventure begins with a single step. And not to mention, a whole new family to be part of." Scotty growled a second before he barked at her, giving her his answer.

"What's with the dog anyways?" Burt asked.

Scotty glared up at Burt at the question. Michelle looked over her shoulder at Burt, "Just someone to keep me company and to keep the morale up. But you better watch it, he also take your tools away." She smiled at him before taking first step onto the ship, and then proceeded further in. "Let's go see the Bridge, Scotty." Scotty just followed right alongside her, tail wagging with eagerness.

Burt stood there next to the airlock, inside the ship. "I'll just head back to Engineering. By myself. Alone." He said before noticing the Sergeant standing next to him. "The hell you staring at? Get those bags to her quarters." He told him before heading off to Main Engineering.

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And so, the Defiant Begins!

Larissa Koralov - November 13, 2013 08:16 AM (GMT)ON Raven Rock Military Complex
Colonel General Pavel Alexsyev, RFGF
Admiral Ian McRaven, USN

Colonel General Pavel Alexsyev cleared the final checkpoint to the offices, and headed straight for Admiral McRaven's. Today was already a busy day, with a new unit being put together, but the Russian officer also finally wanted to meet his commander. The American's reputation was certianly a tall one, and well deserved, so this would prove quite interesting. He also wanted to meet some of these people being assigned to the unit, Task Force Stalker, before they left, including it's commander. He approached McRaven's door and knocked once, waiting for his reply.

"It's open!" Ian called over his shoulder as he paced his office, a file open in his hand. He'd read it a dozen times but it still wasn't adding up, but half the time any intelligence report involving the Brotherhood seemed to have more holes in it than swiss cheese. Pavel opened the door, stepping in and closed the door. "Admiral McRaven, sir. Colonel General Pavel Alexsyev, I'm your new Deputy Commander of Operations." He said, with a degree of an accent to his English, extending his right hand in greeting.

Snapping the file closed Ian turned and grinned as the man entered, he took the hand and gave it a firm shake, "Welcome to SGSOCOM." Ian said releasing his hand, "I was wondering if I'd ever meet the man that helped organize the fall of the Ultra-nationalist, you come highly regarded."

"Thank you, sir. I understand you are quite well regarded as well." Pavel replied, "And as for what I did, well, I grew up in the Soviet Union, I have no desire to see it return, contrary to what Hollywood would say." He said with a grin of his own. "I was hoping to accompany you to meet with the three we were sending off with the Defiant. Major Connolly, Captain Koralova, and Lieutenant Havel."

"I am?" He replied with a chuckle, "I admire that General, I admire such ideals in a man such as yourself." Ian moved to his desk, upon which he tossed the file and opened a drawer, "Before we do, something I learned from a friend a long time ago," He remarked as he pulled out two small shot glasses and a bottle of vodka, "This is almost as old as we are." Ian said placing it on his desk, "If you'd join me?"

Pavel took a moment to inspect the bottle's label, and nodded in approval as he handed it back, "Of course, Admiral. It's only proper to commemorate the begining of a new adventure with a toast. And it would be a shame to let this fine vintage go to waste." The Russian said with a laugh.

"I'd hoped you say that." He said as he poured a shot to Pavel before his own, "Plus, it gives us an excuse to drink on duty." He said lowering his voice as he replaced the bottle on the desk and picked up his small glass, "To smooth sailing, and many victories, may your comrades tell tails of your glory long after your passing."

"And of yours, Admiral. Salut." Pavel hefted the glass up and then downed the drink in one swig, setting down the glass and taking a breath. "Whoo. Good stuff. My compliments. Well, that's done, I assume we should go see off our troops?"

Downing his as well, Ian ran his forearm across his mouth muffling a small cough, "Yes... good stuff... Now back to work." He said replacing the bottle and two glasses in his desk and grabbing his uniform blouse from the back of the chair, "I presume you've been briefed on everything that General Abrahams was working on?" He inquired as they departed his office and headed for the transporter room which would then beam them to the on site airfield where Task Force Stalker was preparing to depart from.

"Yes, sir." Pavel said, following Ian out of the office, "We had a bit of a conversation on the matters at hand, and the rest has just been some interesting reading. Plus, I've had some conversations with General Petrov, too, so I'm up to speed." Pavel grabbed his sky blue VDV beret from the checkpoint on the way to the transporter, "I've also brought over the latest from GRU. I know the Director quite well, should help facilitate communication with them."

"Should be helpful, seeing how close you are to our mutual friends with the Imperial Brotherhood, any good news from the East or is it still as bad as the initial assessments?" Ian inquired in relation to the chemical attacks on the major population centers on Russia's eastern boarder with China. "As for the rest, I know Yoav had a five year plan so to speak, but you're here now it's your ship."

"It's a god awful mess over there, and the fact Harbin and the other cities didn't get the same is a mercy." Pavel replied, "So yes, it's still just as bad." The damage was so bad that both military and general sources agreed that Vladivostok would not be useable as a major harbor until 2030 or beyond. "His plan is good, and I'll make my changes as I see fit, but it's not like the man lost his job for incompetence. The Israelis just need their best back home with the state of the Middle East. Hardly an enviable position."

"Agreed," Ian replied he hated to see Yoav leave, but what Pavel said was nothing more than the truth. "Never seems to get any better does it?" He remarked rhetorically, as the pair entered the room which functioned as the transport control area. The technician looked up from her controls, and moved to stand but Ian waved her off, "At ease, hanger C please."

"Aye Sir." She said as the stood on the small x's painted on to the floor. A flash of blinding white light later and the pair was deposited outside a large hangar on the bases perimeter.

"No, it never is. But, it takes people like us to make it better for those who don't have to fight our battles." Pavel replied, just as they arrived at the Hangar, looking over to where a group of troops were assembling. Right on cue, in his MARPAT Desert uniform, Major Ed Connolly approached them, snapping to attention and saluting, "Sirs. It's good to see you."

Ian returned the salute, "Ed." He said by way of greeting, the Marine was a no bullshit, no frills guy; and had quickly earned his keep as Ian's right hand so to speak, and he hated to send the man off on such errands, but he trusted no other man to do it. Ian turned slightly and motioned to the man next to him, "As you know General Abrahams returned to Israel, and General Alexsyev has taken over his position." He paused for a second, "I believe you know one another?" He asked, not sure if the man who'd led man of the operations knew who had been suppling them with the intelligence that made those operations possible.

"Colonel General Pavel Alexsyev, Deputy Commander, Operations." Pavel said in greeting, exchanging handshakes with the American Marine. "Pleasure, sir. It's a shame we didn't get to meet before today, sir, I'm sure we both have our stories. At any rate, we're getting ready here. Stalker's right over here, finishing up final preparations." Ed explained, leading the way, "You are comfortable with this new role, Major?" "Comfortable? Hell, anything to get back out there, sir." Ed replied with a wry grin.

Ian laughed, "So who all are you steeling for this operation?"

"Anyone I could get away with, sir. Even stole SGC's deputy training commandant, though she was tearing at the walls. I was going to take her place until they got a replacement until you decided to put me on this tin can, sir." Ed replied with a laugh. It was all in good humor, the Marine was itching to get back out to the frontlines, "Given how well Firewall has gone, Stalker's similiar in approach. Grab up the best shooters we can, put 'em together, turn 'em loose. Depending on the CO of the boat, haven't met her yet."

"I haven't heard anything, so you're on your own Major; you know the speech so I won't bore you with it; just remember if you need anything, we'll be here." He replied as they entered the hangar and found the 100 or so personnel of Task Force Stalker assembled in a lose company formation.

"I'll try not to nail anyone to the wall as quickly as Will does." Ed replied with a laugh. William Bishop's reputation of taking no prisoners when it came to resistance from allies had reached far and wide, even Alexsyev had to grin. "Hey, Captain, Lieutenant. Front and center." Ed called out. Larissa, clad in her Russian digital multicam, looked up from her tablet to see Ed Connolly approaching with an American Admiral and a Russian General, and her jaw nearly dropped in surprise as she realized who they were. She set the tablet down and headed straight over, snapping to attention and saluting. "Sir, Captain Koralova." Mike wasn't far behind his CO, coming to attention next to her a grin spreading on his face as he presented his salute, "First Lieutenant Havel."

Pavel returned the salute, and then extended a hand to Larissa. "Captain Koralova, it's a pleasure to meet you in person. You have quite a reputation for such a young officer. You're a credit to the Motherland." Pavel said. "Thank you, sir." Larissa replied, knowing full well of Alexsyev's reputation, and shook hands with him. "And I have heard good things about you, Lieutenant." Pavel said, shaking hands with the American.

Mike raised a questioning eyebrow, in his head he was telling himself to just keep his mouth shut for once, but it didn't happen; "Thank you sir, but I'm not so sure about that, I'm known for getting into trouble." He said with a grin, Ian just shook his head, Havel never ceased to amaze him with the way he could dig himself a hole.

"Sometimes, getting into trouble is what we do best in this buisness." Pavel replied, knowing full well how that all worked, having started back when he argued with his commander while under fire in Grozny, "This job isn't about politicking, it's about results. I know this is a unique posting for you both, and you were both picked for a reason. Keep your heads straight, take care of your troops, and see the mission through, and you'll be just fine."

Havel sobered up real quick, "Roger that Sir, we won't let you down." He said looking from Pavel to McRaven, then to Koralova; "Aint that right ma'am."

"Nobody but us, sir. We'll get the job done." Larissa replied, nodding once. Pavel laughed, "Spoken like Spetznaz, Captain. Have I missed anything, Admiral?" He looked to Ian.

"Just remember it's like a post card, kicking ass in outer space..." He wouldn't finish the rest, there was no point. "No, I think you've covered it all quite well."

"So I wish you and yours the best of luck, and give the enemy hell. They're in our sights now, let them see just how much of our ire they've earned." Pavel replied. Larissa nodded again, "Yes, sir. If I may say so, sir, it's about time." Pavel and Ed laughed. "It is indeed, Captain. It is indeed." Pavel replied, "Godspeed and good hunting, to you both and Stalker. Carry on." Larissa saluted once more, and then headed back with Mike to the rest of Stalker.

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
Captain Larissa Koralova, RFGF/FSB
First Lieutenant Mike Havel, USAF

Mike Havel leaned out the door on the UV-365 Pave Grizzly as it zoomed over the Nevada Desert hugging what little terrain there was as they approached the berthing for the newly recited USS Defiant. Leaning back in the troop compartment, he locked eyes with his CO, "Ma'am, come enjoy the view before it's all bulkheads and blackness!" He shouted over the slipstream blasting through the open door.

Larissa pulled on her sunglasses and made her way to the Grizzly's door, "Never was really one for deserts! Only one I was ever in for a period of time was desert warfare training in Kazahkstan!" She shouted back, "You ready for this?!"

"Hell ma'am you want desert try Africa, that shit hole!" He shouted back, having just been pulled off an operation in one of the more shit hole countries on the continent. "I'm not sure!" He shouted as he turned to look at her, and pointed to his own personnel retention strap that was clipped to the airframe; indicating for her to clip in as well. "But I guess someone though otherwise!"

Larissa strapped in, "Well, when you have the vote of confidence of two men like the Admiral and General, you must be doing something right! I'm just glad to get the hell away from the politics and back off world! It's not Atlantis, but I'll take it!" She replied, watching the terrain as the Grizzly circled lazily around the Defiant once before begining it's final approach.

"First time off world for me ma'am, so I'm gonna be about as green as grass for a while, but I'm a quick learner not to mention we have enough experience around here that even the dog has advice to offer." He motioned back into the troop compartment to the two brothers and their military working dog, Riley. "So I have plenty to pull from."

"First time I've seen a dog team working off-world!" She said, looking at the German Shepard in the compartment, who looked to be quite eager, "But working off-world's like normal, just with more questions and less sense! Hopefully we don't have civilian techs to argue with us, because I can't stand that military verus civillian crap!" The Grizzly swooped in, buzzing along the side of the Defiant up into the hangar bay, flaring up to stop and settled down onto the deck.

"If we do run into that problem, I have some tranquilizers that can drop a rhino; i'll pack them if necessary." He replied as the craft settled and he jumped down from it on to the deck, "If you want to report into the Colonel ma'am, I'll start getting us situated?"

"Intars are faster." Larissa unhooked and hopped down onto the deck, pulling off her sunglasses, "Sounds good. Catch you in a few." Larissa said, looking around. She had been on he Defiant before, but never on the hangar deck. A passing fighter pilot, a woman with short red hair, Captain insignia, and a namepatch that read CAPT. ADRIANNA PIERCE, USMC, stopped."Lost, ma'am?" She asked.

Larissa nodded, "Where do I go to head to the bridge?" Larissa asked. "Yes ma'am, just head that way, that'll take you straight to the lift." Adrianna replied. "Thank you, Captain." Larissa said, and headed further into the ship, heading for the Bridge. Major Connolly hopped off the Grizzly behind them, and followed her off to the Bridge as well.

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Leah Kim-Sook - November 13, 2013 03:50 PM (GMT)-ON-

NAB Coronado, CA
PO1 Leah Kim-Sook, USN

Leah couldn’t entirely focus, let alone tell anyone where her mind was. Things seemed so surreal as it were. It was one thing getting her stripes back, it was another getting reassigned so quickly. She even found herself feeling regret for leaving the team so soon. But from what she was getting it seemed they were getting shuffled about as well so maybe it was just perfect timing…still.

What really got to her was the fact that she would have a position of responsibility. She had no problems working with small crews, that was a given considering her profession. However the fact that a six was somehow supposed to pull off being an NCOIC onboard a ship, needless to say someone who had never done the job before was a little unnerving. She had pulled command positions before but it was nothing like this, those groups never exceeded the thirties, so she was chomping at the bit as she flipped through the manila folder in her hands.

Her eyes nervously glanced up at the Lieutenant Commander in front of her as if she were looking for some form of confirmation in his eyes. He seemed confused, probably never saw a Seal in an awkward situation before, and she didn’t mind being the first. “And these are my orders?”

“Correct, you’ve already been briefed by Stargate Command, so I fail to see what the problem is. Besides you’ve been on ships before.”

“Just having trouble believing it is all. And I’m sued to my ships floating, not zooming through space. These numbers are kind of staggering when you really look at them.”

“Try to relax Petty Officer. I can understand what you’re feeling but there’s no time for it. You’re leaving soon.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” She sighed as she pushed out from the conference table. Somehow she managed to grab someone attention, but she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. And this could possibly be someone testing her yet again, that thought brought a sour twinge to her stomach. And she was regretting not making it to Raven Rock to meet the team, but she had things to take care of before her departure, nor did she have direct orders to do so.

“Have you seen her?” He spoke as he stood up with her.


“The Defiant Sook.”

“Oh right,” she laughed nervously feeling all spacy now. She smoothed out her NWU type III Combat shirt as they left the room and walked down the halls.

“Yes I have, took a mini-tour of sorts. It’s…impressive.”

“Enjoy your experience, I think this’ll be good for you.”

“All about the experience right?” She gave a slightly awkward smirk before pulling her cap on as they exited the building and walked toward a Lincoln. “I’m curious sir. What changed?”

“You mean with your situation in the S-E-A theater? Not a damn thing. We’ll be inserting another team along with several crews. But, don’t concern yourself with it. You’ve gotta get geared up and gone in less than an hour.”

“Fitting, bet my stuff is already there.”

“Well you should be used to following your belongings around.” He smirked as he got into the driver’s seat and started the vehicle.

Leah rolled her eyes as she buckled up. “Yeah, right. So what’s the plan here?”

“Get you to the CT-39 in thirty minutes or less. You take off , fly to a transfer point and take a SeaHawk to the Defiant..”

“Sounds solid enough.” She shifted uncomfortably in the seat, adjusting the Five-Seven in her drop-leg holster. As the vehicle came to a stop on the airfield Leah rose a brow at the two SF personnel who were there to meet them. As she got out she was handed her plate carrier and directed to a table where a black ruck was set out. “Hey, Lieutenant Commander Williams?”

“Hm?” He questioned as he walked toward edge of the hanger’s threshold.

“I’m getting those permission jitters. Like I’m about to walk into some crazy stuff.”

“Good.” His only reply served as little comfort. But she didn’t expect much else.

A wry smirk escaped her as she secured the plate carrier over her torso, picked up the M25A1, slinging it over her shoulder and grabbing the ruck and her helmet.

“And remember Petty Officer, don’t do anything that’ll make us regret this decision.” He turned toward her saluting the passing operator.

“C’mon, I can see it in your face. You’re regretting this already,” responded sternly as she stiffened up to return his salute, and lowered when he relieved her.

“Listen, a lot of people aren’t holding their breath. They’re expecting you to screw up. And there are others who want to see great things from you.”

She nodded knowingly as she turned toward the aircraft. “Y’know, for an over glorified career planner you’re not a bad guy.” She chuckled, throwing a light wave over her shoulder as she ran up the steps into the aircraft.

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
PO1 Leah Kim-Sook USN

As the SH-60B Seahawk came out of its holding pattern to begin its landing, Leah peered over the side, getting a really good look at the Defiant from the outside. It was quite an amazing ship. The whole thing honestly had her shaking a little. Funny, because she wouldn’t hesitate to do the things that made her what she was. Yet this position had her worried. She was responsible for a rather large number of people. Oh well, she was going to have to buck up and pray she learned on the fly quick enough.

There was no doubt in her mind that there were NCO’s on the vessel that outranked her, and those more qualified. So she would make it a point to speak with the ship’s Captain as soon as possible. But when she touched down Leah needed to get herself situated, that included Task Force Stalker, she needed to make herself known and check in. along with getting a spot to dump her stuff. Despite the majority of it already being in place, so she supposed it was really a matter of finding it.

She knelt at the door as the aircraft touched down, using a small leaping motion and staying crouched low. She pulled her ruck out and moved away from the hawk as walked along the deck. She wasn’t entirely sure but she could swear that was Major Connolly heading in. That forced her to cock a brow if she had seen what she had. An interesting bit in fact. Still she let that go as she had a number of issues to work on first.

Her hand flew down to her pocket, pulling out her tablet and opening up a couple of files. “Thank god for maps,” she muttered as she held the bag by one strap over her shoulder. She let it rest there, before pulling off her helmet and replacing it with her hat. The Petty Officer sent out a ping of her arrival as she walked through the hangar bay.



Michelle Hankins - November 18, 2013 02:44 AM (GMT)On

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - Bridge
Lieutenant Colonel Michelle 'Rose' Hankins
First Lieutenant Rachel Maxwell
Scotty - English Bulldog

Hankins just stepped on the bridge when she noticed that the main view port was showing space. She frowned heavily, "The hell?" She knew for certain they didn't leave yet, nor did she know if the shipyard has been experimenting on asgard beaming technology...or have they?

Suddenly a First Lieutenant came out from behind one of the consoles near the view port and smiled, "Colonel, ma'am! I'm sorry, didn't see you there." She said before she pressed some buttons on the console and the view port suddenly flickered and showed the inside of the shipyard.


"First Lieutenant Rachel Maxwell!" Rachel responded proudly.

Hankins raised bother her browse, rather caught off by the Lieutenant's sudden bright mood. "What was that?" Hankins pointed at the main viewer.

Rachel blinked before looking at the viewer, "OH! That. We were testing out a holographic emitter that some gear head and egg head put together. They figured since the Asgard had so much use of Holographic technology, that we could utilize it. I mean," Rachel stepped back a bit and pointed at the three screens just above. "Why should we...well you...keep having to look up at those screens just to communicate face to face, or visual to visual, with another ship? They're just so small, and fitting a flat screen tv isn't really the smartest or cheapest thing either."

Hankins raised a brow, "Lieutenant, nothing is cheap on this ship."

Rachel smiled, "Those are, believe it or not." She pointed at the screens. "But with this holographic technology, you can have a better visual communication with another ship. We're hoping to put it through a test on board the Defiant, since that the Defiant happens to be the main test bed for the Mark Four, just thought, what the hell, let's put it in."

Hankins nodded her head, before asking, "And why would that be?"

"What be?" Rachel asked.

"Us testing this, holographic comm...thingie."

Rachel blinked a moment, "Oh. Well, there is a chance that we could also fool the enemy's visual screens. Everyone knows that Goa'uld Ha'taks had something like this, its possible that even the Imperial Brotherhood has it too, and more."

Hankins nodded, "And? Fool them how?"

"Well, we could some how make you appear like the enemy...or an ally to the enemy. Like an Imperial Commander of a Imperial Ship."

Hankins nodded again, "Okay. That's not going to work, you know that right?"

Rachel sighed, "Oh we know that if we're on enemy's sensors, it wouldn't work, unless we turn off the IFF and all other systems that would give us away as a Earth ship, then they would have to rely on their eye sight, which isn't always the best in space, that's why we have sensors. Um, and there's the fact could glitch up and revert from appearing like an Imperial Commander to yourself..."

Hankins nodded once more, "Riiight. Exactly why I won't use it."

Rachel nearly whined, "But it works really well as a visual communication system, that's the main goal of it. Fooling the enemy is just something that's put off to the side for now until the system can be perfected, but at least it's better than looking at three smaller screens all the time."

Hankins nodded her head to the side, "True. All right then, just get it done would you? I like to be ready when we lift off, so we can begin the real test."

"Yes Sir! I mean, Ma'am!" Rachel said before getting back to where she was.

Hankins sighed softly, 'Is this why she wasn't transferred off? Or is this her way of suppressing the fear of never seeing her brother again? I'll have to find out some day, but I'll also have to be careful.'

Scotty suddenly hoped up onto the command chair and sat down with that, 'I found my spot!' fat grin look on his face.

Hankins tilted her head down while staring at him, giving him the 'Are you serious?' look. "Scotty...." She said with a bit of a serious, yet teasing tone towards him, letting him know he was being a goof ball but still in the wrong seat.

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Larissa Koralov - November 18, 2013 07:12 AM (GMT)ON Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - En Route To Bridge
Captain Koralova, RFGF/FSB
Major Connolly, USMC

Larissa walked down the corridors with Major Connolly, stepping around the bustling personnel as they headed to the bridge. She now knew where about she was going since being on the Defiant last time, but every time she set foot on a -304, there was still that pang of loss she felt from when she had first been on one...the RFS Vladimir Komarov...

"Going to be one hell of a ride, Captain. But I got faith. Hell, seems that the Big SEAL and General Alexsyev do too. What's his story?" Ed asked as they walked along.

"The General? He made his name in the paratroopers, first during the Battle of Grozny in the First Chechen War. Saved some motor-rifle troops after their column got ambushed, despite taking a few rounds himself, got awarded the Hero of Russia for it." Larissa replied, "After that, he was airborne special forces during the Second Chechen War and Georgian War, and then went off world right as the program went public. He's in the same boat as General Petrov: publicly loved, but the Kremlin don't like it when their soldiers talk back to them."

"So the right man to put in the office with the Admiral then. Good." Ed replied, "Your sister going to be alright?"

"I think so, sir. I think the hard part for her will be acclimating to life in America, especially without me or Dima helping her, but she's resourceful, and I asked Commandant Berge to keep an eye on her." Larissa explained.

"Well, that's why I had you both come to my place a few times, so that she could get to know Rene more. The language barrier might be a bit of a problem, but I think they'll get along. She seemed to get along with Gander and the kids." Ed said.


Flashback - Two Weeks Ago
Connolly Residence, Colorado Springs, CO

Ed loved to have company over, because both he and Rene loved to cook and did a good job of it too. For the Marine officer, the metal colored four-burner gas grill in the backyard was his domain outside of the Corps, and it saw plenty of use. The weather had yet to dip into the usual lows, but the outdoor heaters helped keep the deck warm, where the large rectangular outdoor table was set for six. The hamburgers sizzled inside the grill under the lid while Ed sat at the table with Larissa, puffing a cigar and holding a beer. Larissa was also smoking, though she was sticking to her Russian cigarettes, but had forgone the beer in favor of trying a margarita made by Rene.

Out in the grassy backyard, Ed's children, Frank and Emily, were busy playing a game of tag with Larissa's sister, Natalia, while Ed's black Newfoundland dog, Gander, ran between them, just as involved in the action as the kids and their new friend. Ed chuckled as he watched them.

"Your sister seems to be good with kids." Ed commented.

"I think she wanted to be a teacher before she settled on journalism. I'm surprised she's yet to have found anyone to settle down with and have some kids of her own." Larissa replied.

"Well, she's still young. Hell, I was 31 before I married Rene." Ed said before taking a puff of his cigar, blowing the smoke up into the night sky.

"True. Although I'm sure she says the same about me." Larissa commented, taking a sip from her glass, turning as the sliding arcadia door slid open and Rene stepped outside with her own margarita in hand, and sat down next to Ed.

"The kids still at it?" Rene asked.

"Yep. Better check the burgers, I think they're about ready." Ed replied, standing up and set his beer on the table before heading over to the grill, leaving his cigar in his mouth as he opened up the lid to get to the cooking meats inside.

"Hamme a plate, woulyou, babe?" Ed said, looking to Rene. She handed over the large plate from the center of the table, and Ed started taking the patties off the grill and onto the plate.

"Kids! Natalia! Dinner's ready!" Rene called out. Natalia knelt down to let Emily, the youngest, climb up and get a piggy-back ride to the deck while Frank raced them there, but lost to Gander, who looked around with a big goofy grin as he panted.

"Вы имели развлечение?" Larissa asked in Russian as Natalia helped Emily into her seat.

"Конечно, дорогая сестра." Natalia replied with a grin. Larissa laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Are you talking in another language?" Frank asked, "Because I don't know what you're saying."

"Yes, we are. We're from Russia, we don't normally speak English there. We speak Russian." Larissa replied.

"My English is not so good, it is why I say things different than you do." Natalia explained, trying to speak slowly to counteract her heavy accent.

"But how come you sound just like we do?" Frank asked.

"I learned it earlier than Natalia did, and I had good teachers." Larissa replied.

"Our mommy is a good teacher. Maybe she can teach Natia to talk like us?" Emily offered.

"Maybe. I only live here a short time, and I could use it for my new job." Natalia replied, shrugging while Ed started passing around the food.

"I'd be willing to help, of course. It's up to you, dear, I know you've got a busy schedule, too." Rene replied.

"Can Uncle Panda talk in Russian?" Frank asked.

"It's speak Russian, Frank, but not as well as they can." Pan'ora said with a chuckle. It amazed Larissa how easily Ed's children had accepted having an alien symbiote living in their father, and even more that they considered him a part of the family. Natalia struggled not to stare at Ed when his voice changed, still quite unused to the Tok'ra.

"Our daddy has an alien in him, we call him Uncle Panda." Emily announced for Natalia.

"She knows, dear, we've met. And don't go giving half of your food to Gander this time, okay? He just ate." Pan'ora said. Larissa felt something wet and then fuzzy brush against her hand, and she saw that Gander was next to her and had nudged her hand onto his head. She smiled and scratched behind the dog's ears. The big black dog looked more like a small bear, and yet, he was quite friendly and eager for attention.

"Alright, everyone, plenty to go around, let's chow down. And Natalia, you're more than welcome to stop by anytime while we're off in space, okay? That's why I wanted you to come with your sister, so you could get to know everyone. It's not easy going it alone in a new country, and Rene's always here to help." Ed explained.

"Don't worry about them, dear. They'll be fine. Who knows, we might even have fun while they're away." Rene added.
============================================================= Present Day

"Yes, sir. She did say that she'd visit as frequently as she could, and hopefully get better at her English too." Larissa replied as they approached the bridge.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Maybe when this cruise is over, we'll grab your brother too and have one hell of a cookout party. Who knows, maybe you'll finally have someone to drag with you, too." Ed commented with a laugh.

"Begging the Major's pardon, but that's not your concern." Larissa said with a grin.

"No, but that doesn't mean the Major isn't going to give the Captain crap about it." Ed replied as they stepped onto the bridge. He took the lead, stepping over to their new CO, who was looking at a bulldog sitting in the command chair.

"Ma'am. I'm Major Ed Connolly, US Marines, and I'll be your acting XO until EFC can find you someone more permanent. This is Captain Larissa Koralova, Russian Army Spetznaz, she's the CO for Task Force Stalker, our SOF detachment." Ed said, "Reporting for duty."


Connor Slade - November 20, 2013 10:25 PM (GMT)On Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert USS Defiant - En Route To Bridge Doctor Connor Slade Driving Sergeant Two Elevator Sergeants Escort Sergeants Connor sits in the back of the unmarked government vehicle, looking out of the blacked out windows into the desert. He had been picked up from the airport having been allowed to visit his parents back in England before having departed on his mission. Of course, he couldn’t tell his parents that, no, they didn’t have the clearance to know such things and thus simply told them that he was going away and wouldn’t be back for a while.

In the boot of the vehicle would be a few metal boxes filled with things he felt he needed for the trip. Area 51 and the SGC gave most of his equipment to him, but he felt that his own personal stuff was better and despite disagreeing with him, they eventually decided to let him take it. The rest of his equipment had already been delivered to the ship long before he arrived.

Connor had been extremely excited for this trip, having never set foot on a ship before. In the distance he’d spot the checkpoint and entrance to Area 37, the current holding place of the USS Defiant. Before long they would have reached it and the sergeant would have shown his ID badge to the person on guard and would have been let in.

“Doctor, we’re here” The Sergeant in the front seat would say, as he went to park up near the entrance to the complex itself.

Connor would nod before responding “Thank you, Sergeant”. He’d open the door once stationary and walks over to the boot, ready to open it.

“I’ll get your things, Doctor Slade” The sergeant would say, hoping to stop him from doing any work that he wouldn’t need to do.

“Eh?” He’d say confused. “Urm, okay. Just be very, very careful. Do… Not… Drop anything.” He’d say in a serious tone before trailing off towards the elevator, which was the entrance to the complex. His excitable mood made him somewhat ignorant to other people and what they wanted, which in the past has gotten him into some trouble.

He’d look at the watch on his wrist and turned around, “Oh, and Sergeant, we’re late!” He’d shout back jokingly before being joined by two more Sergeants who would escort him the rest of the way. He’d stand to face the door with the two new Sergeants standing in front of him. They would press the button and the three would begin to descend into the complex.

When the doors opened at the bottom, he would be met by yet another sergeant who would ask him to follow. “I take it you’ve read the files, Doctor Slade” he’d say.

“Of course I did. Although it was a little bit boring” He’d state as he followed the man.

The Sergeant would do a half turn when speaking to the Doctor “Well, it’s not suppose to be fun to read.”

“I know, I know, but they could at least make a few jokes in these official documents to make them a bit more interesting” he’d respond, smiling. He wasn’t really expecting him to take him seriously.

“Mhm… Oh, most of the crew are already here, you’re late” he’d alert him.

He smiled, anticipating a telling off, of sorts. “Blame the driver. He wasn’t exactly driving very fa-“ He was forced to pause upon reaching the hanger and laying his eyes the Defiant. “Well isn’t that a pretty sight” he’d say, trying not to jump in the air due to excitement.

“Doctor Slade, this is where you will be stationed for the next while, the USS Defiant” The sergeant would smile at the mans excitement. “If you please” He’d say, motioning for Connor to move towards the walkway leading to the airlock.


Leah Kim-Sook - November 21, 2013 03:22 AM (GMT)-ON-

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - En Route To Bridge
PO1 Leah Kim-Sook, USN

Upon getting situated with the quartermaster and making sure everything she had requested had made it ahead of her as she was promised, Leah found her way to Stalker's ready room. She unfastened the plate carrier, bringing it up over her head and packing it into her locker, followed by her helmet and a ruck for of equipment which she planned to properly take care of later. But for now she still had somewhere to be.

As she got settled into the new space where she was sure she'd be spending quite a bit of time. Leah's eyes drifted to her left wrist, scanning the watch for a few seconds before she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. All this nervous energy as bugging her more than anything else. She was used to generally being on top of everything. Failing was never an option before, but now...for once she was actually scared. "C'mon, stop doing that to yourself girl."

Leah's attempts to calm her nerves slowly took hold as the butterflies subsided and she took a deep breath. It as nothing a decent workout wouldn't smother. She took the extra second to check her appearance, removing the hat and stuffing it into her back pocket, while unfolding her sleeves. She was trying to find that easy balance between her excitement and that obvious twinge of fear in her gut. It made her smile at herself. This almost felt like pre-mission jitters, but it was just slightly different.



Michelle Hankins - November 25, 2013 04:58 AM (GMT)ON

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - Bridge
Lieutenant Colonel Michelle 'Rose' Hankins
Scotty - English Bulldog

Michelle was about to head over and grab Scotty by the collar and pull him off of her seat before she noticed two officers stepping onto the bridge, a Major of the Marines and a Captain of the Russian Forces. These were the most important people on her staff, the X.O. and the Leader of Task Force Stalker. Michelle stared at Larissa for a moment, wondering how much the woman has gone through, and how much more she will be dealing with once this mission starts. Sometimes Michelle wondered if she should of stayed in command of her own unit rather than become a starship Captain. Wouldn't make much difference, these two would still be assigned to this ship, whether she was part of it or not. And she rather be part of this than miss out on it.

Michelle snapped her fingers and pointed down at her side, where Scotty immediately followed her command, by jumping down from her seat and sitting down right beside her right leg. Michelle smiled down at him before looking back at the two. "Welcome aboard the Defiant, Major, Captain. She's quite a ship, to look so different from Mark One through Three. I've read up that she's designed to take a real beating, and from the looks of it, to help us get behind enemy lines and drop some special forces down below to kick the enemy right where it counts." Michelle said before looking directly at Larissa. "You are comfortable with that, correct?"

Michelle cleared her throat, "I mean, considering the fact that this ship will be under fire, chances of using the transporter may become absolute zilch to the point we are forced to use troop carriers to drop you and your team right into the enemy's back yard, which could be full of traps, or patrols, or worse. You and your team may even be beamed right into an enemy compound, outnumbered ten to one. Not that I would throw you directly in front of the enemy's face, but still. Every single mission we take, is a potential risk that you and your team may never return to this ship, or a risk that you may end up losing a member or two of your team." Michelle folds her arms across her chest, "So are you really comfortable with Command giving you and your team a job such as this?"

Michelle had to be sure Larissa was okay with her assignment as Team Leader of Task Force Stalker, so that she can trust her to get the job done, and try to get ever body back on board the ship, hopefully with less than a bullet wound. But she also knew, that everyone knows the risks, otherwise they would of never signed up for these kind of jobs. Just technicians alone on board this ship knew the risk before they took the job, the risk that they could end up dead from a power conduit exploding in their faces, or being killed by enemy boarding parties. Whatever it comes down to, everyone knew the risks when they took the job. So even if she knew that, she still needed to be sure about Larissa, because she wants to trust this woman, and possibly become friends.

Scotty suddenly growled lightly, making Michelle look down at him with a raised brow, curious as to why the hell he decided to do that. Was he trying to motivate or just doing it because he hadn't a clue who these strangers are before him. He's trained, professionally trained, but some times he has his moments.


Tag: Larissa, Connolly; Everyone else, report in, which ever, then we'll get this party started!

Leah Kim-Sook - November 25, 2013 05:35 AM (GMT)-ON-

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant
PO1 Leah Kim-Sook, USN
CPL. Justin Dodd, USA
1LT Michael Havel, USAF

Figuring she had managed to shake the nerves out, Leah took a deep breath and got a handle on the whirlpool of emotions swelling in her gut. "Jesus H Christ, I'm jumpy as hell over here." She muttered to herself and laughed with a slight shake of her head. She was sure that if this continued there would be no avoiding psyching herself out. "Why do I feel like this, and why in the heck do I keep talking to myself?"

Pulling his helmet from his head the young Corporal looked over at the Petty Officer talking to herself, "Well Petty Officer I'd say it's cause these AF types, aren't all that good of company." He said loud enough to be heard but not overly intrusive, as he sat down on top of some stacked storm cases, placing his weapon over his knee he leaned on it to fiddle with his boot. "Or you really are crazy."

She smirked, looking down for a brief moment before she turned to look the young man over. "Zoomies are rarely great for conversation, and make lousy drinking buddies so I suppose you're right." She leaned back against the mirror slightly, folding her arms over her chest. "Oh I can assure you, I am quite crazy but I don't think we're on the same wavelength in that regard... So where did they snap you up from anyway?"

"4th Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment; on special assignment with SGSOCOM Task Force Atlas." He replied as he finished filling with his boot, "How about you?"

"Wow, pulled a Ranger out the muck? Now I know you're worth a good time," she chuckled. "They pulled me from group one's Seal Team Five. I assume it has something to do with my previous work with Atlantis, but who knows." She went back to her locker, placing her hat inside before taking a seat. "So Ranger, what's your bread and butter?"

His eyebrow shot up at the mention of Atlantis, he'd been set to deploy with Echo Company at the end of the year but that obviously wasn't going to happen. "Pirate? No Pirate?" He joked, reaching into his vest for a can of what looked like dip, but it was actually more akin to an energy drink on steroids, and supposedly better for a person too. He began to pack the can as he answered, "Well that really depends, what do you need I've done all the fun training from Mountain Warfare to Special Forces Diver, but I can whip you up a breaching charge to knock a 6 foot hole in this here deck plating with what little demo gear I have on me now. I'm a breacher and point-man, and I've paid my way in blood." He said as he gave his right leg a hearty thump. It responded with not the sound of flesh hitting flesh but, flesh hitting a solid surface.

"The more you talk the more I like you...careful, that's dangerous." She laughed as she got up and walked over. "Well i'm sure I can think of a number of things to make sure your skill sets are used in full." This guy had one hell of a pair. You didn't mean many who would still be willing to serve after sustaining such a wound, to combat no less. "Looks like we'll be fast friends. So did you pick this or did your name just pop up like a lottery ticket?"

"Well, that's the funny thing," He replied standing, "I didn't get picked alone, my brother and his dog are here too. We got picked as a team, I guess we impressed someone, somewhere, somehow, because we both got fast tracked out of the normal service into the Program and then into SGJSOC..." He paused as he popped the lid on the can and dug out a decent sized wad of the stuff and packed it into his bottom lip, closing the can he placed it back in his vest, "But that's all speculation.”

"Hm, isn't it always? the brass works in mysterious ways." She gave the slightest roll to her eyes before she looked up at him. "Chances are that speculation has a habit of being right... Oh and before I forget, names Leah Kim-Sook." She held out her hand, managing the most genuine smile she had been able to pull within the past twenty four. But it was interesting, she hadn’t worked with dogs too often, but from what she had experienced they formed an extremely tight bond with their handlers…they were as much a team and family as anyone else. “Hm, three siblings on one space boat. That’s unheard of.”

"Corporal Justin Dodd, but everyone calls me spot." He replied as he shook her hand, leaning forward so she could see the birth mark on his head, a patch of white hair surrounded by brown, "And I hope you didn't just compare me to Riley, he's the four legged one with a tail." He added with a grin.

"Spot...yeah that's a joke in the making, I’ll try my hardest not to burn your ass too much about it though. But I’ll be honest, that was the first thing that crossed my mind." She couldn't help but laugh as her hand returned to her knee. "So have you had a chance to meet anyone else in this lovely little group of grade A badass, or am I not the only one in the dark here?" True she hadn't had the opportunity or the chance to meet the others. At least now she was aware that they had a handler and a dog, but there were others she was sure.

Justin shook his head, "Yeah, yeah. I've probably heard them before." He took up a position back on the storm crates again, "Others we flew in with the CO, XO and most of the Task Force so yeah I've meet a few of them. But the ones you're really gonna want to me are the Captain and Lieutenant, both seem to be high speed low drag and come recommended all the way from the top. Like the big SEAL and his new deputy some Russian badass."

"Admiral McRaven? Damn, that's one hell of a backing. And anyone they send to be his dep. has got to be one crazy no BS mofo himself. I'm getting busy ju-ju vibes now. And that's good we got a CO, and XO, ho are itching to hit." She probably should’ve been more informed but considering she came of mission, debriefed, and got shot out to this job. The only thing she had really made time for was sleeping in between. "Man hat kind of crazy SOB do you have to be to get the good graces from on high?" That bit knocked her for a bit of a loop.

Justin shrugged, "Couldn't tell you I'm just a Corporal, but I can guess that all one has to do is their job and do it well. Not to mention, play the Admiral's game. What ever that is."

"That was more me thinking out loud. But I’m not hard pressed to say that every Corporal I’ve ever met is one tough hombre, and you're no exception."

Justin shrugged and looked up as the Lieutenant he'd been speaking on walked towards them, "Speak of the devil, here's the XO." He said to the SEAL as he stood, "Sir."

Mike gave the Corporal a nod, "Spot, and Petty Officer Kim-Sook?" He questioned.

"Yeah, I got his luck." She joked while looking over toward the Lieutenant as he came over. She stood, giving a curt nod. "Yes sir, this saves me the trouble of having to hunt around the ship just to meet you." that was going to be joke central for a while, but she would do her best to avoid the obvious puns.

"Same here, walk with me Petty Officer, and Spot go find your brother and his damn dog, something tells me they are up to shenanigans.... And when you do find them, I need to know where were supposed to set up shop on this rust bucket." He said as he turned away, Justin giving a short nodded and a 'Roger' before he peeled off to find his brothers.

"So lets see if I have this straight, Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman, then Atlantis, back to earth for BUD/s and the Trident, SEAL Team Five, and now here? How'd you manage that?"

"Sir." Leah nodded, giving a slight wave to Spot before she walked along with the Lieutenant. "Well, like I was telling the Corporal I've got the Devil's luck. But honestly, it was just a series of events that came and went. And I had to make quick choice that I was sure I could live with. After my time with Atlantis, I was getting all I’ve ever wanted from the teams. Navy was all I knew honestly, but that time there...something was missing. I wanted a way back in and here I am.”

"Well the devil's in the details and I don't care how many Chief's noses you've broken, etc. All I care about is that you're here now and your going to do everything you can to keep these men, women, and that damn dog alive."

She winced visibly, her way of suppressing the shit eating grin she wanted to give but fought it hard. "Yes sir, you have my word...that includes Spot too," she chuckled. Debating on if she should feed the Taskforce some of the craft crew’s special snacks to mark the start of their voyage. No one would ever be the same after trying it that was for sure…of course that was assuming they had oysters on the ship.

Mike rolled his eyes, "Good, the boys and girls are in the hangar off loading all our gear and once the trio gets back to me, well know where to set up shop, beyond that I got nothing."

"You and me both, so long as no one spills my rum then I think we'll get along just great."

"If you have rum you'd better be sharing."

“Oh, you better believe it sir. I only horde booze on those really bad days.”



(JP between MR. POWERS~! & “Doctor Evil” AKA Ghost)

Larissa Koralov - November 25, 2013 07:53 AM (GMT)ON Bridge, USS Defiant
Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
Captain Larissa Koralova, RFGF
Major Ed Connolly, USMC/Pan'ora

Larissa kept her face impassive, typical of most Russians, but both of her fists were clenched, and Ed could feel the tension rising in the room. Plus, he had served under fire with Larissa already, and he didn't take this sort of dressing down lightly.

"Captain, see to your unit." Ed said. Larissa nodded, and exited the bridge. He then looked to the rest of the bridge crew, "Give us the room." That was in a tone that left no room for argument, as the bridge crew shuffled out.

"Colonel, what in the hell was that about? Because I can tell you right now, you just pissed her off big time, insulting her like that in front of the crew." Ed said, "Jesus Christ, I thought I had people issues. I mean, did you even pull her service record? The fact we got her from the Russians is a hell of a break, because she's been doing quite well. Three years with Vympel Group, which is one of their crack units, and then a year on Atlantis where she did pretty well for herself. Hell, first op, she was providing sniper fire for her team until a Brotherhood fighter forced her out of her perch, and she broke her shoulder diving out of a tower to avoid getting strafed. Got sidelined because of the war, but I pulled her for a unit operating in Russia, where she did good there too."

Ed's frustrations started to rise further, so he let Pan'ora take the wheel for a bit.

"First of all, I am Pan'ora, a Tok'Ra. Secondly, Edward is right. Captain Koralova has a distinguished record, and was selected by Admiral McRaven of Stargate SOCOM to head up Stalker. If you dispute this, I believe both he and General Alexsyev are both still here on base. But in all honesty, Colonel, neither of us feel that was appropriate. Captain Koralova knows the stakes of commanding a unit like this, and your attitude towards her has not exactly fostered trust. Especially when you said that in front of the crew here. Edward at least had the decency to ask the crew to leave the bridge." Pan'ora said, speaking in a deeper tone of Ed's voice to distinguish the symbiote from the host.

============================================================= En-Route to Stalker Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
Captain Koralova, RFGF
First Lieutenant Havel, USAF
Corporal J. Dodd, USA
Senior Airman G. Dodd, USAF
Riley, USAF

"Кто ад она думает, что она, рассматривая меня как ребенок?" Larissa muttered to herself as she pushed past the crew to the elevator, her emotions now running out of control for even her to keep hidden. She stepped up to the elevator and hit the button repeatedly to call it.

"Я служил в течение четырех лет, брошенных все за обязанность, и это - мое спасибо? Сука!" She said louder, punching next to the control panel. Now Larissa desperately needed a cigarette, but she had to kick the habit for ship duty, since there was no smoking in space.

As soon as the lift opened, she pushed in and smacked the button to where her TACPAD said that the Tactical Operations Center for Stalker had been set up. Taking a breath, she keyed her earpiece.

=^= All Stalker personnel, this is Captain Koralova, Stalker Actual. Please finish loading your effects and report to the TOC in fifteen minutes. Out. =^= Larissa said calmer than before, but only enough to not have the troops think she was taking their heads off.

Larissa stepped off the lift and headed straight for the TOC, turning on the massive table touch screen computer in the middle of the room and letting it boot up. Seeing no one else, she punched a bulkhead again. "Сука!"

"You were right about one thing, master. The negotiations were short." Mike said peaking his head out from behind a bulkhead, he'd been on his way to the TOC when he'd heard both the fist strike on the wall and then the Captain cursing, at least he assumed cursing in Russian.

Larissa spun around to see Mike, and shook her head, "I feel like I should know that one. But more importantly, I already hate our new CO. Dressed me down in front of the Major and the bridge crew like this was my first tour, talking down to me about if I knew the risks and whatever." She sat down in a chair next to the table computer, "Mother of God, like I don't have enough on my plate..."

Mike simply looked at his CO, and shook his head before moving to sit next to her, "That bad?" He asked, looking into space. "Seems like you just keep getting the short end of the stick no matter what good dead you do, but I wouldn't take it to heart, I doubt she read your file and knows what you've done. If anything you should be asking that question, not her."

"I guess I like the abuse." Larissa laughed to herself, "Besides, I'll settle for getting results, and to hell with what she says. I know where I stand." She shook her head, "I just have sense enough not to dress someone down like that in front of the crew. That destroys confidence all the way around. In any case, I figure we might as well get the unit settled in."

"They should be going about that now, securing their personal gear in their bunks and what not, beyond that it took the brothers to find this place..." He replied with a grin, "It took two E-4s and a dog...."

"I was curious about that, I thought siblings couldn't be in the same unit. Did someone miss it because they were in different units and branches?" Larissa asked.

Mike let out a hearty laugh, and looked at the Captain, "Come on Cap'in who put this unit together? That should answer that question." He said with a wink, knowing full well what she meant. It was true, normally that didn't happen but something about the two brothers had ended them up not only on the same ship but working side by side in the muck.

"True enough, I suppose." Larissa replied, "Well, this flying circus is off to an inauspicious start. But we have a solid unit, so long as that ditz on the bridge knows what she's about." She said as she heard boots hitting the deck, and the pattering of a dog's footsteps as well, approaching. "Here they come now."

"They!? They!? That's as bad as you people! What do you mean by they!" Justin bemoaned a grin across his face as he entered ahead of his brother and Riley.

"Dude, you're not making a good first impression." Gabe said, stepping in with Riley, a brown and black German Shepard who wore an ABU dog vest with his name on both sides, and followed faithfully without a leash. "Oh shit, that's the CO." He said, snapping to attention, "Riley, attention." Riley sat down, but still remained upright and looked forward. Larissa glanced at Mike, amused, as she stood up, "Captain Koralova, at ease, this isn't a formal briefing or anything like that."

"That's you're job, I'm the side show." He said out of the corner of his mouth from a lazy attention. "Morning ma'am, sir." He said greeting both officers in turn, "Corporal Dodd, Senior Airman Dodd, and Riley reporting as requested."

"Your side show's gonna get us peeling potatos in the galley." Gabe replied quietly, "Riley, at ease." He said, loosening his stance. Riley stood back up, and then started sniffing around the TOC. "He's just getting used to the place, ma'am, sir. New surroundings and all. He's friendly though, when he's not on the clock."

"First time I've worked with a dog team." Larissa said, watching the German Shepard work his way around the TOC, "And what specialty do you do, Corporal? Aside from being loud, of course."

"Blowing things up, and kicking in doors." He replied with a grin, "Fitting isn't it."

"I also handle the tech too, ma'am. Been good at computers since we were kids, and picked up all the gadgets we get to play with quicker than most. But I wanted a new challange, and so I got to train with Riley." Gabe said. Riley made his way to the middle of the room, and started sniffing around Mike before looking at him and barked once, "Oh, he's just introducing himself, sir."

"Fair enough. I'm not good with tech gear, my training told me to do without, but I cant argue with the results of the FFW gear." Larissa replied, "And as for you, well, keep that up, I might end up using your head to breach a door." She replied with a grin to Justin.

"Wouldn't be the first time that's happened ma'am." He added his grin growing as he picture such an incident in Iraq, "I'm also pretty good with fixing things that aren't all techy and stuff." He said as he looked around the room, "But we make a great team the three of us, that's for sure."

Mike looked down at the dog, "May I?" He asked lifting his hand before he petted the dog.

"Absolutely, sir. We're not in the field, so he's fine with it. He's good with people, he's just getting to know the good guys. It's when he's hunched forward you should be worried." Gabe said, "And so far so good, ma'am. It was either here or Atlas, I think."

"My brother's on Atlas." Larissa replied, "I made sure our armory was stocked to meet our needs, good all around mix of gear for everyone, so it's not all AKs in there. The armory staff are Marine armorers from Quaticano, so whatever you need, they can make it happen."

Mike reached down and gave Riley a good scratch behind the ears, "So, how'd you two end up on the Admiral's radar?" He asked pointedly, he was curious as much as his CO was about the two.

"It wasn't my charm thats for sure," Justin replied as he popped open his can of energy stuff again.

"I dunno, to be honest, sir. I was only with the 24th Special Tactics Squadron for about a year when I got pinged. Me and Riley were on the ground in China towards the end there, hunting mobile missiles, and our team got co-opted by some black bag mixed unit on an op. In field commander was a Russian, and their overall CO was a hell of a hard driving Army Lieutenant Colonel." Gabe said while Riley accepted being scratched behind the ears.

"I know the unit you're talking about, and Lieutenant Kamarov and I served in the same unit once upon a time." Larissa replied, "I heard missile hunting wasn't easy over there, though."

"It wasn't half the time we ended up in the crosshairs," Justin replied, "Thank god I lost the leg back when, otherwise I wouldn't be here now." He said off handedly, "But we sure put the hurt on them, once we found them of course. They had a bad habit of leaving an nice trap for us where the missiles were supposed to be. Took us too long to figure that out."

"Wait, lost the leg?" Larissa asked, "There wasn't mention of that in your record."

"Lost it early on in my career ma'am first year with the Regiment we were doing counter terrorism work in Northern Mali, we were rolling in to set up the cordon for some SF guys to roll into a village; our MRAP rolled right over an IED. Bounced us good and hard, when we landed we were right in the middle of an L-shaped ambush; I didn't know it at the time but my right leg was broken in two places, well more like shattered." He paused for a second lost in thought, "I pushed my way out of the MRAP and tried to lay down cover fire for the guys inside as best I could; but we were losing fast, the last thing I remember is pulling the driver out and trying to carry him down into the ditch, but I couldn't...."

"You don't need to go on, Corporal. I'm sure we all have a few stories like that." Larissa replied, her expression softening. Mentally, she wondered if she'd ever be able to set foot near the VLS missile bay, even if it wasn't the Vladimir Komarov's. "This isn't the easiest job in the world, but I don't think we'd be here if it was. As we say in Spetznaz: Nobody but Us."

More personnel started to file in and find places to sit, and Gabe stepped out of the way to let them enter. Riley left Mike to resume sniffing around.

"So, we know what we're doing yet, ma'am?" Gabe asked.

"No. Not yet, I just wanted to make sure we're fully situated, and make sure we're good to go." Larissa said, skirting the matter of the CO for now.

"We didn't sign up cause it was easy ma'am that's for sure." Justin replied as he moved out of the way to join his brother, "And as long as we got stuff to do, awesome, otherwise let the shenanigans begin... Wait... I didn't say that..."

"I believe that when shenanigans gets mentioned, I have to pistol whip you. And I don't have a polymer frame pistol, my sidearm is all steel, so it might get through your thick head." Larissa said with a grin, patting her MP443 in it's holster, and then blinked as she saw an arrival enter the TOC, "Petty Officer Sook, what in the hell are you doing here?" She said with a grin, "Small world, I guess, welcome aboard."

============================================================== Hangar Deck
Captain Adrianna "AJ" Pierce, USMC

"Huh, must be Spec Ops types." Adrianna Pierce said, as she returned to her F-302 where her crew chief, an Air Force Senior Master Sergeant, was checking it over.

"Yes ma'am, that they are." The crew chief commented, "Mixed bag too."

"First time I've gone on a cruise with a working dog, too." Adrianna commented.

"Same here. How many times you go up?" The crew chief asked.

"Third time now. First I was on the Valley Forge, then the Pillar of Dawn. After the Engima hit, they needed experienced pilots to train up the new ones, so I went to Midway for a while." Adrianna said, "Before that, I flew Hornets for the Marines, so I did more than a couple cruises on carriers, sailed the last cruise of the Nimitz, the first on the John F. Kennedy, and then also on the Teddy Roosevelt and the George Bush."

"Ah, so you've been around the block a few times. Good, tired of these damn hotshot kids who think they're all that and a bag of chips." The crew chief laughed, "Plus, you flew against the Enigma, you know what's up."

"Yeah. That wasn't pretty. Even my husband got spaced in that fight. Survived that, thank god..." Adrianna trailed off. It was coming up on two years since Jack disappeared, and while the war had distracted her for a time, she had taken the slot on the Defiant because she was sick of coming home and crying herself to sleep. If he had been killed in action, it would have been easier at least having closure, but not knowing his fate when the USS Sovereign disappeared...

"Yeah, I was at McMurdo at the time. Pretty bad. Your hubby a Marine, too?" The crew chief asked.

"No, Navy. We met during -302 training at Cold Lake. But he was on the Sovereign when it disappeared." Adrianna replied, looking around the hangar.

"I understand, ma'am, sorry...." The crew chief trailed off.

"No worries, Sergeant. You had no way of knowing. Besides, I can't sit at home all night wondering where he's at, I have to get back to living, and I love flying, especially in space." Adrianna said.

"Well, keep my bird in one piece, and I'll make sure she's flying in top condition. I've worked on just about anything else the Air Force has fielded. F-15s, F-16s, F-22s, F-35s, F-302s and even F-370s. I know my way around wrenches, ma'am." The crew chief said with a grin.

"Glad to hear it, Sergeant. I'll do my level best to keep it in one piece, I try not to let my bird get shot up, makes it harder to shoot up the other guy." Adrianna said, "Has my GIB popped by, yet?" She said, referring in slang terms to her RIO/WSO that sat behind her in the F-302G King Raven.

"Not yet, ma'am. Though I think she's a nugget fresh from Cold Lake..." The crew chief said before nodding behind them to see a young woman with short blonde hair and blue eyes approach, snapping to attention.

"Ma'am, Second Lieutenant Olivia Van Der Berg, reporting." She said in an accent that didn't quite sound what Adrianna knew.

"At ease, Lieutenant." Adrianna said, "Captain Adrianna Pierce, US Marines, but you can just call me AJ, that's my callsign. Where'd they pick you up from?"

"South African Air Force, ma'am." Olivia replied.

"Huh. Not too many of you all that I've seen. You got a callsign yet?" Adrianna asked.

"My instructor at Cold Lake, an American, kept calling me Radar, something about how I was like a character on an old TV show, able to keep track of things with ease and I guess I tended to second guess him quite well." Olivia shrugged.

"Why break with tradition?" Adrianna said with a grin.

"Wow, that's old even for me to reference MASH. Good show though, you kids missed out on that." The crew chief laughed, "Just don't go popping up on me without warning."

"I'll try not to." Olivia replied, confused.

"Mine's easy, just because that's my first and middle initial, and it stuck. Anyways, you settled in?" Adrianna asked.

"Yes ma'am." Olivia replied, nodding.

"Good, good. Let's go check out the Pilot's Country before we have to get cracking. See you around, Sergeant." Adrianna said, leading the way.

"Roger that, Cap'n." The crew chief said, waving, before turning to tell one of his A1Cs why doing what he was doing was WRONG!


Leah Kim-Sook - November 25, 2013 07:01 PM (GMT)-ON-

PO1 Leah Kim-Sook, USN
Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant
En-Route to Stalker Tactical Operations Center (TOC)

Once she got herself settled, with a bunk and got her digs squared away she flopped back onto the bed. Her day one assumption of if she would wake up with kinks and knots every morning or if this was going to be better than a Hammock on a C-17. Hm, not too bad I guess. Actually better than a CVN's beds anyday. Damn space jockey's get all the good stuff, she laughed. But I’m one of them now…so I get the good stuff now. She smirked as she sat up, the announcement reached her ears and she couldn’t help but have a somewhat stunned look on her face. “No way.”

She laughed as she jumped up, and pulled her TACPAD from her bag once more, loading up her little bible, which was actually a map of the Defiant’s internals. “Oh trusty map, what would I do without you?” She chimed while walking down the corridors to her destination. It was nice to know that the TOC’s been all set up, hell maybe they had a day one gig. That would be a nice way to shake off the dust. If not then she would see to finding something to keep her busy.

As Leah entered the TOC, her eyes darted around a bit, she brushed off her NWU type III combat shirt, rolling the sleeves up. She noticed Spot, and figured on ho Riley and his brother were. She’d have to introduce herself when this was done. That familiar voice called out and she smiled, turning to face Larissa. “Oh you know me, same old…shaking things up a little.” She placed her hand on the Captain’s shoulder for a brief moment. That simple gesture spoke volumes in Leah’s world. Now she knew she had a CO she wouldn’t mind following to hell to make the Devil pay his rent on time.

She nodded to Lieutenant Havel “So what’s the good word Captain?”



Michelle Hankins - November 26, 2013 01:04 AM (GMT)ON

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - Bridge
Lieutenant Colonel Michelle 'Rose' Hankins
Scotty - English Bulldog

Michelle watched as Koralov was dismissed before Connolly dismissed the rest of the crew. She noticed in Koralov's eyes that she said something wrong, and if it weren't the eyes, it was Connolly's tone. "Well crap, think I pushed that too far?" And then Connolly went off before his Tok'ra friend voiced his own opinion as well. "Yeah, figured as much." Michelle sighed as she unfolded her arms.

"Look, I'll apologize to her as soon as I can, but just so you know, I was merely testing her. I know what her service record says but if you were in my shoes, would you put your entire faith on one team for a job like this, if you don't know them well enough or at all for that matter?" Michelle asked him. "You know her, I don't. You trust her, I haven't even began yet. Rather than see it in words on a document, I want to hear it from her, verbally, physically, and personally. I want to hear those words coming from her heart, then I'll know I can trust her and her team to get the job done. Do I think they can get it done? Of course, why else are they here, but that doesn't help me trust them, or give me a reason to put a lot of faith in them, does it?"

Michelle looked down at Scotty, "You were out of line too, mister." Scotty merely whined up at her and she just shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe I pushed it too far, but I did it so I could hear the fire coming out of her, not out of you. Maybe you haven't been through it, but when I was assigned to the 24th, my CO put me through a lot of crap before he could trust me to be on his team. He pushed me to the point that I came this close," She held her index finger just a quarter of an inch away from her thumb, "to decking him to the ground. But since I didn't want to be put on charges for assault a superior jackass, I merely yelled at his face, telling him exactly what he wanted to hear. Ever since then, he's never questioned me since." Michelle shrugged her shoulders again, "I guess I'm not really good at it like he was."

Michelle looked around at the empty Bridge before looking around the corner, "Everyone, return to your stations please." Michelle asked before looking at Connolly. "Come on, I got some apologizing to do before I hand out our orders."


Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - Stalker Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
Lieutenant Colonel Michelle 'Rose' Hankins
Scotty - English Bulldog

Michelle walked into Stalker's Tactical Operations Center, finding Koralov, her Team XO, and most of her team showing up. Michelle paused for a moment, maybe hesitating before speaking up. "Captain, can I have a word with you?" Michelle asked before stepping over to the side of the room that was most vacant and furthest from her team.

Michelle wanted to come out straight with her apology, but first she wanted Koralov to express what just happened. "Captain- Larissa, I'm giving you a free ticket to do or say whatever you want for what I just did back there on the Bridge. Major will bare witness, so it'll be off the record and there will be no consequences."


Tag: Connolly.

Larissa Koralov - November 26, 2013 02:18 AM (GMT)ON USS Defiant, Bridge
Major Connolly, USMC/Pan'ora

"Ma'am, I don't believe everything I read either, but I also try not to cut my people off at the knees on the first meeting, test or not. And you should bear this in mind: off-world duty's all she has left to her." Ed explained, taking control, "She was there to arrest Alexandra Turova, and Turova repaid her by dragging her through the mud too. Russia's still divided on if that lunatic was right or not, and because Larissa took up arms against her own countrymen, alot of people call her a traitor, just as many call her a patriot. Neither of us can expect to know how that feels, so I'll give you that one for free."

Connolly shifted a bit, his expression softening some, "Look, as the CO, you kind of have to have a little faith in your people from the start, ma'am. As you said, they're on this boat for a reason. They don't need testing, just give them an objective, see where that goes, correct as we go. We don't need the troops second guessing you. And if it had been me, I would have laid out your CO on the deck, so you're a better officer for it." Ed grinned, "I don't think anyone warned you that you were getting a grizzled old Marine hardass when you got me, so just as a warning, I tend to be a bit on the direct side. But I'll fight tooth and nail for anyone on this boat, just as quick as I'll put my boot up anyone's six that won't perform."

Ed followed Michelle off the bridge, as Pan'ora chimed in.

"Also, Colonel, I believe that your dog may have been spooked by my presence within Edward. Something similar happened when we first came home after joining with Edward's dogs, Gander and Thor, but they soon grew accustomed to my presence and accepted it. I had not anticipated any other dogs than the working dog with Stalker, and I apologize." Pan'ora said.


Stalker Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
Captain Koralova, RFGF/FSB
SrA Dodd, USAF
Riley, USAF

"Glad to have you aboard, Leah." Larissa replied, "So far, we're just getting settled in, I wanted to make sure we're all green before we got orders." She said, and patted Leah on the shoulder.

Before she could say anything else, she saw the Colonel stepping in with Connolly.

"Yes, ma'am." Larissa said, glancing to Ed, who nodded once. She stepped to the side. Gabe looked to see that another dog, probably the Colonel's, had entered as well, and Riley had noticed as well. Gabe knelt down, petting Riley while getting a good grip on his vest. "Riley, stay."

Larissa looked at the Colonel, hearing her out before considering her options behind an impassive expression.

"I hope that you can understand that you basically blindsided me, and I didn't much appreciate it. I've rarely had problems with doing my job, and the only time I defied orders, well, it was out of anger and I don't plan to do it again." Larissa explained, "So I know full and well what we're expecting to walk into, and I know that not everyone in this room will make it back every time, but that doesn't mean I won't do my damnedest to make it happen."

"The only thing I need from you right now is some degree of confidence in that. I don't expect to gain your trust right away, not without results, but without confidence on either end, we're both out of luck and worse. I'm still not happy, but I'll at least say that I've still got confidence in your ability." Larissa said.


Michelle Hankins - November 26, 2013 02:48 AM (GMT)ON

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - Bridge
Lieutenant Colonel Michelle 'Rose' Hankins
Scotty - English Bulldog

After hearing about what Koralov did during the war from Connolly, she began to understand it more clear. "Right, next time I'll come to you before doing my pep talk." She winked before mulling it over. "Then I guess we'll just have to be her family from now on, if so many of her own kind consider her a traitor. But whether I was in her shoes or not, I'd still wouldn't like what I said either. But that's the whole point, I wanted her to be the one to step out of line. Like I said, I wanted to hear it from her." She smiled at Connolly then raised a brow when his Tok'ra friend spoke up.

Michelle looked down at Scotty and grinned before looking back at Connolly or Pan'ora. "None of it was your fault. He has his moments, curiosity being the biggest one but he's professionally trained to do as he's told. Unless it is something silly, like sitting in my chair. Otherwise, if I hadn't gotten him trained, he wouldn't be on this ship, I couldn't risk having him running around and getting into things he shouldn't get his nose into. Or teeth."


Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - Stalker Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
Lieutenant Colonel Michelle 'Rose' Hankins
Scotty - English Bulldog

Scotty saw the other dog and just stared at Riley in curiosity but didn't move towards him. Instead, Scotty just sat down beside Michelle and waited patiently, while Michelle stood there and listened to Larissa as she spoke her feelings an answered her questions she gave back on the Bridge.

Michelle nodded her head before speaking, "I do apologize if I did blindsided you, or made it sound like I was questioning your job. I was merely asking if you were comfortable with it. And from the last bit of details that was given to me by the Major, I have no reason to question your abilities or have no confidence in you and your team. I just didn't know you and honestly, you would be dealing with a more experienced CO than I if I hadn't saved a bunch of rich people's sorry butts. I could care less as to why they were in Russia, but their timing sucked. So I am forced to put a lot of faith in you and your team, with only service records to rely on. But hearing it from you directly is all I really needed."

Scotty barked and Michelle looked down at him. "Did I tell you to agree with me?" She asked him with a raised brow and a grin. She looked back at Larissa, "Ignore him. But I really do apologize for pushing all the wrong buttons. I just wanted to hear you scream." She winked before looking at her team. "Is this all of them? I already got orders from command, and I didn't want to open them until I had all the right people in the same room." Michelle said before looking back at Larissa.


TAG: Connolly; Koralov; Everyone!

Leah Kim-Sook - November 26, 2013 04:05 AM (GMT)-ON-

Area 37-92/NV, Nevada Desert
USS Defiant - Stalker Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
PO1 Leah Kim-Sook, USN

Leah nodded, giving off her signature smile before turning to see the Lieutenant Colonel and the Major entered. "Whoa," she muttered before backing away slightly to give the Captain some room. It was obvious to anyone that they were making a line straight for Larissa. “I’ll break out the rum…I can cut the tension in here with a hail of bullets.” She slowly brushed pass the Captain and made her way further into the room to find herself a seat. It was convenient for her as well. The ships Captain being there and all, she could introduce herself now and get it over with.

That said though she may have still needed to wait given ho things went when it was all said and done. Once she decided on a cleared out spot to get settled, she sat down, hands resting in her lap somewhat. She was probably the smallest person in that room, height wise. She was just waiting to get burned, but that as that Swick lifestyle she was raised on coming to fruition. She drummed lightly as she held up her TACPAD and scrolled around to try and get a feel for the layout of the ship.

Leah couldn’t help but attempt to perk up a bit when she glanced toward where the Lieutenant colonel and Captain had moved off to. She noticed the shift inward to the room. No doubt acknowledging them in some way. Leah shifted her attention slightly, glancing toward the Major. This had to be a massive shift for him as well, considering hat little she knew about him. Aside from the random Chuck Norris-like rumors that circulated throughout SGSOCOM. It forced a wicked grin to cross her face the more she thought about it.

She didn’t know a thing about the ships CO, but the XO was a one hell of killer. Her Stalker’s CO…well she was ell aware of the badassary that hovered there. The task force XO seemed like he had a fire burning too…that was good. Same could be said for the brothers, all three of them. Yeah, this was the makings of a good team. She was very much excited to say the least. Oh hell yeah,

USS Defiant
Mission #1: "The Search"
Chapter #1: "New Family" | Chapter #2: "Orders" | Chapter #3: "Crawling Speed!" | Chapter #4: "DWAC"
USS Defiant

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