Template:ShadowsAndDarkness The Stargate Atrium, quite different from the original Stargate Command that had been under Cheyenne Mountain. An attack on the base and a hothead commander had basically all but destroyed the base; a warhead doing the actual damage. Many lives had been lost that day but thankfully the SGC teams had survived.

To replace the destroyed facility, the Stargate Atrium had been built. It was bigger than the original facility. Half of the building was underground, while a vast majority was above ground; one of the major differences was the presence of a garden basically in the middle of the compound.

In the larger mess hall Captain Sara Cafferey sat, trying to enjoy a bowl of ramen noodle soup and a glass of ice cold root beer. Sara had been the XO of SG-2, but a previous mission had caused all that to end. Now Sara was a team member on SG-3, but after coming down with a high fever two hours before SG-3 had to leave on a mission, Sara found herself grounded.

Across the room sat her old CO, Major Jason McCallister. Once upon a time Sara had feelings for the Major, feelings that she had thought he shared but the scene on the Pollen Planet had really caused her to doubt herself and her feelings towards the Major.

Biting her lip Sara took her tray and walked to the trash. Dumping her empty bowl in the trash, Sara placed the tray on top of all of the others before she took her half drunk can of soda and approached Jason's table.

"Major McCallister, may I join you?" Sara asked. Only a few months ago Sara and Jason had been on a first name basis, using their ranks or last names only when they were in a hurry or if they had been using their radios. Now however, all that had changed.

Major Jason McCallister looked up from his meal, a highly nutritious beef stew and a glass of sweet tea.

"Captain Cafferey." Jason greeted, gesturing for Sara to occupy the seat directly across from him.

He watched Sara place her drink down before sliding in to the seat. The look on the Captain's face was something that one didn't normally see. It was the look of nervousness with just a hint of fear.

"Major I... I know we... talked... on the planet but..." Sara paused. Why was this so hard for her to explain? Was she having regrets or why she just embarrassed and or ashamed of her previous actions.

"Captain it's alright. You were not yourself, none of us were. I don't blame you for what happened. You just need to stop blaming yourself. The only thing I wish is that you would have talked with me before requesting the transfer to SG-3. I'm sure we could have worked something out but what's done is done, no need to think on the past any more, Captain." Jason said.

Sara looked up from where she had basically been studying the scratches on the table. Had Jason just more or less forgiven her or was this some sort of angle? "Most days thinking about that day is all I can do. I deeply regret everything that happened, and knowing that my attitude was basically the pollen talking doesn't help. I just...I hope that... despite everything that we can still be friends... Jason." Sara said.

The name that had once been easy and natural to roll off her tongue now felt foreign and icy, however that feeling didn't last for long.

Looking up in to the face of her previous commanding officer, Sara saw a small smile grace the side of his face.

"I'm sure we can Sara." Jason replied.

When Jason said that a huge wave of relief washed over Captain Cafferey. It was as if everything that had happened between them was now gone and all that remained was their newly repaired friendship.

All of a sudden their radios went off, the filtered voice of Brigadier General David Eddings filtered through.

=^=Major Jason McCallister, Major Cypher Borodin and Captain Sara Cafferey please report to the Briefing Room on the double.=^=

Grabbing her can, Sara finished off what was left of the root beer, tossing the can in the trash as she walked past, while Jason took his dishes to the trashcan as well.

At the entrance to the Mess, Sara did slow down and wait for Jason to catch up before the two officers, walking side-by-side headed for the Briefing Room.

In the rather large briefing room three men were gathered, each sitting at the briefing room table. Brigadier General David Eddings, the acting CO of the base since Brigadier General Asid Mjolnir had recently gone through an aneurism. Brigadier General David Eddings was different yet similar to Brigadier General Asid Mjolnir, who had won the respect and loyality of all of the men under his command through the countless missions and hard hours he had worked.

Two chairs down from David Eddings sat Major Nolan CarMichael, SG-3's CO. Nolan was a quiet man; leader of a team of people who prided themselves on trying to be the best of the best. Recently Nolan had recovered from being kidnapped and injured on the Pollen Planet, as he had just been cleared for duty that morning.

Two chairs down from him sat Major Cypher Borodin, the XO for AE-3, a team from Atlantis. The one major difference between Cypher and the two other gentlemen seated at the table was the fact that Cypher, for all intents and purposes looked to be the age of an 18 or 19 year old teenager, and yet he bore the rank of a Major. How weird some might think, but in all reality, no one not even Cypher himself knew his true age or even his entire background.

Off to the side the door to the Briefing Room opened. All eyes went to the door as Major McCallister and Captain Cafferey stepped through, the door closing behind them.

Wordlessly the two officers pulled up a chair; Sara sitting beside Cypher and Jason sitting beside Nolan.

Once everyone was seated, all eyes went to General David Eddings who was going through some papers that were right in front of him. Finally the General looked up and addressed the people right in front of him.

"Two hours ago a MALP was sent to P4X-774. It picked up a distress call before unexplained electrical activity killed our connection to the MALP." General Eddings began. He pressed a button on a small recorder and seconds later a male voice; obviously human filled the room.

"...dead, losing life support... gotta... I... one is out there please... need assistance!"

It wasn't a long message but it was clear that someone needed their help, pronto.

"When do you want SG-2 to go, sir?" Jason asked. His team was basically the only team assembled there at the base. He could brief them and have them ready to go within twenty minutes; Jason knew he could!

"SG-2 will not be going on this mission. I need the best of the best and that is you four. Each of you bare unique talents that are required for this mission. I need you all to find out what's going on and rescue any survivors that you find. Gear up and report to the Gate Room in ten minutes. Dismissed."

Brigadier General David Eddings sat down as the four officers got up and left the room. He knew each of them were surprised at having been teamed up with one another, especially since they were all on separate teams, but they had no time to assemble each and every team, P4X-774 needed help and they needed it right now and if it was the last thing the General was going to do, he was going to get the help; the very best.

Ten minutes later Major Nolan CarMichael, Major Jason McCallister, Major Cypher Borodin and Captain Sara Cafferey were standing in the Gate Room, watching as the Gate was slowly being dialed. They all wore the standard black offworld uniform, complete with Kevlar vest. While Nolan, Sara and Jason bore the standard P-90, Cypher bore a weapon known as the Colt Commando, a powerful weapon that was as good as the P-90 in many ways.

Since Nolan and Sara were both qualified sniper's, Jason knew that each was packing their sniper rifles, which was a little comforting to note, though deep down he hoped that their weapons wouldn't be necessary at all.

"Chevron Seven locked!"

The voice of their Gate tech came over the mic as the Stargate sprang to life, the worm hole jutting out before sinking in on itself, creating a stable wormhole.

"Time to move out." Jason ordered as he took point. No one argued with Jason's statement, each knowing that he was the CO for this hastily slapped together team.

Each of them gripped their weapons tight as they walked up the ramp and stepped through the event horizon of the wormhole. This wasn't anything new to them, but this type of rescue mission was something that none of them did on a day to day basis, so each of them bore their own type of nervousness in to this mission.

Two minutes later Jason, Nolan, Cypher and Sara walked out of the Stargate on to P4X-774. Jason was still in the lead with Nolan behind him and to his left, Cypher behind Jason and to his right and Sara taking up the rear behind all of the officers.

Immediately all their eyes fell on the MALP and it's obviously burned out countenance.

"Well... no wonder it stopped transmitting." Jason commented, walking over to the damaged machine.

"Wonder what happened. A simple lightning strike wouldn't cause damage like that." Sara commented as she glanced around, making sure that there was no one around except the four of them.

"That's one of the things we are here to find out." Jason replied.

The area around them was huge. It was as if the Stargate had been placed in a intricate palace. There were pillars near the sides of the room, obviously holding up the roof. The walls and the pillars looked to be made of the same material, a type of marble sandstone that had patterns in them that looked like swirls of dust caught in the gleam of the sun.

High up on the roof there was a dome shaped skylight that showed the sky. The sky was cloudy and every once in a while one could see streaks of lightning pass overhead.

Behind the Stargate was a heavy metal door that was covered in dust, yet on the other side of the room there were a series of stairs that led up several levels to where a smaller door could be seen.

Without saying a word, Jason beckoned the others to follow him. Slowly they approached the stairs, each glancing up and up as their eyes followed the staircase. Making their way up the stairs was slow going because there were no hand rails on either side of the stairs and the incline was steep and getting steeper with every step. Every once in a while they would stop and look around but the room still remained as deathly quiet as it had been since they stepped through the Stargate.

After a good fifteen minutes they all had finally reached the top of the staircase. Slowly Jason reached out a hand and grasped the old doorknob that was covered in rust.

Turning it, Jason put some weight on the door, causing it to open. Raising an eyebrow, Jason stepped through the opening, followed by the rest of his team.

Leaving the lighted room the team had stepped through in to a room that was pitch black.

"Hmm... should'a brought our night vision goggles." Cypher muttered, not liking the darkness. He wasn't scared of the dark; none of them were, Cypher just didn't like not knowing what was in front of him.

Suddenly the open doorway behind them shut with a loud bang, causing all four of them to jump.

"Okay, this isn't in the least bit freaky." Sara said in obvious annoyance as she looked around in to the darkness.

A groan and a thud just a little ways ahead of her caused Sara to stop.

"McCallister? CarMichael... Borodin?" She called out, expecting an answer but there was none. "Guys?"

Hands tighting their grip on the weapon, Sara once again looked out in to the darkness. Suddenly a sharp stinging pain on the side of her neck made her reach up and feel the area. It was as if something had just stung her; the pain was that intense!

Groaning, Sara stumbled as a wave of dizziness washed over her. She reached out to grab something; anything but there was nothing out there to grab.

Slowly, as if in slow motion she fell, hitting the hard pavement type floor with a thud. As the darkness seemed to overtake her, Sara's final thoughts were of the team; what had happened to them and more importantly, where were they?

A cold breeze on her skin caused Sara to groan and open her eyes. At first the bright lights caused her to squint. Wait... bright lights? A sudden pressure on her shoulder caused her to jump.

"It's alright, take it easy." A soft, male voice said.

The bright lights overhead suddenly dimmed enough that Sara could see.

She looked up in to the face of a young man in a weird black and turquoise/green uniform.

"McCallister..." Sara whispered; thoughts of her friends surfacing in her mind. She registered a pat on her shoulder as the soft voice of the man said, "Your friends are alright, they are right over there."

Sara watched the man gesture to somewhere off to the left of the bed. Sara tried to turn her head and look but the burning pain in her neck prevented her from doing so.

"Where... where am I?" Sara asked as her brain tried to answer that very same question.

The world around her was unfamiliar. The last thing she remembered was darkness and pain; how in the world did she and for that matter everyone else get to...wherever the hell they were now?

"You are on Deep Space Nine..." Template:ShadowsAndDarkness

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