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Chapter Nine: "The Murderer"

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Adam Coburn - December 8, 2010 12:20 PM (GMT)-ON-

"Yes ma'am,something catched my eye in the cave but it seems nothing important i guess.I'll be right behind" He said and waited for Lt.Colonel to enter inside.

While waiting he prepaired himself ready turned on his tac light on the P-90 and pointed inside the cave for some light.The shiny thing shined again brightly but this time everybody was able to see that. "Well thats the thing i saw" he added.


TAG: AE2/3

I figured that could be murderers clothing or somekind of a weapon he used.Please feel free to add something.

Zafar Donaldson - December 8, 2010 11:03 PM (GMT)ON

Zafar slowly walked away without the Colonel or Lieutenant realising. He had a mission to complete. He would have to get a jumper and he knew that AE-3 had arrived in one. He knew round about were they were so he was sure he would be able to get there on foot.

Going through a forest, hearing the leaves and twigs crush under his feet as he walked. He kept and ear out for his radio going off to see if the Colonel had realised yet. Or anyone else for that matter.

After one long, run and walk he was finally closing in on the jumper. It was now within his sights. Just before he came out of the trees he saw someone exit the back of the jumper. He could hear him talking on the radio.

=^=This is Lieutenant Beckett, somebody respond. I am at AE-3's jumper. Somebody come in.=^=

Zafar was going to have to deal with him. But he was going to have to be fast. He unclipped his sidearm from its holster.

~Ok, on the count of three. One, two, three.~ Zafar thought in his head before he rushed out from the trees and raised his weapon at the Lieutenant. All the Lieutenant could do was turn before Zafar pulled the trigger, twice. Once aiming at the left shoulder, the other at his right leg. With the Lieutenant on the group and out of the question. Zafar dropped his gun and headed straight into the jumper.

He pressed the button to seal the rear hatch before heading to the front of the jumper. He did not know if he actually had the gene but he had stole a injection of the ATA Gene from the infirmary. Doctor Walker was sure to find it missing soon.

When he sat in the pilots chair, the jumper activated. Well it seemed he had the ATA Gene. Well atleast he had the injection to use to help get where he was going. He got ready to take off.


Tag: All

A little plot twist. I would like it for Zafar to escape if you don't mind but you can try stop him. Also, don't worry Jason I will make a new character for AE-1 :P

Steve Archer - December 9, 2010 11:11 PM (GMT)<ON>
Captain Archer steped out of the active wormhole and into the Atlantis Gate Room he tightned his grip on the large black case labled highly votile and his duffel bag that was in his other hand he looked around and saw a man in a military uniform he came up and saluted. Archer returned the salute. and the man said "Sir, do you have the pakage" Archer said "yes" and lifted the large black case a little. The man said "come with me sir i'll show you where the armory is. Archer grinned and thought "I can't wait to see what this place has in store"
whats in the case is a surprise for later :)

Jason Walker - December 10, 2010 01:29 AM (GMT)< ON >
< Atlantis - Medical Bay >
< Doctor Stacy Walker >

Stacy stopped and recounted the preloaded syringes for the fifth time. She paused and ran a hand through her hair, while on Earth she'd had it cut short and died dark. Figuring a change like Atlantis warranted a change in her. "Doctor, I've checked with the Medical staff, no one has touch the AGT shots in the last two weeks." A medical assistant said from the door way.

"Ok thanks Cindy." She replied closing the cabinet and again and picking up the tablet. She reached into her pocket for her cell phone, ~old habits~ she thought before reaching to her ear to tap her radio.

=^= Uh Control Room, this is Stacy, uhm Doctor Stacy Walker, the acting Chief Medical Officer. =^= She said, still not familiar with all the nuances of Atlantis communications.

She heard a few light chuckles on the other end before someone spoke up. =^= Go ahead Doctor. =^=

^= I was wondering if the Colonel is free, I need to talk to him about something. =^Edit

^= Uh, Ya he's in his office and doesn't look to busy, come one up and he'll probably be free to see you. =^Edit

=^= Thank you. =^= She said before tapping off her radio and heading up. She knocked on the door when she arrived and waited for him to let her enter.

< M6E-3D8 >
< Lt Colonel Jason Walker >

The group started into the gave and Jason did a quick head count. "Where's Donaldson?" He asked to the group, but Rayner in particular.

"Haven't seen him." Came the response.

^= "Walker to Donaldson, what is your location?" =^Edit

Nothing. =^= Walker to Lieutenant Beckett?" =^=

Again nothing.

^= Kelly to Walker, is anyone suppose to be using AE-3s Jumper? =^Edit

Walker glanced at Etearna. =^= No. =^=

^= Well they just took off, it looks like they're heading for the gate. =^Edit

< OFF >

Tag Tenjin as Stacy Walker.
Tag Donaldson and Off World as Jason Walker.


Portrayed By and Also Portraying:

Enis Burgin - December 10, 2010 01:58 PM (GMT)-ON-

"Ah Üstçavuþ I'm sorry for not getting to you sooner, things have been pretty hectic today. Welcome to Atlantis." He said to the newest member of his security team.

"Hello, i was wondering if anyone was to meet me"Burgin replied. "Well i've found my quarters and armory, i made some explorations in order to know the place better" He added.

"Any orders, Sir ?" He asked and waited for an anwer.


TAG: Chief Security Officer (O'Conner if i remember correct)

I thought we can do some action on the base also.

Jason Walker - December 10, 2010 06:04 PM (GMT)< OFF >
Although O'Connor is off world at the moment with his team, AE-4. However we can assume this is back posted to before he went off world.

< ON >
< Atlantis >

"Hello, i was wondering if anyone was to meet me. Well i've found my quarters and armory, i made some explorations in order to know the place better. Any orders, Sir ?"

"Well, Staff Sergeant Janelle Mallard the Security Detachment First Sergeant can get you onto the rotation, for the time being you'll probably be put in charge of a Security Team. From there we can look at what you'd prefer to do, rather you want to try to get on an off world team or some other specialized posting." O'Connor said.

< OFF >

Tag Burgin

Major Gavin O'Connor
Canadian Forces Marine Commandos Command
Chief Security Officer and Atlantis Team 4 Commander
Atlantis Expedition

Portrayed By:

Joanne Rhodes - December 11, 2010 12:25 AM (GMT)<ON>

"Get prepared for some xenobiology, of whatever's left of the guy."

Still near the humanoid being, Joanne didn't hear all the radio chatter. She was poking lightly with the blunt end of a dissection cutter to determine what areas were already soft and what weren't, if any. Not too surprisingly, those soft spots were harder to come by in this case than they were on humans, but the principles were basically the same.

Jo expected the thing to bleed immediately, but it did not, and the color of the blood wasn't even red, it was like an oily blue-ish, much darker red color, almost a purple. The skeleton was more metallic, clearly made out of other metals. "Blue-ish blood...weird."

Only inspecting the front center for now, straight down between the solar plexus and the ribs, Jo could smell the death on this body, yet for some reason she was afraid that some how it might not quite be dead, but perhaps that was just her paranoia kicking in. "Are you sure this thing isn't dead, you guys?" she asked, peeling back away the right half the 'shell' near the stomach a bit.

<Note: my biological terms are lame, I'm going to try to polish them a bit. Please let me know if there are any details I need to mention in my next post during the disection process. Right now, she's only looking at the front of the humanoid being, straight down the middle.

Please PM me if I need to edit or add anything, or keep something in mind for the next post>

Aaron Rayner - December 11, 2010 05:17 AM (GMT)ON

< M6E-3D8 >

Aaron looked around, did a double take then walked over to the trail the group had left behind. "Perhaps we should retrace our steps and see where Donaldson went by his footprints?" He said to Walker.

"If only I could understand how the lifesigns detector works I would configure it to just track down Donaldson by-- Although since he is alone," the engineer pulled out his detector and widened the scanning range settings. It would take a few minutes for the detector to register things as it has a great area to cover.


Zafar Donaldson - December 13, 2010 07:51 PM (GMT)ON

=^= "Walker to Donaldson, what is your location?" =^=

Zafar could hear the Colonel over the radio. He turned the radio off and tossed it onto the co-pilot's seat. It was all going according to plan. He had the jumper, now to get to the gate and dial the address where he would get picked up. He knew that they would find Beckett and he would be fine. Might just be not go off-world for a while.

Zafar could see the gate getting closer and he began to dial the address.


Tag: Open

Jason Walker - December 18, 2010 11:16 PM (GMT)< ON >
< M6E-3D8, Cave >

Walker was already on his way out of the cave when his radio crackled to life again. =^= Sir, the gate dialed and the Jumper has passed through, I'm also detecting a single life sign near by, but it's week. =^=

=^= Head towards the life sign, it may be Lieutenant Beckett. O'Connor, we have a situation, I want you to get the science team onto the Jumper and standby for further orders. =^= Walker said and both team leaders responded and carried out the orders.

"Colonel how do you want to play this." He asked Etearna.

< OFF >

Tag Etearna Open.

Rosa Etearna - December 19, 2010 11:59 PM (GMT)On:


Rosa leaned back as she stood, breathing out as her radio crackled with messages.
"Walker, we're getting that Jumper back. We're to assume that Donaldson is on the run until we have information to the otherwise." She frowned, looking at Joanne. "Sergeant, Ustegman Coburn, I want you two to stay here, keep searching for evidence. Lucas, with me, Borodin, you're in charge." She grabbed her radio.
=^=Beckett?!=^= She called, as she began to jog, yet to no avail. No reply.

=^= Rayner stay there as well. If you don't hear back from us within an hour radio AE-4 to pick you up and return to the city. =^= Walker ordered, already at their Jumper he brought everything online and kept the rear hatch down for the other two.

"I pilot, you pilot?" She asked, quickly, tossing her backpack in as she leapt into the Jumper, glancing back at Lucas and Walker, ready to head into the pilot's chair.

"I've got it," Walker said closing the door and taking the pilots seat. "Since I'm actually Air Force, or at least our equivalent." He said with a grin. "I'm not sure if we'll have any luck tracking him though." He said piloting the craft on a heading for the gate.
"He dialed from the Jumper so the DHD wasn't activated, meaning it won't have stored the address, and even when they do it's a pain to try to figure out what was last dialed."

"Uhhh.... there!" She yelled, gesturing at a weaving Puddle Jumper, just as the final Chevron had locked upon the gate. "...We have to fire," She spoke, peering at the diving, weaving Puddle Jumper. "Damn, he's a good pilot." She murmured, leaning back in the co-pilot's seat.

Walker thought the weapon active and the HUD came on with a tactical display. "Targeting the engine pods." He said before firing a pair of drones.

Donaldson's Jumper got singed as a Drone blasted apart a tree, the last one catching up closer, closer... And slammed against the ring of the Gate itself, just as the Jumper headed through the Wormhole, which disintegrated just a second afterwards.
"Damn." She shook her head. "Good work, Walker," She spoke, softly, leaning back. "He just had the upper hand."

Before Walker could respond his radio crackled to life. =^= Kelly to Walker, we're at the site of the life sign. It's Beckett it looks like Donaldson shot him before taking the Jumper. We're trying to stabilize but he's unconscious and we could use a real medic. =^=

=^=On our way, Kelly.=^= Rosa spoke, glancing at Walker. "I think we found our murderer," She spoke, with a solemn tone. "Just wonder why he chose here and now..."

"I don't know but I intend to find out." Walker replied.


Tag ALL.

A Joint Post between Lieutenant Colonels Rosa Etearna and Jason Walker.

Aaron Rayner - December 21, 2010 01:38 AM (GMT)on

< M6E-3D8, Cave >

^= Rayner stay there as well. If you don't hear back from us within an hour radio AE-4 to pick you up and return to the city. =^Edit

Aaron tapped his radio. =^= Aye sir, =^= he called and searched for a hiding spot that had a wide view of his surroundings so he could see all around him.


Adam Coburn - December 21, 2010 04:08 PM (GMT)-ON-

"Sergeant, Ustegman Coburn, I want you two to stay here, keep searching for evidence. Lucas, with me, Borodin, you're in charge."

"Yes ma'am" Adam replied and headed inside the cave and started to look for the thing he saw with moving tactical.


Tag: Anyone who is going into the cave with me

Cypher Borodin - December 27, 2010 10:47 PM (GMT)-On- "Sergeant, Ustegman Coburn, I want you two to stay here, keep searching for evidence. Lucas, with me, Borodin, you're in charge."

Cypher nodded his head in understanding before eying those that remained.
Sergeant Rhodes, the Ustegman and the Lieutenant's Martin and Williams. From what the Captain saw, the First Lieutenant who was AE-2's XO was a little on the shy side.

"Alright let's stick together. Jo...Martin...Williams; to the cave." Cypher said in a half serious, have joking manner.
Cypher saw David straighten up and nod his head before going off and entering the cave a few steps behind Adam.


TAG: Open

Jason Walker - December 30, 2010 12:00 AM (GMT)
< ON >
< M6E-3D8 >

Walker set the Jumper down next to AE-4's, the Colonel exited and saw the Lieutenant on the ground, covered in blood, with the Russian Lieutenant from AE-4 over him trying to stop the bleeding. "We got him stable, but he needs to see a Doc ASAP!" Kelly said.

"Get him into your Jumper and head back to city. Apprise the Colonel and have him advise us on what action he wants us to take. Also get them to send a tech team back and see if they can pull anything from the DHD, it's a long shot. I also want all other off world teams ground, we can't rule out that the Sergeant may not have been working alone." Walker ordered.

She nodded and her team got to work moving the shot Lieutenant. "Colonel, what do you think regroup with the others and see what we can find out, or head back to the city?"

< OFF >

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