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Pierre Laurie - December 30, 2010 01:00 AM (GMT)< ON >
< Medical >
< Commandant Laurie >

"Sir, I am here for my check up and some injections. Apparently I need some that will stop my organs from rupturing again. Or at least that's what I was told by the Doc."

"Sure Major take a seat." Pete said gesturing to a bed. He grabbed a tablet and brought up the Major's file. He swung by a cabinet and pulled out a pair of vials and some other gear. He set them down on the small work surface next to the bed and returned with a baton like device. It would allow for a basic scan and was about the best they had going until the could get the rest of there medical equipment up and running.

< Field >
< Captain Oliver >

The Canadian smirked as the two others seemed to be startled by something that resembled a large squirrel. "Well maybe if we do run into something bigger we can have something to augment our food supplies." He said. He let his yes roam across the surrounding some more as the team continued to move forward.

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Tag Newman as Laurie.
Tag EE-2 as Oliver.


Portrayed By and Also Portraying:

James Newman - December 30, 2010 08:23 PM (GMT)ON

<Sections 4-6>
<Lieutenant Jason Parker>

"you have no idea in my eight years with the 'Company' I've seen alot of things that would shock most people. This is just the tip of the iceburg that has been my intel career. I would like to think that I was put here for a reason but I think it was just to get me out of Miami cause I was getting close to catching the group of rouge 'spooks' as you put it. Only time will tell and I know I've got something to look forward to when I get back home, and I'm not just talking about the desk job at Groom Lake".

“Well I wish you luck in completing that job as it could be years until we final can return to Earth, and even then there might be problems that we can’t foresee.” Jason said, “But you never know we might get back soo…”

“Time to wrap up that conversation guys, we’re here.” Cut in Julian as they entered Section 5, “OK, I think that we should split into teams and start searching from section 6, back towards the main area, or we could work from both ends which would be good for the Major. But what do you think Captain Minor, seeing as you are the team XO you have the final say.”

<Major James Newman>

"Sure Major take a seat." Pete said gesturing to a bed.

James took a seat on the bed and watched Pete move around the room getting things. "So sir, how long will all this take, as I would like to get into the search as soon as I can, because I don't want to miss anything?" James said as Pete came back towards him.


TAG Newman - Pete
Jason, Julian – Corran, Kane

Note: I wasn’t sure if Kane was the XO now or if Chris was still the XO because the WIKI says that it’s Kane but I don’t think that he’s posted in the mission. So please PM me with the correct information.

Pierre Laurie - December 30, 2010 11:02 PM (GMT)< ON >
< Medical >

"So sir, how long will all this take, as I would like to get into the search as soon as I can, because I don't want to miss anything?"

Pete quickly moved the baton like scanner up and down several times, similar to a hand held medical detector. The computer complied the scans into a single 3D file and the doctor checked it over on the screen. "Shouldn't be too long, roll up your sleeve."

While the Major moved his sleeve the French doctor prepped the pair of syringes with the necessary medical. "Make a fist." He ran an antiseptic wipe over the mans arm. The first needle slid in and a moment later it slid out and a cotton ball applied pressure. He repeated it a moment later with the second injection. "You should be good to go." Pete said not bothering with a band-aid as it wasn't bleeding.

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Tag Newman

James Newman - December 31, 2010 08:04 PM (GMT)ON

<Major James Newman>

"You should be good to go."

"Really? Wow, thanks Doc." James said as he pulled down his sleeve and hopped off the bed. He grabbed his gear from beside the bed and started to move towards the door. Then he stopped and turned around. "Say Doc, When do I need my next injections?" James asked, "I'd like to know the exact time so I don't come too early, you know."


TAG Pierre

Corran Halcyon - January 2, 2011 03:43 AM (GMT)On;

<Lindsey Hampton>

Lindsey looked from the patients file as he started to stir. She quickly moved closer and said with her thick British accent "easy there sir we don't need you moving just yet". He laid back down and whispered "thanks Doc I can feel why you wouldn't". He slowly drifted back off to sleep Lindsey then wrote something down on his file, closed it, and got up. She first walked over to the table that was holding her water bottle. After taking a quick drink she walked over to Commadant Luarie and said "sir Sgt Betts at bed five his vitals are stable but he still in and out off conscience".

<Corran Halcyon>
<Section 6>

Corran raised his Walter P99 with flashlight adapter as he walked into the unlit room. It had been two weeks since they moved into the mountain facility and still hadn't encountered anyone or thing, but you couldn't be to carefull. He had learded that the hard way with Vanko.


Kristopher Vanko the Russian agent said as Corran was dragged into the room "Americans all the same think you know best. I lost five of my best men to you plan. You under estimated my brother and now six men are dead". Vanko back handed Corram tearing the skin from his chin.

(End of Flashback)

Corran shook his head trying to clear the memories and focus on the here and now. He rounded a corner and thought he saw a shadow move from a corner down the hall. He said to himself now your just being paranoid.


Pierre Laurie - January 2, 2011 06:27 PM (GMT)< ON >
< Excalibur Base, Medical >

"Say Doc, When do I need my next injections? I'd like to know the exact time so I don't come too early, you know."

"You should be good for at least a week. I'd say come in Sunday morning." Pete said making notes on the tablet. "If there isn't anything else you're free to get back to your team." He added pulling off the gloves and throwing them in the waste bin.

"Sir Sgt Betts at bed five his vitals are stable but he still in and out off conscience".

"Thank you Doctor," He said glancing at his watch. "Your shift was suppose to be over almost an hour ago wasn't it?" He asked rhetorically. "Go take a break, get some food or something, I don't need my doctors burnt out."

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Tag Newman and Hampton as Pierre

James Newman - January 2, 2011 08:43 PM (GMT)ON

"You should be good for at least a week. I'd say come in Sunday morning." Pete said making notes on the tablet. "If there isn't anything else you're free to get back to your team." He added pulling off the gloves and throwing them in the waste bin.

"That's the best news I've heard in three weeks." James said as he saluted Pete and headed for the exit. He quickly made his way to his quarters and grabbed his weapons and other gear and then jogged towards section 4.

^=All EE-1 members this is Major Newman, I'm coming to you. What's your position, I repeat, what's your position.=^Edit

<Captain Julian Armstrong>

=^= Sir, this is Armstrong, we have split up to cover more ground I'm in section 5 with Captain Minor, Parker and Corran are in section 6 and Caron is in section 4 waiting for you.=^= came the reply from Julian.


TAG, Corran, Kane?

Jake Denton - January 3, 2011 03:44 AM (GMT)-On-
<In route to labs>

Jake had been all over the base doing what he could to help. He had of course heard the call over the radio, =^=Doctor Tennant to Colonel Denton. Please meet me in the Communication stone labs.=^= but had neglected to answer it.

Finally Jake decided that he had better in fact head over to the labs to see what the good doctor wanted.
Arriving at the labs it took only a few moments to locate the doctor.

Straightening his shoulders, Jake strolled over to Carson, an apologetic look on his face.
"Excuse me for being late Doctor, I was a little distracted. What did you need?" Jake asked.


TAG: Carson

Carson Tennant - January 3, 2011 03:55 AM (GMT)ON

"Excuse me for being late Doctor, I was a little distracted. What did you need?"

"Well, Colonel. I think I have fixed at least one of the stones and the device itself. I would try it myself but if it works it might be our only shot so I thought it would be best for you to try it." Carson said as he stood back from the table. If it did not work then it was back to work but Carson just had a feeling it was going to work. The Colonel would be the right person to tell the people on Earth was has happened.

"Whenever you are ready Colonel"


Tag: Denton, Open

Jake Denton - January 3, 2011 04:07 AM (GMT)-On-

"Whenever you are ready Colonel"

"Good work Doctor." Jake said, his eyes falling to the stone. He paused for a moment, weighing the options; what if it in fact didn't work...or what if it did?
"Alright..." Jake muttered.

Stepping forward, Jake sat down in the small chair they had brought in from the wreck. Reaching out a hand towards the stone which rested on it's small control console, Jake flicked it on.

Slowly; almost too slowly the device powered up and all of a sudden Jake found himself in a room he didn't recognize. It certainly wasn't the SGC; him not knowing that the original was destroyed.

Glancing in the mirror, Jake saw that he was in the body of a Captain Ayers. ~Okay...this is a little weird but at least the stone is working. Next question; how long will it continue to work?~ He thought to himself.

Rising from his seat, Jake looked around for another human being he could get to direct him to someone in authority.


TAG: Open. Whomever at the SGC wants to talk with him.

Corran Halcyon - January 3, 2011 06:20 AM (GMT)On;

<Lindsey Hampton>
<Excalibur Base, Medical>

Lindsey laughed softly, moved some hair behind her right ear and said, "your right about that sir, I'll see you in thirty minutes". She fiddled with her tablet computer while awaiting for the Commandant's response

<Corran Halcyon>

=^=All EE-1 members this is Major Newman, I'm coming to you. What's your position, I repeat, what's your position.=^=

Corran tapped his ear mic and said =^=Halcyon to Major Newman, Roger that sir, myself and Lt. Parker are in section six just like Captain Armstrong said.=^=

Tag: Hampton-Pierre

Cira Knight - January 3, 2011 09:12 AM (GMT)<ON>
<Hangar, section 7> Travis and Ryan

"This is boring, what are we going to do while Knight's gone?" Travis asked Ryan as he performed a brief hand stand on one of the decks out of boredom.

"I'm not sure," Ryan replied, his hands crossed behind his waist. "But neither of our higher ups have any specifics for us, it's a good question to ask, that's for sure. Perhaps we should have gone with the Major." he glanced towards Jonas before leaning against a railing looking at one of the Jumpers being repaired. He could still smell chemicals, but it was nice not smelling the pungent smell of fuel for once. Travis turned and leaned against the railing as well for a moment, looking across the main track of the bay. "Seems like an awful waste of space on that side."

There appeared to be segments in the walls that had hinges of sorts, which implied there might some of it might be a fold-able maintenance dock, or perhaps even a control room just for the jumper bay.

"Should we go check it out?" Ryan wondered aloud.

"Sure why not."

Ultimately, their discovery would make the hangar bay look more crowded, but the space would be used to the fullest extent possible.

<Cira Knight> <700 feet AGL, 35 miles out over another branch of mountains>

East of the base, Cira was flying low near the mountains, scanning for Naquadah and any other energy sources. Oddly enough, every time she turned her attention away from the main console or tried to look for signs of the shiny element in the planet's geography, the craft would lean towards that direction, sometimes descending more than she would like.

~"Why th' slag is it doing that?"~ Cira thought irritably once she corrected it again. Much to her frustration, her mental capacity was getting the better of her. She had the gene, but flying a ship like this was harder than she hoped it would be no thanks to her mild attention disorder.

~"I'm not turning around because of this just yet, I already found two possible channels in this area."~ Cira downloaded the coordinates onto her laptop as she took manual control of the spacecraft instead. She was glad that at least her trip would be worth it despite it being more taxing than it might be for most people.


Pierre Laurie - January 6, 2011 03:15 AM (GMT)< ON >
< Medical >
< Pierre Laurie >

"Your right about that sir, I'll see you in thirty minutes."

Pete nodded and began clearing the bed that the Major had been using. He glanced over as she left and once he finished he returned to his desk. He pulled his latest pile of paper work out and began going through it.

< Stargate Command >
< Lieutenant Commander Natasha Montenegro >

With most of the senior staff off at Area 51 Commander Montenegro had been left in command of the base. Off world activity had been put on hold while the matter was resolved. "Commander, we're getting a report from the Communication Stone room, apparently Colonel Denton is 'here'." Said the Tech Sergeant manning the operations station in the control room.

"Understood, tell them I'm on my way, and inform HWC we believe we've made contact with the Excalibur." She said before walking out.

< OFF >

Tag Hampton, Open as Laurie.
Tag Denton as Montenegro.

Lieutenant Commander Natasha Montenegro, Royal Navy
Assistant Chief Security Officer, Stargate Command
Officer-in-Command, Stargate Command

Portrayed By and Also Portraying:

Asid Mjolnir - January 7, 2011 03:12 AM (GMT)On:

<Lieutenant Alex Paulsen, SGC>

Alex paused, staring mutely as Captain Ayers stepped out of the communications stone room. "Captain." He called, watching as the Captain kept walking, before he jogged over to catch the Captain. "Hello." He muttered, tapping the Captain on the shoulder.

Tag Denton (As Alex Paulsen)

Jake Denton - January 8, 2011 06:58 AM (GMT)-On-


Jake heard someone speaking from behind him, but since this person was asking for a Captain, Jake ignored him until he felt a slight tapping on his shoulder.

"Hello." "Huh?" Jake asked, turning to face the person in question.
Eying the Lieutenant's rank and then his own, Jake realized that this Lieutenant Paulsen had been talking to him before.

"Oh I apologize Lieutenant...Paulsen," Jake began, eying the name on the Lieutenant's uniform, "I need to speak to someone in authority here, I am Colonel Denton, CO of the Excalibur Expedition."

Jake didn't know if the Lieutenant would know anything about the Excalibur Expedition, but he hoped the Lieutenant would believe him and put him in touch with the officer in charge of the facility.


Mission #2: "Survival"
Chapter #1: "Sometime in the Morning" | Chapter #2: "Briefing" | Chapter #3: "The Field | Chapter #4: "What Do We Have Here?" | Chapter #5: "24 Million Light Years Closer" | Chapter #6: "Pause for Thought" | Chapter #7: "Discoveries & Injuries" | Chapter #8: "Through the Gate" | Chapter #9: "Questions in Exploration" | Chapter #10: "Man of War" | Chapter #11: "Final Decision"

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