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Chapter Five: "The Cube"

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Posted by: Scott Powers Jul 14 2013, 01:51 AM -ON-

Planetside, City Ruins, Temple Interior

Scott had followed the Lieutenant through the temple, guided by the little scanner of his. As they went the rooms got smaller, but still rather large in size, but to the point where is Mk12 was just too big for easy use. As they took a tactical pause, he pushed his Mk12 behind his back and pulled the sling strap tight before drawing his sidearm.

After clearing a half dozen more rooms they finally arrived at the power source. He took a quick walk around the cube before he stopped to listen to what his team was saying, he took a few steps towards the cube. Taking special care not to touch it or its pedestal.

Taking a few steps back he activated his radio, =^=Powers to Sovereign Actual. We've found the power source, requesting science team be sent down to investigate. Over?=^=

He released the PTT but there was no click like usual, =^=Powers to any call sign on this net, over?=^= He turned and looked to his team, "Alright, Snow you ad Coffin stay here with the Lieutenant, I'll take Kells back outside and call in the rest of 25 and for further support." He looked at Coffin, "Don't let them touch anything and go anywhere." He said mildly frustrated, this shit always seemed to happen at the most inconvenient times.


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OOC: Someone should accidentally set it off. -Josh)

Posted by: Leonard Apcaz Jul 18 2013, 03:24 PM QUOTE Will looked at Alem before he nodded his head to Alem's reply and then stood up. "Why don't you take over, and see if the team says anything. Should still be able to make up a list for the shore leave party. I'll return in a bit." Will then headed off to the elevator and took it to the Mess Hall where he grabbed himself a cup of coffee before noticing Apcaz. Will had figured the lack of contact from the guy meant he had been extremely busy, nonetheless it was good to see the guy again.

Will headed over to the table Apcaz was sitting and sat down across from him. "Tools. Your men did a good job patching up the ship. Hopefully once Powers is finished down there, I bet your men would enjoy some well earned shore leave, hm?" Will noticed the tablet. "Looking up ways to fix the Asgard Knowledge Core?" Will asked, well guessed.

Tools was sipping cold coffee when the Captain joined him. "Thank you, Sir. The boys could use some cool down, but I don't know how long we could stay, they would be going down in small shifts, I lost a lot of men when we were boarded." Tools put the cup down after emptying it.

"It's on the list, yes. The knowledge core could give us some much needed power as well as some deeper knowledge of the drive problems. But this was some recreational work. I was thinking about a movie night, but the only film projector was damaged a while ago." Tools turned the tablet around and showed Maxwell the simply schematics. "Fairly easy work, though I'll need to MacGyver some parts here and there to get it running again."



Posted by: Derek Snow Jul 21 2013, 12:34 PM -ON-

Derek simply nodded as they moved to secure the room with that odd weird glowing rock. He rubbed the back of his neck as he stood somewhat absently. His weapon hung just at his chest. When Powers warned not to touch anything, he chuckled. Taping his rifle lightly with both hands before spreading them out in mock surrender as a show. He glanced back toward the object for a moment before moving back against the wall and leaning somewhat, hefting the reassuring weight of his rifle and gave it a quick visual before holding it at half rest. "Still no idea what all could be down here. Y'all hurry back now ya' hear? I'm missin' you already."


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Posted by: Jayden Kells Jul 26 2013, 11:29 PM ON Planetside, City Ruins, Temple Exterior

Jayden nodded, casting a flirting look at Brian before following after Powers. "You really think one of them might mess with that thing?" she asked with a playful tone, grinning. Of course, orders were orders, but the teams had a way of hedging around them and finding loopholes!


Posted by: Brian Coffin Jul 27 2013, 12:12 AM ON Planetside, Temple Interior

"Roger that. No one touches it, no one leaves. Babysitting it is." Brian replied, returning Jayden's look with a playful wink before looking to the rest of the team in the room.

He leaned against one of the walls, only holding onto his F2000 with his on hand, letting most of the weight rest against it's sling. The big glowing cube thing continued to sit and glow, and Brian decided to not keep staring at it, not exactly sure if it was a good idea to be hanging around the thing, but no one was keeling over yet.

"Hey, if anyone starts feeling weird, call it out sooner rather than later. You don't get points for trying to man through wonky space radiation poisoning. Or non-wonky space type. But the former's what I'm worried about." Brian said, looking at the other two in the room.

OFF Powers Boone/Snow

Posted by: Derek Snow Jul 28 2013, 12:57 PM -ON-

"I'm all good Sergeant...but um." He smirked as he walked over toward Brian and moved to a spot on the wall next to him, leaning back slightly. "That was an interesting little show there buddy. How's it goin with the whole love bit? I can imagine its more complicated than saving pilots when they make an oops." He couldn't help but glance Boons way slightly. "You should know, people are axpecting the Chapplin to be busy with a certain event pretty soon...just talk of course but ya never know."


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Posted by: William Maxwell Jul 29 2013, 07:46 PM ON

USS Sovereign - Mess Hall Colonel William Maxwell

Will looked at the tablet as Tools talked about the Knowledge Core being one of the things on the list, making him realize how much is still damaged on the ship, and things that are breaking down or just need maintenance and attention. He also began to wonder what will go first, all the damage they may take over time on their way to Earth or running out of parts to keep maintaining the majority of the ships equipment. Which is why he can't wait for the Knowledge Core to be repaired, otherwise they may be forced to forget their morals and become scavangers and thieves in order to survive. He isn't so sure they could even stoop that low, not yet at least.

His thoughts were interrupted when Tools mentioned about a film projector, and smiled at the idea. "Well we sure do have a bunch of films in storage, guess someone had an idea of showing alien cultures the interesting thing about us, and that's making good or cheesy movies. That, or just having them on hand is just plain lucky." Will said before nodding his head to Tools, "I'm sure the crew will appreciate having movie night, it would definitely raise moral on board. Well if there is a part you need that someone has, I'll see to talking them into givig it up for this."

Meanwhile, Logan on the Bridge saw that Maruki was busy, so he opened up the comm channel to the team. "This is Captain Logan, we acknowledge your transmission and will inform the Science Department to gear up and beam down to your location. Over." Logan then switched over ti the Science Department, "This is the Bridge. Ground team has found the unknown power source and have requested your expertise at this time. Please gather all the equipment you need, assemble your team and beam down to their coordinates. Bridge out."

Planetside, Temple Interior First Lieutenant Alex 'Raven' Boone

Boone just listened to the conversations going on around him while staring and studying the artifact, curious as to what it does and how it could still have power. Boone then picked up on what Coffin said and turned to look at him before looking down at his scanner and switched modes. "Very small traces of radiation but too small to be of concern." He told them.

After about twenty minutes or so, a group appeared after a flash of bright light and started opening cases and examining the cube. But Boone didn't really look at them when he noticed the radiation level spike the instant the science team beamed down, and them drop rock bottom when the beam was gone. He didn't really feel anything, nor understood why it happened.

"Bob, is it?" Asked one of the science officers.

Boone stared at his scanner, trying to understand why the cube reacted to the beam in, well why the radiation spiked a least, the cube practically did nothing but glow a little brighter at the time. "It's Boone."

"Right, Loone. If you would kindly step away from the cube and allow us to do our iobs?" The man asked.

Boone sighed, turned his scanner off and stuffed it in his bag. "What ever you say, Ted."

"It's Mark."

"Okay, Bard." Boone stepped away from the pedestal, or display case the cube was on and stepped over to Coffin and leaned against the wall beside him. "Bet you twenty bucks he calls you Carl." Boone said as he watched the nerds do their so-called 'work'.

OFF Tag: Tools; Coffin

Posted by: Brian Coffin Jul 31 2013, 01:26 AM ON Planetside, Temple Interior

Internally, Brian was wondering the same thing that Snow was bringing up, but there was a time and a place for such things. Which "this place" and "now" did not fit the bill for. Externally, Brian kept a neutral expression on his face as he looked at the Marine.

"Rumors are just that, Corp. People can say what they want, that doesn't make it true until it happens." Brian replied, "Whatever happens will happen, and it's between me and her in the meantime. Besides..." He was interrupted by the arrival of the scientists who were busy either studying the cube or being rather annoying. Both, actually, the PJ concluded.

"I'm sure it'll be something..." Brian sighed, and looked to see if Shifty and Jayden were returning.

"Radios are probably acting up, I'll head up and let them know the eggheads are here." Brian said, before looking to the scientists, "Look but don't touch, got it? Otherwise, your field trip gets cut off when these two nice gentlemen detain you."

"Uh, right, whatever, Mister..." The scientist started.

"Master Sergeant Coffin, pal."

"Cobb, whatever. Okay. Just let us do our jobs."

"Next time, why don't they send down Professor Farnsworth?" Brian grumbled, turning for the exit.


"Eh whaaa?" Brian replied, imitating the confused expression of the character he was making reference to, stepping into the passageway back out.

=^= Powers, it's Coffin, how copy? If you can read this, Sov sent down the eggheads, over. =^= He said into his radio after putting some distance between him and the cube.

OFF Tag Snow Boone Powers Open

Posted by: Derek Snow Aug 1 2013, 06:04 PM -ON-

The Corporal gave a shrug, rubbing the back of his neck. "Awe, give me a break big bad Sergeant. I'm just messin with you. And why does everyone think I'm going to touch the cube? Its freggin glowing and stuff." He sighed as Brian left, staying against the wall with his weapon held neutrally. His eyes moved over toward Boone for a split second before focusing on the eggheads and their geology project. "Don't make an oops boys."


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Posted by: William Maxwell Aug 5 2013, 07:15 PM OOC: By request, I am pushing this forward. Use time skips like I am to make any necessary posts in between to catch up.


Planetside, Temple Interior First Lieutenant Alex 'Raven' Boone

Boone had been standing there leaned up against the wall for a while now before the egg heads began encasing the cube in some clear, thick glass box. Boone pushed himself off the wall and walked over to the one that was leading the team. "What's going on here?"

"We're transporting the cube to the ship." Said the lead egg head.

Boone frowned, "On who's authority?"


"Excuse me, but you need the Colonel's permission first." Boone argued.

"And the Colonel will understand that in order to study this further, we need to bring this cube to the equipment on the ship that we can't simply bring with us down here. Whether you like it or not, Lieutenant, we are taking this cube with us."

Boone frowned some more, "What about the risks?"

The man threw up his arms and rolled his eyes, "What risks? This could be a potential or an enormous power source that we can use to get us home. So relax, Lieutenant. Besides, even the Colonel wants to get home faster, and this could be the key in doing so."

Boone shook his head, "I just hope you are right and I am wrong about this thing being a risk to every man and woman on the Sovereign."

The man then tapped his ear piece. "Sovereign. This is the Science Team One, we have the package secured and are ready for transport."

"Stand by." Then, the Science Team and the cube was gone in a beam of light.

Boone grabbed his radio, "Attention all ground teams. The Science Team just took the cube with them to the ship. I recommend we return immediately." After all the teams gathered together, they were beamed back on board the ship.

In the meantime, the Cube was brought into the main science lab, where they took it out of the glass container and began to use everything they have to get a better picture of what the cube does. This would go on for hours, with no luck of getting any ounce of evidence of what the Cube really is.

USS Sovereign - Mess Hall Colonel William Maxwell

Will had listened in on the radio chatter coming from the planet while he sat there with tools. He would have objected to bringing the Cube up to the ship, but deep down inside, he was desperately hoping that the Cube was a power source, something equal or more powerful than the SubSpace Capacitor they had, so that they can get home. So instead of considering the possible risk, he kept quiet and allowed the Scientists to bring it aboard.

Will looked at Tools and smiled before shaking the man's hand. "I'll see you later. Let me know when you get that projector working again, and we can work on making schedules for movie time with all shifts on board." Will then got up from the table, giving Tools time to answer, since Will wanted to hear what his answer would be before leaving the Mess Hall.

Time Passes

In the Science Lab, after the Scientists had left to get some shut eye, the Cube began to glow brighter, and flash faster before the glow was fixed and illuminated the entire room. The Cube had sensed and felt a power source near by and began to feed off the power source to power itself and begin doing what it had done to the civilization on the planet. In that time, the cube slowly began to spin, taking a whole hour to make one revolution, and every so slowly, painstakingly, getting faster.

USS Sovereign - Boone's Quarters? First Lieutenant Alex 'Raven' Boone

Boone stirred in his sleep, smacked his lips and rubbed his eyes. Boy he felt so well rested for some reason, like he just got a full eight hours of sleep. Strange though, he remembered having trouble sleeping last night, and didn't get to bed until 1 AM.

Boone's eyes shot open and he quickly looked for his clock on his bed stand. Strange...his quarters looked a lot different. He shook his head, thinking Coffin or some other person got into his room and totally remodeled his room as a prank. He then found the clock and realized it was 9:32 AM. 'OH SHIT! I'm so bloody late! Why didn't my alarm go off at 5 like it's suppose to?!'

Boone grabbed his covers and thrown them off but froze at what he saw. He stared at his legs, seeing that they were more skinny than before ...more... feminine. Boone blinked his eyes and knew there was only one way to figure out if he is what he is. He looked at his chest.

"HOLY SHIT I HAVE BOOBS!!" Boone covered his mouth with his hands...her hands... someone's hands, after he heard his screaming voice. Boone quickly jumped out of bed and opened up the desk, searching for name tags, note books, a diary, anything with the name of the person he was. He suddenly found the ship's ID card and lifted it up to read the name. 'Dr. Faelyn Anderson'.

"What. The. Frak."


Tag: Everyone.

OOC: Who ever wants to switch with the Colonel, just go for it and I'll take over your 'body' in such case tongue.gif. And I know what I said, but I also mentioned in that specific topic that I would do this with Boone as a silly joke. Just trying to be humorous here. Have Fun!

Posted by: Leonard Apcaz Aug 6 2013, 10:43 AM OOC:

I'm not letting a chance to steal the colonel's body slip through my fingers!

On: After studying blueprints, getting parts and some specialist tools ready Tools decided to turn in. He entered his quarters and threw his uniform shirt on a pile of 'clean/wearable' clothing. The guitar in the corner was slowly collecting dust. On his desk was his toolbelt, and underneath an open drawer where he put his M1911 with the magazine separate and the chamber empty. His whole cabin was somewhat of a clutter. The only place that wasn't cluttered was his nightstand where a photo of himself with two young women stood, his two daughters. Tools locked the cabinet with the M1911 in it and swapped his uniform pants for sweatpants and an old shirt and fell in his bed and fell asleep.


When he woke up, his eyes scanned a much larger cabin and the photo of his daughters was missing. Tools started to panic but still recognized the Sovereign. He stood up and felt different. The body reacted, but his legs felt more energetic, less pain in them, less age. When he got up, he saw himself in the mirror and was confused. "What are you doing here, Colonel?" he asked but he saw his mouth move while talking. "What the hell is going on!"

Tag Open

Posted by: Derek Snow Aug 7 2013, 12:19 PM -ON-

Derek sighed, giving a shake to his head in a bit of annoyance. They were dead set on taking something so unknown back to the ship. How could such a smart bunch make such stupid decisions on the fly? With that in mind Derek didn't wonder why the Sov was in the situation it was in. But that wasn't his business.

Instead of dwelling on it too much he regrouped with the others outside and they made their way back to the rest of the detachment. Within a matter of minutes they were beamed back up and disperesed after a slightly off kilter debrief, considering the egg heads interaction with them. Derek was sure he wasn't the only one getting bad ju-ju vibes now.

Upon returning and getting through the usual yellow tape Derek wen't back on duty for a few hours before grabbing dinner and turning in. Deffinately an eventful day, not much in terms of things going bad, se he could consider it a fairly good time. A bit of bad decision making but sometimes you had to take risks.

Without giving it much more though he dozed off. He would randomly wake up throughout the night, tossing about and noticing he felt...tired, restless even. Of course he also wondered if he wre dreaming. He couldn't remember what exactly he saw, but it wasn't normal.

He woke up with his hands under his pillow, he noted the tell-tell signs of a firearm, an M9 to be more exact. Awkward because Derek generally kept his MEU close by. He could feel the slight ache once more. He had to wonder if he pulled something. He felt...drained, and mildly annoyed for no reason.

He rolled over and swun his legs out, experiencing a slight moment of vertigo. He held his head and caught his barrings for a few minutes before standing up. His surroundings were foreign, leading to him grabbing the M9 under the pillow. Which prompted him to look down at himself. "What the frak!" He stumbled his way toward the bathroom, at least he thought but that was a closet...yeah deffinately not his quarters. He then turned and made hos way to the proper destination and flipped the lights on. His face...Rush's face drained of collor and he screamed in a mixture of emotions.


Tags: Open

(I'll leave Rush as Derek for later)

Posted by: Alem Maruki Aug 7 2013, 09:10 PM ON Bridge

Hunkered down in the command chair, Alem sniffled then quickly smothered a sneeze, ignoring the glares of the crew around him. He had a cold and that was making him miserable, and since he couldn't sleep, he'd decided that he may as well take watch on the bridge.

When the scientists had brought that thing aboard, he'd objected, but it had been too late, and at the time his cold had been in full swing, so he'd just left it to Maxwell. At least so far things were 'so good', because at the moment it was hard for him to really care, as much as he was trying to concentrate on the readouts and ignore that a couple of the Bridge were acting awfully strangely.


Posted by: Brian Coffin Aug 8 2013, 12:10 AM ON Back on the ship

Brian wasn't exactly the biggest supporter of bringing back the big glowing cube, but orders were orders, and if that's what the brass was okay with, so be it. Corporal Snow had raised some concerns in his mind, which he wanted to address at some point, but for now, just left some questions that would have to be answered.

In the meantime, he went through the rest of his day as normal, and finally crashed in his quarters, going through his end of day routine, cleaning up and changing into his sleepwear of pajama pants and black undershirt. Sliding up into bed, he stared up at the bulkhead above him, mulling over the questions running in his mind before deciding that he'd just talk to Jayden tomorrow. With that, he rolled over and dozed off.

When he woke, things just seemed a bit weird. As his senses came around, he realized his room was a great deal more decorated and softer than when he left it. Sitting up to look around, he noticed brown hair falling into his eyes, which that certainly wasn't right.

"What in the..." He started to say before he realized it was...Jayden? Startled all the more, Brian finally came further to his senses that he was in Jayden's quarters. Throwing off the covers, he went straight for the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and realized that he was looking at Jayden, not himself.

"Oh the...oh god." Brian (as Jayden) said in dismay. Clearly something was wrong as hell. Quickly he went into her closet, grabbing her camo uniform blouse, pulling it on, and the first pair of shoes he could slip into, deciding if she had no problems with playing pixie in her pajamas yesterday, no harm done if he just pulled on the uniform blouse, wearing it more like a jacket.

"It better not be Friday. Someone's going to make that joke before I do..." Brian said quietly before bolting from Jayden's quarters to his, ignoring everyone on the way and started pounding on the door.

OFF Tag Jayden Open

Posted by: Jayden Kells Aug 9 2013, 08:51 PM ON Brian's Pad

Oh, man, she had to pee like never before! Jayden started to roll out of bed, half asleep, responding to the call of nature when she tangled in -- well, clothes!

What the hell? She slept naked, so why...? Oh, lord, there was an itch, but as she reached to scratch, her fingers smacked into....

Gasping, she looked down to see...Flag Pole...Full Staff! Not to mention that jammy pants and black shirt...

"Ohmygod!Ohmygod!Ohmygod!Ohmygod!!" What the hell was going on? did she get rid of..?

Jumping up, she ran into the bathroom, stumbling through familiar quarters that weren't right, weren't hers, but she didn't have time to worry about that...she had to PEE!

Sweet relief! And, felt kinda good, once that part was done, to hold onto....

No, no, no! Don't touch it! That's...ew! But, dang, it felt good!

"Stop!" she yelled at herself, and then she looked in the mirror and her knees nearly collapsed. "Brian?" Morning glory forgotten, she reached up to touch the stubble on her chin, frowning. "How..?"

Well, her lips moved with his, her motions reflected hers perfectly...

"Computer, location of Sgt. Brian Coffin..."

"Sgt. Coffin is in his quarters... the dead-pan voice responded.

"No..." Shaking her head, she ran back to the bed, man-parts no longer an issue, and grabbed the comm badge. =^=Brian Coffin...this is, I think...Jayden, Brian....where are you?=^=

Then she heard the pounding on the door and ran over to release it, blinking wide-eyed as she looked at herself standing outside. Belatedly, she realized that she'd forgot to tuck back in, and her hands dropped to cover, um...Captain Happy!


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