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Brian Coffin - June 20, 2014 07:32 AM (GMT) ON Hangar Deck, USS Ranger Capt. Pierce, Lt(JG) Pierce

"Looks like he just took a good knock to the head, he's just out. Let's get him to sickbay and properly checked, though." One of the corpsman said, checking over Jack, "Get him properly braced and then move him."

"Aye aye, sir." Another said, looking to his partner and started working to get Jack into a neck brace before loading him onto a stretcher.

"Captain, I need you to stay here for a bit. You just gashed your head open, but standing up so quickly and panicking didn't do anything to help you." A fourth corpsman said, as he examined Adrianna, "It looks worse than it really is, but it'll get worse if you get yourself worked up and exert yourself hard while your body is trying to recover."

Adrianna nodded but was more or less paralyzed with fear as she watched the corpsmen loading up Jack onto a stretcher and carting him off, and then seeing Seth being wheeled off as well.

"Here, drink up, and for the love of God, don't move until I tell you to." The corpsman said, handing her a canteen of water, as a junior officer from the bridge approached.

"Ah...Captain Pierce, Commander Populas wants you on the bridge." The junior officer said, only to get a face full of pissed off corpsman.

"She doesn't move until I say it's okay, and I don't give a damn if it's Commander Populas or Jesus Christ himself. I've got enough problems that don't extend to trying to turn wounded into the walking dead down here!" The corpsman shouted.

"Ah, well, if she's...uh...yes, sir." The officer replied, and stepped away.

"You're damned right." The corpsman replied, and went back to re-dressing Adrianna's wound properly, watching her carefully, but noted that the Marine pilot hadn't said more than two words since her husband was carted off.

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Seth Bastion - June 20, 2014 01:53 PM (GMT) -ON-

Hangar Deck, USS Ranger 1LT Rukia Akua

Rukia's hands lowered to her sides, her form turning slightly to look at the area where they were. The bird they were next to was locked down rather tightly but it still pitched a little. All the crates of supplies and tools were in disarray and went in every direction possible. To top that off they had all traveled at least a few feet across the deck.

She took a moment to look around, seeing similar scenes on the flight deck and shaking her head. Depending on injuries the flight roster was about to get a shake up. "Talk about combat ineffective," she muttered to herself before spotting Lieutenant Pierce. Her eyes trailed back to the Captain an noting the look she had about her. The Japanese pilot rubbed her forehead, also taking the moment to notice her own aches but knowing it wasn't serious.

Rukia rolled her shoulder and started making her way over to Adrianna. Her eyes gifting the Corpsmen as he dressed her wound. "Taicho, are you alright?" She knelt off to the side of the Corpsmen and Captain, going the needed space while still showing due concern.

Sickbay Lt. Seth Bastion

Once Seth was secure on a gurney and had an IV running. He was rolled onto his bak slowly. The wounds there examined, cleaned deeper and sealed. The locking knife had carve a gash below his left shoulder blade, a few bruises were given a salient to absorb the clots. The real problem for the Lieutenant however were the ribs. He'd be off the roster for a little while because of it. And there was nothing worse than a stir crazy strike fighter pilot.


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Jayden Kells - June 22, 2014 12:04 AM (GMT) ON Sickbay

Things were going as smoothly as they could, and Brian and Jayden were doing a decent job of patching up the lesser wounds, and she was beginning to think that they were about ready to wrap up this part of the operation when yet another patient was brought in.

Glancing at Brian, she ran over to the stretcher, walking alongside as it was carried past the triage area...the occupant was unconscious, classifying him as 'immediate', so that he would bypass any further preliminary assessment.

Jayden nodded quickly to Brian, a signal for him to accompany the patient as she ran ahead.

"Doc! Hey, Doc, we got another bad one coming in!"


Brian Coffin - June 24, 2014 08:48 PM (GMT) ON Sickbay, USS Ranger MSgt Coffin

"Make that two." Brian said, as another pilot was wheeled in, with a neck brace and unconscious.

"How bad?" He asked the Navy corpsman wheeling him in.

"Took a solid hit to the head, near as we can tell, knocked out. But he hasn't come out of it yet and company Doc said to get him under a scanner now." The corpsman replied.

"Alright. Follow me." Brian said, leading the way to the specialist team who had the scanning equipment for performing non-invasive scans. He glanced at the pilot and realized he was the Navy fighter jock from the Sovereign...Pierce.

"They'll take it from here. You know the drill." Brian said to the corpsman.

"Aye aye." The corpsman replied and started giving the lead specialist the important information.

"How bad is it down there?" Brian asked the other.

"Hard to say. Mostly banged up or cut up. We've got the Army medics working with us to treat them on the spot so we don't clog it up here with minors." The other corpsman replied.

"So no fatalities?" Brian asked.

"Not that I've heard. These two appear to be the worst."

"I'll take small miracles over none right now, Petty Officer." Brian replied, "But tell your boss that we're likely going to be able to start clearing some folks out of here so don't hesitate to start sending more up if you all have to."

"Will do, sir."

"It's not sir. Still wearing stripes." Brian said with a grin and slapped his Navy counterpart on the shoulder, "Good work. Keep it up."

"Likewise, Sarge." The corpsman replied with a grin as well.

Brian headed back with Jayden to the first pilot, waiting on the doc to get over to them while the pilot was already getting attention from one of the junior doctors.

"Corpsman said that the Navy and Army folks are taking care of the wounded on the hangar, but these two appear to be the worst. I told him that we'll likely start rotating out the ones who just needed bandaids on boo-boos so they can send up more." Brian said to Jayden, "So, with any luck, the worst has passed."


Bridge, USS Ranger CMDR. Populas

"Sir, the damage report just finished." One of the bridge officers reported, handing over a tablet to George.

"Thank you." George said and headed over to Colonel Hunter again with the tablet.

"Damage report, sir. Long range sensors and communications were shaken up but are coming back, but we've lost the Lantean Plasma Beam and at least two Asgard Beam Cannons. Engineering can get us one more, but no idea on the other or the Lantean. Minor injuries with only a few major ones, and our stowaway killed six personnel. Also, half of our air wing has been rendered combat ineffective due to injuries." George explained, "Honestly, we got off light. We're not dead in space, and we can still fight if the Brotherhood decides to show their ugly faces."


Flight Deck, USS Ranger Capt. Pierce

Adrianna slowly felt herself coming back around, realizing that she had been sipping water from a canteen that she had no idea how she got and Rukia was standing above her. Her mind finally caught up with her body, and she looked up at the JASDF Lieutenant and let out a sigh.

"No. I'm not. I don't normally crack like this, but it takes something major to do it. It's happened a few times in my past. Put me in the front office of a Hornet in a high-G turn with two ChiCom Flankers on my six, and I'm fine...fighter pilot mentality. You're invincible up there, but down here, it's not your world." Adrianna said, rambling for a moment before stopping herself.

"Corpsman. What's the sitrep on my air wing?" Adrianna asked.

"I might be able to get half of you passable for flight ops, but the other half, well, that's hard to say. On the "minor" side, it's broken bones and concussions. But on the "major" side, we've got the two I had to have sent upstairs to sickbay. If you had to launch right now, assume you got half your air wing, ma'am." The corpsman replied.

Adrianna finally cracked a smile as she stood up, looking at Rukia, "That's what I like about Special Forces. They cut the crap and just give you the facts." She then looked to the corpsman, "I'd like to inspect the damage, if you won't shoot me with a zat to stay put."

"You feel lightheaded or woozy?" The corpsman asked.

"It's fading fast." Adrianna replied.

"Alright. Keep hydrating, and sit down if you feel like you can't stand up. All you needed was to sit still and let the shock pass, because all I had to do was get that wound patched up. You're free to go." The corpsman said.

"Aye aye." Adrianna said, and looked to Rukia, "Since you seem to be fine, looks like you're first on my active roster. Let's go see who else we can find. And hope none of our birds got banged up."

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David Pinder - June 29, 2014 02:02 AM (GMT)

Flt Lt Jessica McRae----
Naquadaria Reactor Room----
USS Ranger----

Once Larissa had given the all clear, Jess and the engineer entered the room. They wanted to make sure the reactor was shut down completely. She was just going through the readouts when she heard the commotion going on. She inside the compartment, but couldn't see much. Even if she could, there wasn't much she could do, she was unarmed. Her heart beat fast. Not knowing the two individuals, she wasn't sure of their capabilities. When the commotion stopped, she held her breath until she heard the Major's voice. Knowing it hadn't gone quiet because the other person had won.

Moving back to the console, she had assured herself the reactor was offline, she began her checks. Suddenly the screen began to flash red as it had detected something. The remnants of a foreign substance within the core. With out a more detailed scan, she couldn't be sure what it was. She then turned to the engineer. "Suit up, we need to disconnect the reactor." The engineer gave her a funny look. "Until I know what is in there, I don't want the saboteur reactivating the reactor. If we pull all the connectors, it will make it harder to do." Giving a nod of understanding, he began to don a radiation suit. Despite it being off line, it was always better to be safe than sorry. Once both of them were suited up, they entered and began pulling. Once completed, they stepped out. She heard the all clear. Taking the hood of her suit off, Jess moved over to the comms panel. =/\= McRae to Bridge Naquadaria Reactor is secure. Although I suggest we have a couple of SFs guard it until we can be sure there is no more saboteurs on board. Also, with your permission, I would like to constraint on the other repairs before I turn my attention to the reactor. =/\=

Cpl Joseph Harper----
USS Ranger----

Who ever was sending the transmission knew their stuff. The only thing he could do was slow it down for the moment. Periodically, each channel used by the ships comm system had to have a diagnostic run on it. You couldn't do it to all channels incase of an emergency. So Joe was changing through the channels. If someone tries to send a transmission on a channel that has a diagnostics running, it would automaticlly just to the next channel, but would start again. When the Sergeant joined him at the console, he gave a quick nod as he continued to switch the diagnostics from one channel to another. "Lets hope you can decode it, cus' if I can't stop it, at least we will know what it says."

Harper went through everything he knew to stop it, he couldn't. He had one option left to him. He didn't want to, but he was out of ideas. Tapping in a couple of commands, suddenly the console went dark. "At least I've stopped it." He said to no one in particular. He turned to face the CO and XO. "I believe I've managed to stop it before they managed to get a transmission out, however I've had to shut down the external comms." He stopped for a breath, but continued before any protests could be murmured. "The transmission would have been dumped in a backup hard drive. I can pulled the drives and replace them with clean ones before activating it once more." Before anyone could reply to him, the all clear came in, followed by McRae saying the reactor was sorted.



Populas, Hunter (as McRae) Populas, Hunter, Sun-Hi (as Harper)

Asid Mjolnir - June 29, 2014 03:27 PM (GMT) On:

"Good." Desann grunted, still trying not to betray just how sick he felt himself. "Hopefully we won't need the air wing. Don't suppose we've got anyone with a pilot background for an emergency." He said, coughing, his nose wrinkling at a passing smell.

Desann glanced aside, as the intercom crackled into life, with McRae's voice. "Aye, let's see about that. I think a mixed unit, some from Firewall, some from the ship's crew. Everyone'll be a little more watchful with strangers." He said, scratching his chin. His eyes flicked to Pinder, considering what the man had said, before he'd been interrupted by the intercom. "Pull the ones you can, scrub them, replace them with the clean backups if you're unsure if you got it." Desann ordered, standing and adjusting his uniform, and peering around at the displays again.

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David Pinder - June 30, 2014 01:34 AM (GMT)

Cpl Joseph Harper----
Bridge/Comms Server----
USS Ranger----

When Joe heard Hunter ask about pilots, he shook his head. Sure he had been given a couple of lessons in how to fly a Jumper, but on his second lesson, he almost crashed it. When the Colonel gave him the go ahead, he looked at Sun-Hi. "I'll try and get a screen shot of it before I scrub it. Perhaps you can get something from it." He moved back over to the console and picked up his tablet. "In the mean time, I took a screen shot of the first message that was trying to be sent. Not sure if it's the same message but it might be something useful." Handing off his tablet to the Sergeant, he headed down to the server room.

Stepping in, he saw the mess. "Jesus Christ, the Battle of the Somme didn't look this bad." He half joked to himself. He quickly checked all the cabinets and saw there was no damage. Leaving the cabinet with the backups till last, he slid out the appropriate draw. There was four, five Terabyte hard drives. Although most messages wouldn't need that much space, it was felt they needed redundancy. He began pulling them and placed them on the floor. Turning to the cupboard at the far end of the room, he opened it. Inside were various spare parts and tools, but on the one shelf sat a laptop. Joe booted it up while he pulled out a tray containing the spare hard drives. Grabbing four, he began to plug them into the tray. Sliding it back, he moved over to the PLC and powered it back up before moving over to the HMI to actually activate the system. Once everything was up, he hit the internal comm panel. =/\= Harper to Bridge, external comms are back online. Purging other hard drives now. =/\=

Taking his finger off the button, he picked up the old drives and placed next to the now booted laptop. First thing he did was sort out the security on the server room door. Once that was done, he disconnected the laptop from the ships network, he plugged in a cradle to hold the drives. One by one, he checked them and reformatted them before placing them in the tray he retrieved the others from. As he went through the last one, he discovered the message the man had been trying to send. Taking a screen shot, he saved it to the laptop before reformatting that drive and putting it with the others. Shutting down the laptop, he closed the cabinet and left the room. Once the door had shut behind him, he hit the internal comm panel once more. =/\= Harper to bridge, drives scrubbed and I've adjusted the security access to the room to only a hand full of people. Returning to bridge now, unless you wish me to assist with repairs. =/\=


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Leah Kim-Sook - June 30, 2014 03:25 PM (GMT) -ON-

Sickbay, USS Ranger SO1 Leah Kim-Sook

Leah entered the sickbay, placing her weapon on her back and tightening the sling so it wouldn't fly around. She glanced around while rolling up her sleeves to look at the situation in here. " Whoever thunk this up gets a cookie." She said out loud as she sterilized her hands and grabbed gloves.

She started walking through triage making assessments of what she saw. Aside from the dead, casualty collection wasn't as bad a she assumed. Injury ran rampant, however very few were fatal. While it wasn't good in any way, it wasn't bad either. Things could've been better, but likewise they could've been a hell of a lot worse.

Leah moved to the side as a pilot was wheeled by, not quite a few of the sky people got pulled in. She could only imagine what the flight deck looked like. "Alright, that's enough sightseeing," she told herself before spotting the Air Force Sergeant from 571's initial briefing and made her way over to him. "Coffin, where do you need me?"

Flight Deck, USS Ranger 1LT Rukia Akua

The Japanese Lieutenant stood up straight, listening to the Captain. It had her a little worries honestly butane figured that the woman had it under wraps. While she couldn't really imagine what she was going through, it was safe to say that she'd simply assume. "None of then planes got loose...luckily. This whole thing would've been ten times worse if they had."

She wiped the sweat from her brow and followed Adrianna as she spoke of the roster. "Oh yeah, backseater with no pilot makes number one on the list? Yep, things are bad." She allowed a slight smirk to try and keep things light, but half a wing and having o mix things up a bit, not to mention there was no telling if the half they had was even combat worthy considering what would be at their had Rukia worried. Combat in space was complicated enough, all the unknown variables combined with the current known just made it that much more hostile in her mind."


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Sun-hi Namkung - June 30, 2014 09:30 PM (GMT) on

USS Ranger, Bridge

She wanted to smack the man, she really, really did. Sun-Hi hadn't even a chance to properly begin decoding anything. All she had was a screenshot, and if this was any indication of how things were run here then she wouldn't last long. Sunny, just stared at the Corporal. Was everyone like this? She thought to herself, and looked at the screen shoot. "Without a proper look into the hard drive this will be much harder to decode, more than likely the hard drives were filled with something very close to what is here. I can distinguish a pattern but I am not confident enough to file the report with our commanding officers." She told him plainly, Sun-Hi would have to back peddle through every transmission she could get her hands on.

Sun-Hi moved away from the console for fear she'd send the young man into an injury as she studied the screen shot carefully. "I will need time to go through the back channels." She informed him. "If you can manage to not disturb me for the next fifteen minutes it would be much appreciated." There was always a trail and it wouldn't be hard to find, since the pattern itself stood out so much. Unfortunately without a real grasp on what she was looking for, it made it that much harder for her to do her job.


Brian Coffin - July 5, 2014 01:10 AM (GMT) ON Bridge, USS Ranger CMDR. Populas

George handled responding to Harper and McRae's comms.

^= Understood, Lieutenant. Keep me appraised of your progress. =^= He said and then switched to Harper. =^= Unless there's more you can do to get the long range array online any faster, head on up, Corporal. Out. =^Edit

For the next two hours, the USS Ranger hung in the middle of deep space, effecting repairs and treating wounded. For the most part, the personnel who were just banged up were back in the fight, but the more severe injuries were left in sickbay under the careful eye of the medical staff, while the shipboard security, both military and PKI contractors, along with Task Force 571 operators, swept the ship repeatedly for any additional threats, but there were none.

The message being sent out was a coordinate system logged from the ship's navigational sensors but translated into the format used by the Imperial Brotherhood, which was more or less a bastardized cobble of the Tau'ri system mixed with the formats used by the Lucian Alliance and Royal People's Alliance. Unintelligible gibberish to the Earth systems, but it would have made perfect sense if the Brotherhood got it.

Up on the bridge, George was checking up on the progress when the sensors officer called out.

"Sir, long range sensors have completed their startup, we're good to go..." The sensors officer said, looking at her terminal.

"Outstanding, Lieutenant." George said, before being interrupted by the same officer.

"Conn, Sensors, multiple new contacts." She called out, "Scans confirm their type as two Zulu India Bravo-Zero Zero Twos Bravo Charlie Three Zero Four. Designating hostile contacts as Sierra One and Sierra Two."

"IFF on the -304?" George asked, quietly glad that the sensor operator was apparently a submariner herself. At least someone spoke his language...

"Hostile contacts appear to be jamming local comms around the ship, so no IFF response. Designating X-Ray One. Her shields appear to be trying to recover, but I do show some damage to the ship. Several hull breaches and damage to port side engine banks." The sensor officer replied.

"Alright. Weps, talk to me, what's our status?" George asked.

"Sir, our Glaives and VLS launch tubes are 100 percent, but we do not have our Lantean Plasma Beam Cannon, and Engineering isn't sure the fifth Asgard Beam Cannon repairs will hold. Recommend we keep that one offline unless we need to." Tactical replied, "Shield array is fully functional, no damage."

"Flight Ops?" George asked next.

"Sir, Captain Pierce reports she's able to get us half an air group together. A number of her pilots were among the more serious injuries. She's having to pull RIOs and WSOs with flight training and transport pilots with fighter craft flight experience to pad it out." Flight Ops replied.

"Comms, can you get me Homeworld Command, see who's operating out here?" George asked.

"Negative, sir. Long-range array is still down for repairs." The comms officer replied.

George nodded and then looked to Desann.

"Sir, we both know even a Mark Four -304 isn't going to last long against a pair of Berserkers. We're injured, be we've got enough firepower still I say we get in there and give 'em a hand." George said, "My recommendation, since we can't call for help and they can't either, is proceed to engage the Brotherhood ships. We stand a good chance of driving them off, sir."

"Sirs, I actually have an idea, if I may." Captain Alyx Anders, the commander of the Marine Special Operations Regiment company offered.

"By all means." George said.

"We've got damn near one thousand shooters on this boat. My Marines, Colonel Gonzalez's grunts, and Colonel Bishop's operators. Last I checked, a Berserker-class has a crew of about 200. We can make up for our lack of ship-board and fighter-based firepower with a boarding action against one of the ships." Anders suggested.

"We can't beam you all over at once in the middle of combat, Captain." George reminded her.

"Yes, sir. But we still have Grizzlies, and I don't think Captain Pierce can pull all of them for fighter duty. I suggest we load up three with three groups. Load up a regular Grizzly as a gunship with 101st troops for security, and then two Pave Grizzlies with my Marines and Firewall folks, and we tear up one of those two up from the rear." Anders explained.

George looked to Colonel Hunter, "I approve of Captain Anders' plan, sir. I suggest we carry it out, and that'll allow us to focus our fire on the other ship."

"Conn, sensors! All three contacts have changed course! They are approaching our position, ETA to contact is...twenty minutes. Two-zero mikes." The sensor officer called out.

"I think that's just narrowed our options." George said, and then looked to Harper and Namkung.

"Sergeant, Corporal. Since we're boarding an enemy craft, the opportunity to secure vital intelligence information is excellent, and on the top of that list is access to enemy SIGINT. You'll report to Colonel Bishop and go in with his troops. Get going." George said, leaving no room for debate.


TOC, USS Ranger LTC Bishop, Maj. Koralova, MSgt Coffin Capt. Powers, Dr. McPherson (NPC'ing for Josh) ETA to Contact: 15 Minutes

"Alright, listen up!" Bishop said, "In less than fifteen minutes, we're going to have two hostile warships chasing a friendly -304 reach us. Captain Anders with the MSOR has devised a plan to help us overcome our slight handicap of half an airwing and some of our guns on this ship being non operational."

"We're going to conduct a boarding operation to take the enemy ship out of action." Bishop said, activating the holographic projector, which laid out the deck plan of the Z/IB-002 "Berserker"-class Battlecruiser.

"Our intel's a bit spotty on the ship specs, but since we have an idea what to expect, thanks to the efforts of our various units, as well as records of the Sovereign's boarding action against an Oblivion-class, we're not completely in the dark here." Bishop explained, "We're going loud here, people, so gear up accordingly."

"Team One, which is now Powers, Koralova, Coffin, Sook, and Coffin, will be escorting Sergeant Namkung and Corporal Harper to the bridge. Your objective is to secure any and all intelligence assets. If you can get the command crew, great. If not, no great loss." Bishop said, "Team Two will be going after the ship's weapons systems, and Team Three is going to take an alternate route to main engineering. Dusty?"

Doctor McPherson stepped up next, clad in a combination of civilian and tactical attire, with his well worn FDNY ballcap on. Given his status of a civilian, he was also permitted to grow out his hair a little bit, as well as sport a rather appreciable beard and mustache, which would have been well suited to Special Forces operating in Afghanistan, but it seems that he's kept the look for personal reasons.

"Captain Anders and her Marines are going to strong arm it to main engineering, and the boys and girls with the Screaming Eagles are going to lock down the hangar. We're looking at anywhere between a standard crew of 200 to a full house of 800. According to our intel, it's going to be less cramped than fighting in one of our ships, but it's not going to be like a Ha'Tak, so pack accordingly." Dusty explained, "Team One is going for smash and grab. Get in, get the intel, get out. If you feel like leaving some presents of the C-4 variety on your way out, go for it, but don't get too elaborate."

"Team Two, just straight up smashing. You find a weapon system, you render it inoperable. Team Three, you're a diversion and alternate attack approach, but if you beat Anders to main engineering, help clear it and then redecorate with explosives." Dusty finished.

"Roger that. As for you two, stick to us at all times. You duck when we tell you to, and you don't run off." Scott said, looking to the additions to his team, "I know we've got two medics on our team, but they're not there to save you from being dumb. Pay attention and keep alert, and you'll be just fine."

"If you all got any questions, now's the time to ask 'em. We're short on time, kiddos." Dusty added.


Briefing Room, Flight Deck, USS Ranger Capt. Pierce, FlOf Roth (NPC), 2Lt Van Der Berg (NPC) ETA To Contact: Fifteen Minutes

"Alright, listen up. Those of you who are in this room are what make up the air wing now. All of you show in your files that you are at least rated on one of the three fighters in this wing, and so you're being drafted." Adrianna started, "It sucks, and I wouldnt launch like this normally, but we got a friendly -304 running from two hostile Berserker cruisers coming our way."

"So, here's how it's going to go down. If you're rated on the Raven, left side of the room. If you're rated on the Wolverine, right side. Talon, stay in the middle of the room. If you're rated on more than one, pick one and stand to that side." Adrianna explained, "Ravens are tasked with fighter hunting, Wolverines are on anti-ship duty, and the Talons are going to pull double duty due to their unique capabilities. We're rigging up the fighters to operate without WSOs for the time being, so don't worry about it."

Adrianna's own WSO surprised her by staying in the middle of the room. She didn't realize that the South African pilot had gotten flight certified on the most advanced fighter humanity had ever produced until she remembered that in her record. She saw the Australian Flying Officer, David Roth, who was supposed to be Jack's WSO, go over to the right side of the room, and waited for the rest.

OFF Bridge Crew (George) TF571/Harper/Namkung (Bishop, Dusty, Powers) Rukia (Pierce)

For the record, let's try to keep the time passage for responses between 3-5 minutes if you're going to have any. I'm going to handle the actual Zero Hour contact in a GM post when that comes up.

Jayden Kells - July 5, 2014 06:28 AM (GMT) ON

In and done, Jayden liked the sound of that! She just hoped it was as clean as it sounded, although she knew there was the chance of confrontation, it would be silly to think otherwise. But while she had the combat training, she was primarily a medic and wasn't looking forward to fighting. Of course, she would do what she had to and do what she was ordered to...

Geared up in the requisite layers, Jayden briefly wished that she had Brian's body again, and a smile crossed her lips. Still, she was sure that his frame could better handle the load of uniform, light armor, medical vest and...everything. Of course, she really did prefer him in his body and her in hers, especially when...

Her grin grew as she stepped over to que up with her team.


Leah Kim-Sook - July 7, 2014 04:35 PM (GMT) -ON-

TOC, USS Ranger SO1 Leah Kim-Sook

"Awe, but I like elaborate destruction," she muttered to herself as Dusty made it a point to stretch that little statement. Her eyes shifted somewhat toward the Coffin duo. She wouldn't say anything else not knowing if her little chime in could be misread as something a little more on the cynical side of things. And of course she wasn't trying to piss anyone off. Though the Captain's statement on only having two medics was a little off. There were three if you counted her but she'd just sit back and let that one slide for the time being.

The Seal shifted somewhat, moving into a straight upright position from her leaning on the wall. She adjusted her plate carrier, having not taken it off since the little fiasco. She was thinking of her kit, actually debating between a 416C and a Mk. 17 for a variety of reasons. She already had her secondary, and sidearm squared away along with what all she'd be packing. "So standard shaped charge for a parting gift...I can do simple and effective."

As they were released Leah parted ways and went to go get changed into the AWAS 2.0 gear. She wore black tactical pants, situating her pads around her knees, and followed up with her boots. For a top she went with a Urban digital Combat shirt, the darker shades would do quite well since they were going to be inside of a ship. Leah grabbed her gloves and plate carrier, walking out, and heading to the armory to grab her gear which was already waiting for her.

Upon Leah's arrival she made a b-line for the quarter master. "Can you scrounge up a SCAR-H for me?"

"Sure thing. Anything special?"

"Nah, CompM4, magnifier, PEQ-15, folding grip..."

"Got it."

She gave a nod before moving to her gear and packing her carrier. She started loading magazines into the pouches, and grabbed several 12G buchshot shells for the M1014. She sheathed the shotgun, and clasped the scabbard to the outside of her lower left leg. Her FN57 was stored in a drop holster on her right thigh. a P228 for a backup in her cross chest.

Once she finished with her selection and grabbing the appropriate ammo the quarter master was grabbing her attention and passing her primary her way. She got the sling over her head, adjusting it around her shoulder and across her torso before letting the weapon hang as she went about getting charges together.

Briefing Room, Flight Deck, USS Ranger 1LT Rukia "Shotgun" Akua

Rukia was well aware of where she stood. She had been working on the Talon with Seth, and could fly a Raven on her own. But when it came down to what she felt comfortable with outright, well she wasn't entirely sure. When it came down to it she was more concerned with what would be needed. Being a WSO or pilot for a Raven, of a Talon driver. "I think i'll just fill in where i'm needed between between the fighters Taichou. I can't see myself making a decision like that without seeing what we have at the ready."


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David Pinder - July 9, 2014 09:50 PM (GMT)

Cpl Joseph Harper----
USS Ranger----

Joe had been attempting to get the long range comms up and running when they spotted the contacts. When he and Sun-Hi were ordered to to join the boarding party, he gave a nod. "I'll meet you in the TOC. I just need to get something." Running back to his quarters, he grabbed a back pack from his wardrobe. Giving it a quick check, he saw everything was there. Running out again, he made his way to the TOC. He arrived just as the Colonel began the briefing. He looked at each of the people who would be watching his back, giving them a nod.

Once the briefing was finished, he went to get changed. He went from his green overalls to black trousers and jacket. Popping his vest on, he re-attached his leg holster. Grabbing a tablet, he attached two 2 Terabyte hard drives to it and placed it in his bag. Grabbing a few more spares, he popped them in his bag. He now headed over to the armoury officer and clocked out an MP5 plus some spare mags. Tapping one in, he cocked it be putting the strap round his neck. He grabbed a couple of extra mags for his five-seven before joining the others. "Don't worry folks, this isn't my first rodeo."

Flt Lt Jessica McRae----
Engineering/Lantean Beam Cannon----
USS Ranger----

After the security personnel arrived at the reactor, Jess returned to Engineering. The first thing she did was asign tasks to the repair crews. Each team was assigned to a different area of the ship. Apart from Team Three, they were asigned to weapons. Having done a quick fix on the Asgard weapons, they turned their attention to the Lantean Beam Cannon. Jess continued to enact and coordinate repairs from Engineering. She suddenly got a call from Team Three. =/\= We can't locate the problem with the cannon. It just doesn't seem to want to power up =/\=. Jess sighed and rubbed her temples. She was meant to be doing Science-y things, not engineering. =/\= Okay, I'm on my way. =/\= Grabbing a repair kit and aimed for the door. She stopped and turned around. "You" She called, pointing to someone random, a Naval Ensign. "You're in charge until I return." The Ensign looked shocked, probably because the was two people there (other than Jess) that out ranked them. Not giving anyone chance to complain, she left.

Arriving at the cannon, Jess could see two people from the team. Petty Officer Wick and Airman Franks. She approached Wick who was looking in an access panel. "So what's the problem?" She asked as she nudged him out of the way. "Power seems to be getting to it, but it doesn't want to power up." Jess shone a torch in side. She thought she could see the problem. "Franks, knock off the power for a minute." She called behind her. Holding the torch with her mouth, she began to reach in. Fiddling with different bits, but as she connected two bits, she went flying back. Straight into Wick, who fell over. It was probably a good thing, as she would have hit her head on the bulk head. The lights in the room flickered for a moment before going out. The only light in the room came from the emergency light, which didn't really help.

"What the hell Franks?" Wick shouted while he was sprawled on the floor. "I knocked the power off. There must have been a residual build up." Wick frowned at him, "Not that much.". Jess moved her head. "People" She said weakly. "If you... could stop.... Arguing and.... get me to.... sickbay." She struggled to say. Wick and Franks looked at Jess then each other before nodding. The two men helped the drowsy McRae up and grabbed a side each. They slowly made their way to Sickbay. Finding an empty gurney, they placed her down. "Can I get some help please?" Wick called "She's been electrocuted.".



Sun-Hi, Team One (as Harper) Callaghan (as McRae)

Sun-hi Namkung - July 10, 2014 05:23 AM (GMT) ON: Bridge, TOC U.S.S. Ranger

Sun-hi had complied her data, tucking her notes into a flash drive. Her decoder would work it's magic later. She stood there with hands behind her back. Taking over an enemy vessel reminded her of the drills they conducted back during the war, in case someone would to try and take over one of the C-130s. Her memories from that time were still quite vivid, painted with the screams of the dead when at one point it wasn't a drill. Lock yourself to something, don't shoot, stab.

Rolling her shoulders back, she understood the mission parameters and thought to herself. She wouldn't need to be heavily armed, Sun-hi wasn't taught to waste ammunition, she was taught to go in, disarm, disable and keep going. Kill at the last resort, of course during the war that was different but luckily for her. She had been retrained, and when approached about her armaments. Sun-Hi requested simple weapons, a P228 and an MP7.

Checking her person, she realized that she was missing something and the Staff Sergeant made a quick jog down to her quarters. Opening up a box that happened to lay on her bunk, she took out a the samindo she attached a cord to the sheath and slid it over her shoulder. They were a boarding party, no need to conceal it. Although, she did conceal her Kabar knife, sheathing it in her boot before heading back up to rejoin the party.

Someone asked if she was sure if all she needed was the MP7 and the 228, and then she answered. "Anymore than that is unnecessary."

The weapons specialist shrugged, and she looked around between the Corporal, and the others and waited her signal. Her heart pounded against her chest and before Sun-Hi simply accepted this. The Korean took out her locket it hung around her neck right next to her dog tags. "Sa-rang-hae-yo." She pressed her lips to the locket and then stuck it back under her uniform. Composing herself once more, Ssgt. Namkung was now locked and loaded as she gripped the MP7 that hung around crossing opposite of the sword.

Yong-gi, myeong-ye. Be fast, efficient, do not blink.


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Brian Coffin - July 10, 2014 06:45 AM (GMT) ON TF 571 TOC/Equipment Room LTC Bishop, Maj. Koralova, MSgt Coffin Capt. Powers, Dr. McPhererson (NPC'ing for Josh) ETA To Contact: Ten Minutes

"Alright then. You know the mission, you know your roles." Bishop said, "Watch each other's backs, move swiftly and with purpose, and drop every sonuvabitch who draws on you. And above all else, you make it back here. Hooah?"

The TOC filled with the guttoral responses of "HOOAH!" "OORAH!" "HOO-YAH!" and even Larissa added in with a Russian "URRA!"

"Out-fraking-standing. Give 'em hell!" Bishop said, "Dismissed!"

Larissa was already halfway there with being geared up, and the medics had gotten her hand fixed back up to where while it still was sore, she could now ignore the pain and still function, drawing back upon her Spetznaz training.

She had her ammo restocked for her backup, the slim Glock 42 .380 pistol, which she took two magazines of FTX capped JHPs, coated in teflon, to ease the wear on the barrel, and another two of .380 Intar rounds. Then she restocked on her Cz 75's ammo, before going to her primary and secondary.

For her primary, it was an HK416A5. It was fully set up for her already, with folding backup iron sights, an Comp M4S red dot sight, a folding vertical foregrip, AN/PEQ-15 IR LAM on the 9 o'clock rail, and Magpul 40-round magazines. And for secondary, she opted for her FSB upgraded and tuned Saiga shotgun.

The Saiga looked more like a Micro-Galil with a side folding MOE stock, but that was just fine for her. It was fitted with a Kobra red dot sight, and she packed two 20-round drums of 00 buckshot and a pair of dual clamped ten round magazines. The red taped magazine on the left was loaded with Dragon's Breath, and the one on the right with Sabot Slugs, with green tape wrapped around the base.

Brian changed out of his ABUs and into a set of MARPAT urban fatigues, the grey and black digital pattern suiting the situation more than Multicam would. Around his left shoulder was a simple black armband that read "PJ" in white. After that, he grabbed his weapons and medical gear. For him, that was a SIG Sauer M11 P228 for backup, an H&K HK45 .45 pistol for his sidearm, and his little souvenir from his first boarding operation: the IB-issued FN F2000 assault rifle that had become his trademark

He glanced at Jayden when he saw that grin on her face, and knew damn well what she was thinking of, and it made him laugh. Oh, the things she had thought up because of that little switcheroo back on the Sovereign...

Scott finished gearing up, eager to take one of the new G56 rifles he had found out about after returning home for a test spin. He adjusted his sling and gave the Coffins a pat on their respective shoulders as he passed them, and looked to the two he had yet to work with, Major Koralova and Petty Officer Sook. They both seemed to have their acts together and if the Colonel was ready to take scalps to defend the Major in light of her "private contractor" status, well, that had to be worth something. His gaze turned to the British Corporal and South Staff Sergeant.

"Alright, keep it together, we move like the old man said in the briefing. I want you two," He pointed to the add-ons, "Within arm's reach of Sergeant Mister Coffin at all times. Sook's on point with me, Major, bring up the rear. Let's get going." Scott said, leading the way through the ship's corridors to the flight deck.

Waiting for them was one of the MV-365 Pave Grizzlies, and the crew chief helped each one aboard the craft.


Briefing Room, Flight Deck, USS Ranger Capt. Pierce

"Alright, go ahead and go with the Ravens, I'll be flying anti-shipping with the Wolvies." Adrianna said, "So, here's the attack profile. We don't know what we're looking at, so pick your fights carefully. No clue on if our wounded -304 has any remaining fighter support left, so let's assume not until we get there. Watch for enemy and friendly point-defense fire as well. I don't want anyone punching out over blue-on-blue, got me?"

"We've also got a group of Grizzlies going in to board one of the enemy ships, so the Talons will escort them in first, and then rejoin the fight. That ship is off-limits unless authorized. We're focusing on taking out the other one." Adrianna said, "So we'll give it a face full of Harpoons and whatever else we've got, plus the Ranger's guns."

"This isn't going to be very good, folks, I won't sugar coat it. We've got friends in sick bay, so we're not 100%. But we're only bloodied, we'll get back on our feet, wipe the blood away, and go back in swinging. If there's nothing else, get geared up and report to your craft." Adrianna said.


Bridge, USS Ranger CMDR. Populas ETA to Contact: Six Minutes

"Have the contacts changed course?" George asked.

"No sir." Sensors replied.

"Sir, incident reported in Engineering. Lieutenant McRae was just injured in an accident, she's being taken to sickbay now." The Chief of the Watch reported.

"...damnit all to hell. Find out who's running the show down there and make sure we can still fight." George replied.

"Aye, sir."

"Can you get any more clear reads on the friendly being pursued?" George said to Sensors.

"Just getting a read on the damage. Looks like they lost FTL capability and their shields are fluctuating badly, like they're trying to re-route power and coverage around to keep them up. I'm also showing signs of damage to their Asgard plasma beam cannons." Sensors replied.

"Understood." George said and let out a breath, glancing up as Colonel Bishop and Doctor McPhereson joined them on the bridge.

"Firewall's loading up now, sirs." Bishop commented, "Same with Gonzalez's and Anders' shooters."

"Talk about a series of poorly timed events. First we have a spy problem, then it goes to shit, and now we're having to fight without everything in place. Man, the Big SEAL is going to raise holy hell with Homeworld Command tonight." Dusty added as he headed over to the holographic projection table at the rear of the bridge, looking over the status reports.

And George couldn't agree with the man any more.

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Mission #1: "Tempus et Spatium"
Chapter #1: "Haze Grey And Underway" | Chapter #2: "Internal Security" | Chapter #3: "Away We Go!"
Chapter #4: "A Disturbance In The Force" | Chapter #5: "Recovery and Discovery"
Chapter #6: "Constants And Variables" | Chapter #7: "Ups and Downs"


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