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Joanne Rhodes - January 31, 2011 01:35 AM (GMT)<GYM>

"If you don't mind sir, I could honestly use more training. Spent too much time in the medical bay with little time left to furnish what I do know."


Paul moved over to the mats and waited for the Sergeant. He watched as she stood in front of him, he could see it was going to take more then one day of pointers.

"Ok, try to kick me." He said patting his chest to indicate where to aim. He leaned back a few centimeters and the leg swung past him and the sergeant toppled over. He extended a hand to help her up. "Let's try that again."

Shifting to a left neutral stance, Joanne moved her right (rear) leg forward and straight up for Paul's chest, aiming a little lower this time. She felt her balance waver this time, but she reminded herself to bend her left leg a little bit as she moved forward, and the form seemed more promising this time. If impacted, the hit wouldn't be a sound one, but at least the form was improving. Damn, her skill really was rusty. She regretted not focusing on it a little more.

Paul felt the foot connect with his chest. The aim itself was good but there was next to no force behind it. "Okay that was better. But try again, think of it like punching and turn your body with it to put more force behind it." He said.

Nodding, Joanne regained her stance and initiated the same right front snap kick a bit, twisting one half of her body a more towards Lucas this time as she kept the left leg bent. With just a little more force and precision, she aimed for the same place again, driving the motion first with her knee and carrying the rest of the power through with her heel like she had before.

Paul let the kick hit him. It was a surprising improvement, "Good," he said. He walked over to one of the shelves and retrieved a pair of target pad mitts and slide them on. "Ok, now since your not likely to have to kick someone standing a meter in front of you. So try to hit these." He said holding up his hands.

With Paul being a bit taller than her, she'd have to lift her leg a little higher this time. Testing the distance/height needed, Joanne first tried setting up the kick by trying once gently with her right leg, then switched stances and did the left one, her balance feeling a bit awkward. She felt her right knee wobble a bit, but figured in time it wouldn't be such a problem. Switching back to a left neutral stance, she initiated a full power front kick with the right leg. The inital movement towards the left target pad was all right, and while her aim was better, she accidentally rocked back on her left heel and 'almost' fell over. Arms flailing a bit for balance, she reeled backwards, stumbling a bit to catch her balance. "Ooops." she muttered with a cheeky grin before settling back in a stance and trying again. Reminding herself to shift weight, this time she was able to deliever the kick with out wobbeling, and her heel hit upwards towards the left target pad mitt.

"That's better, keep your weight on your planted foot when you start, but move your weight as you swing into, that's what will add the momentum." He said.

"All right. I'll try to replicate what I got down so far." Joanne replied. Switching stances, she tried the same thing she had earlier, making sure to rotate her body and move her weight forward more almost simultaneously as she delivered an upward kick. She noticed that doing so, the fluidity of the strike changed drastically, and more power was definitely behind it. With a subtle rush of air, the kick shot towards the right target pad this time, and this time it was delievered as an upward knife-edge kick.

"Good, now try to pick up the pace." He said, moving to the side so she had to keep moving with each kick.

Cross-stepping forward with the right leg, Jo swung upwards and with the same type of side kick on her left leg. The impact wasn't as intense, but she was still able to hit it after adding a little more movement. She intended to increase the power a little bit every time while keeping her balance/stance in mind as well. Regaining a left neutral stance, she waited to see which way Paul would move next.

Dropping his left hand low he stepped right and waited to see if Jo could keep up with changing target heights as well as positions.

Moving her right leg rearward, she practiced more foot work by placing her heel at a slight angle behind her left leg before pivoting a few degrees towards the direction Paul had gone. Straightening out her position, she kicked with the rear leg and delivered a downwards heel kick towards the lowered target pad. She barely over-shot the bag, making a light tap with the heel, but was glad to see she hadn't lost her balance in the middle of twisting.

"Good, but remember a fight isn't two dimensional, just because your opponent is down doesn't mean they're not a threat." He said stepping towards her the distance closed almost completely as he side stepped and was behind her. Holding the target at his head level meaning she'd have to kick over head.

"Valid point." Jo replied as she stepped slightly outwards wtih her right leg. From there, she shifted into a right neutral stance and swung her body forward slightly, using the opposing force to send a rear upwards heel kick towards the nearest target; she had to twist in her stance and keep her right knee bent to do so. While the kick was decent and tapped the back via the heel, she felt her balance falter slightly upon rotating. She'd have to work on that one, mainly with improving the reach and form of the kick, but she was glad she hadn't lost her balance completely.

The two kept it up for another half hour before Paul called it a day. They had focused mainly on leg work and just started more hand to hand. When the call for the briefing came Paul pulled off the mitts. "We should get up there." He said.

Adjusting her pony tail, Jo nodded in agreement. "Yeah, don't want to miss anything. Thanks for the help, sir. I intend to train more." that said, she removed some sweat off her forehead and began to walk briskly out of the room. They got to the briefing on time.

Waiting through the promotions and seeing a few new faces, AE-3 made it over to the Jumpers. With AE-1 already mobilizing, AE-2 and 3 would have to take their own. It was easier to share, so the teams began to pack themselves into the Jumper, AE-2 in the front, AE-3 in the back, with Coburn and Etearna (or Borodin) taking control of the Jumper.

JP by Paul Lucas and Joanne Rhodes <Tag: AE-2 and 3, we are in the same Jumper>

Jim Craig - January 31, 2011 09:30 AM (GMT)-On-

The briefing had ended, now it was time to get ready to go.
Bear had exited and gone to the locker room to switch in to the lighter uniform they had available. Taking out a flint and striker, Bear took them and put them in his pocket; best to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Taking his pack, Bear packed a few more things before going to the armory where he signed out his weapons; a 9mm pistol and a Colt Commando instead of the traditional P90.
That done Bear had made a beeline to the Jumper Bay.
Upon arrival Bear found most everyone already there. "Everyone present and accounted for?" Bear asked as he entered the Jumper.


TAG: Open

Adam Coburn - January 31, 2011 09:41 AM (GMT)-ON-

Adam was checking the status of jumper and doing pre-flight check. He as the designated pilot of the AE-2 was there on the controls before anyone else. He
was ready for a take off in no time and luckily everyone had arrived at time. The jumper was now full.As his CO entered the jumper he asked "Everyone present and accounted for?" and Adam answered "Yes,sir we are ready to go" and Adam contacted flight control.

/\= Flight this Jumper 2-4 requesting permission to depart. =/\Edit

/\= Roger Jumper 2-4 you are clear to depart. Gate is dialed and wormhole is stable. =/\Edit

/\= Roger that flight Jumper 2-4 out. =/\Edit

The jumper took off went through the gate and they were on the planet in no time. "Where to now,Sir" Coburn asked.


Tag: Commanding Officer

Evelyn Miller - January 31, 2011 09:48 AM (GMT)-ON-

"Captain Miller, any bearing on those EM readings?" her commanding officers voice came through as Miller was looking over the sensors. "Sir i got a read but its very far from here and hard to pinpoint the exact location of origin. I reccomend going further to get a clear read" she said and double checked the readings and waited for the new orders.


Alyssa Donovan - January 31, 2011 03:03 PM (GMT)<on>

"Everyone is here so and we are ready, sir" she looked at him then at everyone else as she waited until they go threw the gate. Alyssa looked at looked down as she had with her all what she needed. She was excited and worried just as it would be expected from anyone who went on a mission in a planned that looks like no one lives there and unknown. Alyssa was glad that they were going on a mission as it was better then doing nothing. The fact that Colonel Jon Tenjin believed that they might find something on the planet made her feel a bit easy. At least then it meant that it was a good idea. She personally hoped but wasn't sure what to think. "We can go now, sir"


Tag - AE2, OPEN

Jason Walker - January 31, 2011 07:38 PM (GMT)< ON >
< P4E-J71, Jumper >
< Lt Colonel Jason Walker >

"Sir i got a read but its very far from here and hard to pinpoint the exact location of origin. I reccomend going further to get a clear read."

"Archer, change of plan, take us orbital. Miller, switch to planetary scanning mode. Rayner, help with the scans, well do a complete orbit and do a preliminary scan. Then we can go back and check out any particular anomalies." Walker ordered.

He felt, or rather his mind processed the changed in flight orientation despite the internal dampeners eliminating any force that would be felt by going into a multi-g upward turn. Within 20 minuets they completed there first orbit. Walker was reviewing the data when Miller reported a single localized EM signal. Relativiely weak but in a confinded location, and obviously not natural.

"Archer take us in on that signal. Set us down about half a click away. Miller make sure you have the gear to track the signal on foot. Rayner make sure we have the standard emergency supplies just in case." Walker said as the Jumper headed back for the ground.

< Atlantis, Medical Bay >
< Doctor Stacy Walker >

Stacy sat at the desk in the small office like area of the medical bay. She had finally made it through the last of the medical records and now had a list of those in need of check ups.

=/\= "Colonel Tenjin, Astsubay Burgin, and Mister Charlton please report to the medical bay at you're earliest connivence." =/\= She said over the radio after complaining the list is order of those most over due.

< OFF >

Tag AE-1 as Jason Walker.
Tag Tenjin, Burgin or Charlton as Stacy Walker.


Portrayed By and Also Portraying:

Steve Archer - January 31, 2011 08:15 PM (GMT)ON

<Jumper 1-7> Archer take us in on that signal. Set us down about half a click away. "Yes, sir" Archer brought the jumper down in a small opening in the trees. Archer triggered the hatch and engaged the cloak just in case. He jumped out of the pilots chair and grabbed his pack, c4, and m60. He walked out of the jumper and scanned the area for threats. "All clear." he said over the radio. He position at the rear of the jumper and covered the surrounding forest with his m60 waiting for the rest of team to get out of the jumper.


Joanne Rhodes - February 1, 2011 03:35 AM (GMT)<ON>
<Jumper 2-4>

And she was put in one of these weird things again. As nifty as they were, her first experience riding in a Jumper had made her slightly uncomfortable. Course, there was nothing wrong with Rosa's flying skills, but, she just wasn't used to it. She wasn't used to a lot of things here. All her time spent here so far felt like a blur. Yawning, Joanne waited quietly, keeping to herself against the bench near AE-3.

<Tags: all on the jumper>
(I'm trying to keep tabs nao so I don't have to back track so much xP)

Enis Burgin - February 1, 2011 09:18 PM (GMT)-ON-

Burgin was doing his regular sweep of the base when suddenly his radio went off

=^= "Colonel Tenjin, Astsubay Burgin, and Mister Charlton please report to the medical bay at you're earliest connivence." =^=

~Man i cant catch a break.. he thought to himself and headed to the medical bay. Upon arrival he saw the doctor and and told "Burgin reporting as ordered"


Tag: Doctor

Paul Lucas - February 2, 2011 03:38 AM (GMT)< ON >
< Atlantis, Medical Bay >
< Doctor Stacy Walker >

"Burgin reporting as ordered"

Stacy looked up, "Ah Mister Burgin thank you for being so prompt." She said, she figured the Colonel at least would be a fight to get in.

"Please lie down under the sensor." She said gesturing to the bed with a large apparatus above. She tugged slightly on the charcoal and yellow jacket that composed the top half of her 'uniform.' It was weird, she knew it wasn't military but wasn't the kind of thing she ever thought she would be wearing. Once the man was lying down she activated the scanner. She was still amazed, it put even the most advanced MRIs to same and was light years past x-rays. "Sorry for the trouble, but it looks like it's been a while since your last check up. Homeworld Command mandate wants all expedition members to have full medical at least every 9 months."

< Jumper 2-4 >
< Captain Paul Lucas >

Lucas sat on one of the benches that lined the side walls in the aft compartment. AE-3 was more of supervision and back up so he let AE-2 take the front seats. Dressed in the CADPAT AR uniform best suited for the desert they were heading to. While he waited he absentmindedly played with the pair of mirrored aviators in his hands. He glanced forward and despite not being a huge fan of deserts would be happy to get outside.

< OFF >

Tag Burgin as Dr. Walker.
Tag AE-2/3 as Lucas.


Portrayed By and Also Portraying:

Jim Craig - February 2, 2011 08:59 AM (GMT)-On-
<AE-2/3 Jumper>

They were through the Gate, flying over the sandy desert. Since the sun's rays had all but disappeared over the horizon, the Jumper's running lights were being used to see the desert floor.

"Okay, scan for any caves as far as 50 miles out, as well as between here and the Gate." Bear ordered. He wanted to make sure there would be at least some shelter for the teams if, God forbid they were caught outside during the daylight hours.

Spying a tall sand dune up ahead, Bear pointed to it.
"Set us down over there." He said.


TAG: AE-2 and 3.

Aaron Rayner - February 2, 2011 09:05 AM (GMT)on

<Jumper 1-7, in orbit>

Aaron had trained the jumper's scanners onto the planet's surface and thought about the EM readings. The jumper's computer automatically began analyzing the detailed raw sensor data but Miller beat him in locating the source.

The engineer deflated in defeat though he knew it wasn't a race; Aaron was about to continue the scans anyway when Jason ordered him to check on emergency supplies. "Aye," Aaron replied and headed into the rear section of the jumper to do a stock take on what they had.


Vince Charlton - February 2, 2011 08:24 PM (GMT)ON

Vince was still sitting in the briefing room alone when his radio came to life:

=/\= "Colonel Tenjin, Astsubay Burgin, and Mister Charlton please report to the medical bay at you're earliest connivence." =/\=

He looked up and shook his head. Vince knew that he should have gone to medical when he first arrived, but he didn't like modern doctors so he had decided to wait until he was asked. Vince packed away his laptop, stood up and walked out of the briefing room towards the transporters. He knew all about how the transporters worked because he had read all the information on Atlantis before coming here.

He reached the transporter and pressed the button. After a few seconds the doors opened and he stepped out. Vince found himself near medical, so he stepped out and walked the short distance to medial. Vince stopped in the door and looked around. He walked in and stood out off to the side, so as not to get in anyone's way, waiting until someone asked him what he was doing here.


TAG Dr. Walker

Adam Coburn - February 3, 2011 07:39 AM (GMT)-ON-

"Okay, scan for any caves as far as 50 miles out, as well as between here and the Gate." And so Adam started to scan for caves, there was two ahead both on opposite directions and one bigger than other.

Before he reported the caves he memorized the coordinates of them and a new order came "Set us down over there." and Adam replied "Yes,Sir" He slowly make the jumper settle down like a chopper. When on the ground the door opened and Adam told "Okay we're good to go"


Tag: AE 2&3

Joanne Rhodes - February 3, 2011 12:21 PM (GMT)<On>
<Jumper 2-4>

Joanne waited while the rest of AE-3 got off before getting out. Lowest ranking in the group, she was the last one out, that and she was in no particular hurry since there were no pressing medical matters. Tightening the straps of her pack holding her typical medical/survival equipment, Joanne followed, keeping to herself like usual. Other than her team mates, the only one she somewhat recognized was the one piloting the Jumper. She'd have to say hello if she had a proper chance to, but now of course wasn't the time.

She waited for orders and stayed with her group, just following typical protocol so to speak. Jo had no questions, so she just quietly surveyed the area.


Mission #11: "Second Time"
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