After the meeting broke up, Audie hung in the back of the room, trying to look occupied, although she was just waiting for Asid to be free...she wanted to talk to him, just to even touch him. While she needed to eat and to clean up and get into clean clothes, she needed this more.

Drawing her legs up onto the chair, she rested her chin on her knees and waited, her eyes closed as she thought over what she would say once the kissing was over.

Robert could feel that it might be time that he left the General. It had been a bit of an interesting day, for everyone. Robert slowly began to back away to the door. He reached back with one hand to grab the handle when it was within his reach.

Robert decided not to say anything as he left the office. He just closed the door as behind him as he walked away from the office to head straight to his quarters.

Mission #22: "The Shape of Things to Come"
Chapter #1: "Doohickey?" | Chapter #2: "The Device Has Been Modified" | Chapter #3: "Long Nights at the Round Table" | Chapter #4: "Doohickey's Departure" | Chapter #5: "Danged Doohickey!" | Chapter #6: "Longest Journey" | Chapter #7: "Doohickey's Demise" | Chapter #8: "Race Against Time" | Chapter #9: "Let's Get to Work!" | Chapter #10: "Let Me Tell a Tale..." | Chapter #11: "The Doohickey Lives" | Chapter #12: "Setting Things Right" | Chapter #13: "Take Us Home, Doohickey!" | Chapter #14: "My Briefs Are On Display" | Chapter Fifteen: "Past & Present"

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