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Cypher Borodin - September 3, 2010 03:14 AM (GMT)-On-

Once inside, Cypher scanned the area, looking for any means of escape.
The room was stifling in many ways, plus it was crowded.

Backing away from the others, Cypher leaned against the wall, folding his arms, half in anger and half in uncertainty.
He still had no idea who the heck any of these people were; all he had was 'their word' about what was going on.

He tried to focus in on Joanne and the others, just to keep an eye on them but his attention began to wander. Cypher found that he was unable to focus on anything for long which to him was intriguing rather than worrisome, though if he was in his right mind he would have been a little freaked out.


Jon Tenjin - September 7, 2010 11:05 AM (GMT)On:

Jon watched one of the doors slide open, as if in response to an unheard thought. One by one, the doors opened. Turning, Jon stood, and leapt down the stairs. "Someone get on the console, start ordering uninfected security and offworld teams to grab HAZMAT suits, and round up the infected teams, and anyone else they can locate and get them to medical isolation." He slid to a halt, listening to the stairwell, before he tapped his headset, hearing, gratefully hearing the intercom click in. =^= This is Colonel Tenjin to anyone listening, non-essiential personnel, please remain in your quarters. =^=


Rosa Etearna - September 9, 2010 04:02 PM (GMT)On:

Rosa was upon the floor, clutching her knees in terror. She didn't even notice the 'ka-thunk' of the doors unlocking, her sharp blue eyes wide and unfocused. She'd spent the last several hours alone, confused, her memory gone, all while she lay in the small, closed-down corridor of the pier.

Her radio crackled with messages not intended for her, yet she continued to shake and shiver. She'd had nothing to do, nothing to help with; her very existence was, to herself, pointless.

But she strove on, one quiet moment at a time.

The endless jungle around her seemed swarmed with light. She heard gunshots around her; and she whipped around, trying to find cover; bullets shoot across her front and back, not quite hitting, but so close she could feel their force.
Someone stumbled out of the jungle; the wild mane of brown hair was so familiar, the kind eyes--lifeless, the dead corpse of her husband staring at her as flames began to encompass the forest; she could feel the heat, she could--

Rosa let out a bloodcurdling scream, kicking frantically at the doors, while tears streamed down her cheeks.


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Jason Walker - September 10, 2010 02:40 AM (GMT)< ON >
< Tower >
< Lt. Colonel Jason Walker >

Walker moved forward and came to a stop when a door blocked their way. "Sickbay should be on the other side of the door." He said. "Any ideas?" He asked looking back at the people with him.

< Medical >

Stacy Walker got her bearings as she stepped into medical. The Chief Medical Officer was isolated and badly wounded. The medical staff were frantically trying to get medical supplies distrusted and get HAZMAT suit to people.

"Who's working on identification of the virus, and who's on top of triage?" She asked.

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Cypher Borodin - September 11, 2010 02:00 AM (GMT)-On-
<Location Unknown>

When he had the chance, Cypher managed to slip away from the control room and the others unseen, now that the lockdown had been lifted.

Once he was far enough away he broke out in to a jog that ended up in a flat run, dodging people who were picking themselves up off the floor, those acting like stupid idiots and those brawling in doorways and corridors.

After finding a stairwell, Cypher wrenched the door open before running down several levels. Exiting the stairwell somewhere near the middle of the central tower, he slowed down to a fast paced walk.

Walking for what seemed like hours, but was really about an hour, Cypher heard something up ahead that made him stop. It was the sound of someone crying.

Rounding the corner, Cypher came upon a figure who was on the floor clutching at her knees.
To Cypher, the sound of any woman crying was like nails on a chalkboard, but still after watching this lady cry for several seconds, Cypher started to feel sorry for her.

"Are...are you'am?" Cypher asked, as he knelt down on one knee, studying the lady more closely.

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Rosa Etearna - September 12, 2010 08:31 AM (GMT)On:


{C}"Are...are you'am?"{C}


Rosa's tear-soaked face looked up at him, and she sniffled, quickly wiping her tears away. She quickly stood up, regaining a proud and collected posture, yanking her hair back into a ponytail.

"I apologize, young man," She said, softly. "I... I had some bad memories, let them take ahold of me." She smiled down to him. "Would you have any idea where we are?" She'd watch him shake his head, gently, to which she'd rub her arm.

"Oh, dear. Well, that's alright. Is there anyone we can speak with?" She seemed very calm for someone who'd lost her memory...

But on the inside was rage and confusion, which she kept hidden away, placing a hand on his shoulder, watching his confused look.

"...You'll be okay." She said, trying to give him a smile. "Long as I can help it."


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Cypher Borodin - September 12, 2010 09:24 AM (GMT)-On-

"I apologize, young man, I... I had some bad memories, let them take ahold of me. Would you have any idea where we are?"

Cypher wordlessly shook his head as he rose back up, eying the woman closely. "Oh, dear. Well, that's alright. Is there anyone we can speak with?"

"Uh yeah I guess so. There's some guys up...there somewhere," Cypher gestured towards the ceiling, "In this fairly large room...I dunno."

"...You'll be okay. Long as I can help it." "If...if you don't mind me asking...who are you? Are you sick too?" Cypher asked.

He glanced all around him, rubbing his shoulders with a slightly uncertain look on his face before looking back at Rosa.


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Aaron Rayner - September 13, 2010 10:20 AM (GMT)ON

Ground Floor
Control Tower


{C}=^=Don't waste your time, Lieutenant, I'm trapped in a corridor-within-a-corridor, if you know what I mean; doors on all sides. Is there any way you can contact maintenance? =^={C}


Aaron made a confused expression then laughed. =^= We are maintenance Lieutenant Colonel, =^= he countered and added. =^= Unfortunately with the lock down I’m afraid that majority of my department are in a situation similar to yours. Don’t worry we are working on it. Rayner out, =^= the engineer was already organising his staff to get inside the city’s computer.

Hour later

“Come on!” Aaron shouted and hit the crystal console that his laptop sat on. He scared those in the room with his raised voice and he looked up then around. “Sorry, is anyone having any luck?”

“No sir,” came several responses; Aaron had to think and then it hit him, he turned back to his computer. He entered a security code that immediately cut power from the city’s internal doors and transporters. After he reset them and re-engaged the power flow the city’s quarantine lifted for now every door and transporter were active again.


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Jason Walker - September 13, 2010 06:05 PM (GMT)< ON >
< Medical >
< Dr. Stacy Walker >

Stacy was sitting in front of a work station, two computer consoles were running what looked like computer code at a high speed. It was actually the isolated genetic code of the virus. One of the biomedical techs had managed to isolate the virus from an infected marine.

At the moment she was running it through Atlantis' biomedical database for a match, or at least near match. "If we had this on Earth." She said quietly shaking her head as she watched the speed the computer ran.

"Doctor, the last round of immuno boosters were unsuccessful. We're trying one final batch." A tech said.

"Ok, thank you." She replied. She had a pounding headache but other then that she seemed to be unaffected by some of the worse effects of the infection. From what they had found it appeared to be a retrovirus, with characteristic similar to HIV.

< Later >

"Doctor, the results from the last panel are in, it looks like we may have something. Sample 14 Delta showed significant improvement. It appears the specific RTIs are successful against the viruses replication centers. In that case if we can administer it the host immune system should be able to fight it off. " The tech said.

"Good, get me a batch of the IB." She said rolling up her sleeve.

"Doctor, your not doing what I think your going to do." He asked.

"Yes I am, we need test subjects and we time is of the essence." She said taking the syringe and injecting it into her arm. "We should be able to test again in about 2 hours and have results."

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Jason Walker - September 16, 2010 10:21 PM (GMT)< OFF >

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< ON >
< Medical >
< Dr. Stacy Walker >

"Here are the results doctor." He said handing her the tablet that had the her own blood work up on it. She looked it over and smiled.

"Looks like it worked." She said, "Prepare the batches for deployment and have the medical teams start moving out, I'll take the first batch up to the control room first." The medical tech nodded and headed off to get the gear. Stacy looked up to see the far door open and her brother along with several other people come in.

"Stacy, what's going on." Jason asked moving to his sisters side. She properly grabbed his arm and stabbed a needle into it. "Uh, ouch, what's that."

"For all intents and purposes the cure to the outbreak that's affecting the city." She said, she gestured to the rest of the group to have them sit down and roll up there sleeves.

"Your a medic right?" She asked Jo, the women nodded. "Then once you guys are done here you can head up tot he control room and give it to the people up there."

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Joanne Rhodes - September 17, 2010 08:49 PM (GMT)<ON>
<Inside the infirmary>

Joanne nodded at Stacy. "Very well ma'am." she replied, slowly returning to normal as she paused to take her own dosage of the mixture.

=^=Borodin, where are you? Requesting that you return to the medical room as soon as practical, the A-CMO has a cure. We're distributing it now."=^= she called to her XO as she carefully carried around the kits of needles and handed them to the others that were up and about in the room.

"Doctor," Jo said to Stacy as she turned to leave, and glanced at Jason before disposing the needle she'd injected herself with. "I still don't know the layout of the city-ship yet, so I'll have to follow one of you..."

She was feeling a bit rushed to make sure the others got it, but she had to be patient, and she wanted to make sure those who were in the vicinity got it first.

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Cypher Borodin - September 18, 2010 03:13 AM (GMT)-On- =^=Borodin, where are you? Requesting that you return to the medical room as soon as practical, the A-CMO has a cure. We're distributing it now."=^=

Cypher jumped, glancing around wildly as he looked for the person who had spoken.
"What the hell...?" He said.
Glancing down he saw the radio that was attached to his uniform, and after raising a hand to his ear he felt the earpiece.

After a few minutes Cypher figured out how to use the radio.
=^=This is I know you...person who is on the other end?=^=
Cypher asked.



Jason Walker - September 18, 2010 06:02 PM (GMT)< ON >
< Infirmary >

"Doctor, I still don't know the layout of the city-ship yet, so I'll have to follow one of you..."

"No, there are too many infected still, there acting unpredictably. Stacy I want you to stay here, Captain Lucas you stay here and keep the medical staff safe." Jason interrupted. Stacy rolled her eyes at her over protective brother but nodded and did as he said just the same.

"Sergeant get what you'll need and you and I will head up to the control room." The Colonel added.

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Joanne Rhodes - September 18, 2010 07:56 PM (GMT)<ON>

"Yes sir," Joanne replied, making sure the needle kits she carried were comfortably placed in her arms before she proceeded to walk.

As they began to leave for the control room, Jo finally got a message from Cypher. It seemed to take quite a while receive.

=^=This is I know you...person who is on the other end?=^= Jo sighed, raising a hand to get to the radio again.

=^=We just met, Borodin. Please go to the infirmary, you'll start to remember more once you do.=^= and that was that, it was all she could do at that point really, she didn't have time to go looking for him after all. Moving along at a prompt speed, she followed Jason to the control room.

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Jason Walker - September 18, 2010 08:00 PM (GMT)< ON >
< Control Room >

Walker opened the doors and entered near the gate. Most of the staff were still up in the control room. Except for the Airman that was sitting on the step chewing on the antenna of his radio. Heading to the control room while Rhodes treated the airman Walker looked for the Colonel.

Seeing him at a main console he approached his CO and explained the situation. The Colonel seemed to understand despite the glazed over look in his eyes.

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