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Aaron turned around to see Sydney and smiled. "Hello, you scared me a bit. Sure would you be able to double check the results of the diagnostics for any issues?" He asked.

"Oh yeah no problem." Sydney slumped in a chair nearby and pulled up the diagnostics report. More computer programing he thought as he sighed a little and began going over the reports. Just when he was about to shoot himself from the tediousness of going over coding again the city alarms began going off.

"Oh no.. what's happening now?" He asked looking over to Raynor.

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While ideas were being thrown around by Jason and Jon, Captain Borodin glanced at Lucas who joined him in the Control Room.

"Tell me this isn't a result of something we did." Cypher muttered to Lucas, who took a moment to think about the statement.

"I don't know. I didn't write the coding for the computer virus or the coding for the system monitoring." Lucas finally replied.
"Well, is it possible the code could have been changed, tampered with or re written?" Cypher asked.

Lucas turned slightly to look at him before putting a hand on the Captain's shoulder.
"Hey, anything is possible, specially when Agent Dawson wrote and implemented the coding."

Cypher looked clearly confused, shaking his head, obviously not understanding.
"Ok, I must have missed something. Who the heck is Agent Dawson?" He asked.

"You know him as Agent 781228." Lucas replied.
" mean the NID turncoat? He died years ago!" Cypher exclaimed.

"Yes I know but he was a master when it came to computers and programs. Who knows what he did or even if he did anything to these systems." Lucas said.

"Is there any way to find out what Dawson did?" Cypher asked.
He folded his arms, trying to tune out Jon and Jason's seemingly non stop talking.

"Well there is a little ciphering technique that I like to could work to detect what...if any damage Agent Dawson did, but it wouldn't be able to repair or remove it. Only the techs can do that. And, really after everything that's happened, they would only let you or I get close to the computer system after hell freezes over." Lucas said.

Cypher glanced at Jon, seemingly contemplating weather or not to go over there.
After about ten seconds he unfolded his arms and walked over to where Jon, Jason and Zafar were.

He knew how idiotic the question would sound but he felt he needed to ask it anyway.
"Sir, is there anything Lucas or I could do to help?"


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Control Room
Main Tower

"We could surface the city Sir."

"We would still need to evacuated the outer piers of the city as the shield will fail before we can fully rise." Zafars said as he got ready to start to raise the city but did not press the button till he got the order from the Colonel. "Sir, should I do it? But i should say the longer we wait the worse the flooding will be."


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Jon lowered his rifle. "Raise the shield!" He watched the gate shield raise, before the gate shutdown. He winced, hearing Zafar call out about a problem. ~Oh frak, what went wrong this time?~ He watched Walker as Walker ran up to behind Zafar. "I'm guessing by what you just said, that this is a really bad, weird situation?" He shook his head slowly, thinking, getting some idea of what was going on. "Options!" He called out, hoping someone had an idea.

As Walker began to roll off his idea to raise the city, Jon facepalmed. "It's a city, not a yo-yo. Master Sergeant, can y' do it?" His eyes turned to take in Captain Borodin as he walked over
"No, Captain." Jon snapped quietly, before squeezing the bridge of his nose. "Not unless you can give me details on what might be going on, either of you. Sorry for snapping." Wearily, he thumbed the radio. =^= Lieuteant Rayner, Doctor Brisbane, I trust you do have some idea what's going on, at least from the alarms? Comments? =^= His eyes darted around for Rosa, part of him praying she had some idea. ~I'm not a freakin' engineer, or nothin', why on Earth do I get technical issues?~



"No, Captain." Jon snapped quietly, before squeezing the bridge of his nose. "Not unless you can give me details on what might be going on, either of you. Sorry for snapping."

"It's understandable sir, you are under a lot of pressure right now. It is possible that our undercover agent, Agent Dawson might be responsible for this. And before you ask, Agent Dawson was the one who went over to the Trust before he was killed. He used to be our Atlantis operative before Captain Borodin. Now if I could get access to your mainframe I would be able to see if this mess is the result of Agent Dawson's tampering, of course I know how you feel about the Captain and I right now, so if you don't feel comfortable with giving me access...with direct supervision of course, then I understand." Lucas said.


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Main Engineering
Central Tower Lower Levels

Alarms went off everywhere and the city's computer engaged its flooding protocols sealing off areas that water was detected. Of course many people were trapped and time was of the essence. Aaron quickly accessed the city power control system and saw that it was absolutely normal.

"Oh no.. what's happening now?" Sydney asked looking over to Rayner.

Aaron could only think of one thing. "I think we may have missed something. We have 3 Zero-point-modules almost full so this shouldn't be happening." The city shield was going to fully collapse as if there was very little power; Aaron had to think.

Suddenly Jon's voice came over the intercom. =^= Lieutenant Rayner, Doctor Brisbane, I trust you do have some idea what's going on, at least from the alarms? Comments? =^=

=^= This shouldn't be happening sir; the only thing I can suggest is to raise the city to the surface. =^= Aaron said he was already onto trying to find the shield command protocols to see what was causing it to fail. He turned to Sydney. "Any ideas Doctor?"

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Sydney's fingers flashed over the console keys as quickly as he could move them. His ego a bit hurt, he quickly scanned over the power readings to the shields.

"I went over the system twice, you've had a team working on it. This has to be a more localized problem and not something in the mainframe." Looking over it some more he sat back and pointed at the screen. "There, there it is!" Looking over to Raynor. "Shortly before the alarms went off the power conduits in the power stations that handle the shields went into diagnostic mode and shut off for some reason. "

Reaching over and grabbing a radio. "Colonel, We know the where, but we don't have the why or the how to fix it. But one thing is certain, the shields are going to fail before we fix the power issue, we need to raise the city and we need to do it now!"


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< ON >
< Control Room >

With the Chief Scientist and Chief Engineer confirming that surfing the idea was the best idea Jason brought up the surfacing command protocols on one of the ancients systems. Punching in his command code he looked up to where the Colonel was sitting. "Sir, i've brought up the command, we can surface on your order." He said.

< OFF >

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Main Engineering
Central Tower Lower Levels

"Oh I hate diagnostic mode!" Aaron said after glancing at Sydney's monitor that showed the power stations gone orange on the city map, which popped up. Orange was the colour assigned to diagnostic mode in the map's legend.

Now almost every pier had flooding occurring and the city computer was continuing to seal off sections; trapping people trying to evacuate back to the central tower. Aaron felt panic begin to coalesce in his gut.

=^= Rayner to Tenjin, sir please we have to surface the city as sensors indicated the water levels reaching chest height on the piers. =^= Aaron called after a quick tap on his headset.



Water rising, sections being blocked...
The situation was very serious indeed, and becoming more dire with each passing moment.

Right now all eyes seemed to be on Jon, waiting to see if he would give the order to raise the city.

Even though the computer was still sealing off sections that led to the Central tower, it would still be at least another ten to twelve minutes before they would be all sealed.

Cypher knew that he should help with the evacuation while he still could, but he found himself torn between staying put or leaving the central tower.
"With your permission sir," he began, "I would like to assist with the evacuation."


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"Raise the city!" Jon ordered, as he tabbed his radio, repeating the order for Rayner & Brisbane. Turning to Captain Borodin. "Get people ready to evac, and into the central tower." Jon turned, running up the stairs to peer out the window, at the ocean.

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< ON >

"Raise the city!"

"Yes Sir." Jason said and entered the final commands. Suddenly the city started to rumble and several warnings began to flash. "The shield is beginning to collapse inward."

"Get people ready to evac, and into the central tower."

=^= All Personnel evacuate to the central tower immediately." =^= He said.

< OFF >

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"Get people ready to evac, and into the central tower."
"Yes sir," Cypher replied before heading for the lift.

As the doors to the lift closed behind him he heard,
=^= All Personnel evacuate to the central tower immediately." =^=

Pressing a button on the panel, Cypher was instantly taken to the eastern tower, which was one of two towers that weren't almost completely blocked.

Many of the Atlantis personnel had taken refuge in the eastern tower and the southern tower if they hadn't been able to make it to the central tower.

Exiting the lift, Cypher heard the sound of many feet headed his way, and he distinctly heard the sound of rushing water off in the distance as well.

Running down the long hallway which opened up in to the main part of the eastern pier, Cypher saw many people ranging from engineers to just plain civilians all huddled in groups.

"Guys come on, this way!" Cypher called, waving his arms to get their attention,
"The way to the lift behind me isn't blocked yet, but you all need to go now!"

That little piece of knowledge seemed to wake those people up because they all swarmed forward while people continued to pour in to the large main room from other side hallways.

Stopping a passing Ensign, Cypher requested an update as to the exact location of the water, and all he got was that the water would be entering the room that they were all in, in approximately fifteen minutes, which didn't give them all that much time.

Cypher tried to think, wondering if there were other operational lifts in the area which he could use to get to the southern tower, because it would take all of or more than fifteen minutes to get all of these people out.

Pushing his way past the horde of people, Cypher fought his way down the hall until he reached the end of the line of people.
"Keep moving!" He told them.

Continuing on down the hallway, he turned left then right then left again before going through three doors. He found himself in what looked like a large, makeshift dining room/mess hall.
Across the room, chairs were already floating on top of the water as it flowed towards him.

Exiting the room, Cypher made sure that the door was closed before going to the small lift that was on the other side of the wall from the makeshift mess hall.

Pressing the button, the doors to the lift opened.
Walking in to the lift, Cypher's eyes flicked over the panel, noting that many of it's buttons were red, indicating that they couldn't transport to that particular location.

Only one lift on the northern and western towers were still working, and then again it could be a computer error, sending him a false positive.
Deciding to chance it, Cypher pressed the button which took him to the only spot not blocked off on the nothern tower.

The door to the lift seemed to hesitate for a moment before it opened, causing water to immediately begin to seep in to the lift.
The water at the door was only deep enough to cover one's shoes...thankfully...but it was getting deeper every few minutes.

Knowing he didn't have much time, Cypher made his way through the water to try and locate the stragglers who had been cut off, all the while trusting that the people on the southern tower had gotten the message and evacuation was well under way for that tower.


< ON >
< Control Room >

"Shit," Walker said loudly, it was enough to get a concern looked from Tenjin. "Sorry Sir, the shields are collapsing faster then we predicted. I don't know if the people evacuated to the other piers will be safe." He paused and looked to one of the more technically minded officer.

"Is there any way to bolster the shield or speed or ascent?" He asked.

< OFF >

Not positive who there so that can be directed at Zafar, Sydney or Aaron.


Cypher went to room after room, finding every single one of them empty.
For all appearances it looked like the northern tower had been completely evacuated.

Returning to the lift, he entered and looked to the panel.
The lift for the western tower was green before it flashed red for a brief moment before going back to green.

~Wait...~ Cypher thought to himself before he pressed the button which took him to the western tower.

Just as the lift doors opened, water started to rush in.
Wading through the water, Cypher made it out of the lift.

Not two seconds later the control panel in the lift sparked and then died.
~Well, won't be going back that way.~ Cypher told himself.

Off down the hallway he could hear some people coughing and mumbling.
Heading that way, Cypher found the water getting higher and higher, becoming chest high within ten minutes.

Swimming to a closed door, pounded his fist on it several times.
"Is anyone in there?!" He called out.

The voices quieted for a moment before someone said, "We're in here! We're all in here!"

"The hallway outside is flooded. Is there any other way inside?!" Cypher called.
"Through the service and repair vents!" came the reply.

Nodding his head, Cypher headed for the vents which were just a little ways above his head now.
Grabbing the grate, he yanked several times before the piece of metal came off in his hands.

Hoisting himself up, he crawled several meters before turning left. Just up ahead of him now was a little drop off point. Looking down that he saw an intact grate and past that was a room where people were milling around.

There was water in that room but it wasn't as deep as the water in the hallways.

"Guys, stand back! I'm coming down!" Cypher called.
He waited several moments, giving the people time to move back before he climbed half way down. Letting go of the hand holds be let momentum carry him the rest of the way down.

Smashing through the grate, Cypher landed with a splash in the water.
Rising, Cypher shook his head a little, sending water every which way.

"How'd you get down here sir? I thought all the lifts were non operational because of the flooding?"

Cypher looked at the young Ensign who had spoken, realizing it was the same person who had answered him the first time.

"Well one lift was working but it short circuited. Looks like all we can do is tread water until the city is raised or until they can fix the problem." Cypher said.

"Sir, with the amount of water that's out there, this room will be completely underwater in two hours." The ensign said.
"Yeah and that hallway out there will be completely underwater in the next forty five minutes to an hour. As long as those doors hold up, we should be fine, at least for a little while." Cypher replied.

Glancing at the door which was the only thing protecting those in the small room from the water out in the hallway, Cypher realized that he didn't have a radio, and from what he could see, no one else did either, so no one would be able to contact the Control Room in the central tower.

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