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Class Overview
Name: Daedalus Class
Designation: BC-304
Preceded By: BC-303
Succeeded By: BC-305, BC-309
Developed From: X-304
Variants: SV-304
Service Numbers
In Commission: 2005 - Present
Planned: 25
Completed: 31
Active: 8
Decommissioned: 2 Decommissioned
1 Mothballed
2 Missing in Action
18 Destroyed
General Specifications
Function: Battlecruiser
Size: Length: 225 meters
Width: 95 meters
Height: 75 meters
Decks: 12
Sublight Speed: 77,000 km/s (Mk. I)
100,000 km/s (Mk. II)
125,000 km/s (Mk. III & IV)
200,000 km/s (ZPM)
FTL Speed: 5,952 ly/hr (Mk. I)
6,000 ly/hr (Mk. II)
9,000 ly/hr (Mk. III & Mk IV)
31,250 ly/hr (ZPM)
Standard Compliment: 250
Armaments: 6 Asgard Plasma Beam Cannons
36 Rail Guns
Horizon Weapons Platform (Optional)
Aircraft Carried: 24
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The Daedalus Class is used by many Earth Nations in various functions, from support ship in larger military's, to Flagship of smaller ones. Combining the role as a Battle Cruiser and Deep Space Carrier. It has the highest production numbers of any Earth vessel, and currently the mainstay in many fleets. While the technology is beginning to show age, many of the improvements are found in newer DD-306 and BB-307s. While there are some variations between individual ships, there are generally 3 version, the Mark I was introduced in 2005, the Mark II featured the integration of the Asgard upgrades and began with the USS George Hammond. The Mark III began introduction in 2015 featuring improvements in weapons, propulsion and other systems. The price tag for a BC-304 Mk I during the covert stages of the Stargate Program was estimated at roughly 7 billion dollars for the RFS Korolev alone, a price tag that fails to include research and development, or the cost of specialized support facilities for such a creation.

Basic SpecificationsEdit

BC-304 Specs


  • Length: 225 meters
  • Width: 95 meters
  • Height: 75 meters
  • Decks: 12

Crew ComplementEdit

  • Minimum: 15
  • Standard: 250
  • Maximum Capacity: 1,000

Standard CrewEdit

The Daedalus Class currently has a crew of 250, not including the air wing, following the following breakdown:

  • Command: 4 (Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer )
  • Engineering & Operations: 60 (6 x 10 man shifts)
  • Science: 40 (Chief Science Officer & 9 Specialists, 30 Junior Science Officer )
  • Medical: 30 (Chief Medical Officer, Assistant Medical Officer, 18 Nurse, 10 EMTs)
  • Security: 72 (13 12-Man Squad)
  • Tactical: 22 (Chief Gunnery Officer, 9 Gunners)
  • Navigation: 22 (Navigations Officer, Assistant Navigations Officer, 8 Helmsman / Pilots)


  • Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Sublight Engines
    • Max Speed: 77,000 km/s (Mk. I)
    • Max Speed: 100,000 km/s (Mk. II)
    • Max Speed: 125,000 km/s (Mk. III & Mk. IV)
    • Max Speed: 200,000 km/s (ZPM)
  • Asgard Intergalactic Hyperdrive
    • Max Speed: 5952 ly/hr (Mk. I)
    • Max Speed: 6000 ly/hr (Mk. II)
    • Max Speed: 9000 ly/hr (Mk. III & Mk IV)
    • Max Speed: 31,250 ly/hr (ZPM)

Power PlantEdit

  • Mark I
  • Mark II & III
    • Primary: Asgard Power Core
    • Backup: Tau'ri Naquadah Generator (Fuel: Naquadria / Naquadah Mixture)
  • Optional
  • Mark IV
    • Primary: Subspace Capacitor
    • Backup: Tau'ri Naquadah Generator (Fuel: Naquadria / Naquadah Mixture)
  • Optional

Hull CompositionEdit

  • Mk. I, Mk. II, & Mk. III
    • Naquadah / Trinium Alloy: One Foot Thick
  • Mk. IV
    • Naquadah / Trinium Alloy: Two Feet Thick

Sensor SystemsEdit

  • Mk. I & Mk. II
    • Asgard Sensor Array
    • Tau'ri Navigation & Targeting System
  • Mk. III & Mk. IV
    • Asgard Sensor Array
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Long Range Sensors
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Targeting Sensors

Defensive SystemsEdit

  • Mk. I, Mk. II, & Mk. III
    • Asgard Shield System
  • Mk. IV
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Shield System



Auxiliary CraftEdit

  • Mk. I:
    • (16) F-302s, or similar.
  • Mk. II:
    • (16) F-302s, or similar.
    • (14) F-302s & 2 Jumpers (M-UV), or similar.
  • Mk. III & Mk. IV:
    • (24) Mixed Craft, (CO's discretion & mission objective.)

Other SystemsEdit

  • Ring Transporter
  • Escape Pods
  • Asgard Beam Transporter
  • Asgard Knowledge Core (Mk II, III & IV)
  • Landing Gear

Known VesselsEdit

See AlsoEdit

BC-304 Kinetic Rounds

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