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Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Height:5'7
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Hair Style: Shoulder length, consistently tied up in a bun when on duty
  • ATA Gene Status: Untested
  • WTA Gene Status: Untested
  • GTA Gene Status: Negative


Primary & Secondary:

  • Homeschooled

Post Secondary Education:

  • TBD

Military Education:

  • Australian Defense Forces training- additional training spent for her field


  • Mother: Rae Hawk
    • Accountant, 10/13/1979
  • Father: Aidan Hawk
    • Owner of a Jeep tour business, 11/30/1976
  • Brother: Daron Hawk
    • Civilian pilot, 05/24/1996 (23, younger)


Adel is a 100% 'authentic' Australian. She has held onto her citizenship due to her pride even though that she has occasionally visited the US for leisurely reasons. She has had an interest in engineering since she was young, though the foundation of her interests formed because of her interest in automobiles - Adel is thus yet another vehicle fanatic. She's also fairly well oriented with numbers and basic logic. Her family picked up on this when she was a wee little kid, and they tried to get her toys that supported those interests. Adel was certainly not the kind of kid that played with a lot of Barbie Dolls or the Australian equivalents.

Adel was home-schooled and then went straight into the military as enlisted; she then wiggled her way towards the NCO ranks as her jobs became more demanding. The RAN sent her to overseas college education to get a few additional technical classes through the military where they put her to the test and put her at the Stargate Atrium to help with some of its construction.

Shortly after its construction, she quickly transferred to the new USS Aegis, ready and willing to help out wherever she might be needed.


All though quite chipper and friendly, Adelaide can have a firey attitude depending on how she responds to certain situations. She's rather level headed, but can sometimes be a rebel and/or a trouble maker if she faces strong disagreements with something. In those situation, she often faces inner battles with the external authority, and tries to keep herself from retaliating irrationally against their liking. Luckily, this one has a pretty good sense of control thanks to her well developed sense of self discipline.

All though level headed, Adel can occasionally be spacey, for instance, when she's in thought or in the case of working intensively- incredibly focused. She isn't reckless and actually is generally is very sensitive to detail and observation in others. Unless she becomes a bit spacey or set into a particular mindset, Adel is thusly quite alert like an eagle more often than not. If you distract her when working, she gets on edge quickly. She's the type that will bat people over the head with her fist, wrench, or some other blunt object if they make her upset or she gets extremely ticked for whatever reason.

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