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  • 01/01: Corporal Peter Kruger (USA) is promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
  • 01/01: Latvia joins the European Union.
  • 01/02: Sergeant Peter Kruger (USA) is assigned to B Company, 2nd of the 506th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, Fort Campbell; Kentucky.
  • 01/05: Cadet Robert Ferrante (USAF) is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.
  • 01/05: Lieutenant James Anderson (RCN) is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  • 01/06: The USS Midway is commissioned. (Original Timeline)
  • 01/08: Second Lieutenant Robert Ferrante (USAF) is assigned as a pilot in the 10th Air Base Wing in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • 01/08: Second Lieutenant Samuel Denham (USAF) is promoted to First Lieutenant.
  • 01/08: Second Lieutenant Lucas Bridger (USAF) is assigned to civilian aid unit heading to Israel.
  • 01/08: First Lieutenant William Maxwell (USAF) is promoted to Captain.
  • 01/10: Captain Harrison Lin (ROTAF) is assigned as a squadron leader in the 443rd Tactical Fighter Wing (443聯隊), at Tainan AFB.
  • 01/11: Captain John Carter (USAF) is assigned to Atlantis Expedition Team 4. (Original Timeline)
  • 01/14: First Lieutenant Korin Leonard (USAF) is assigned as the Atlantis Expedition Team 3 commander. (Original Timeline)
  • 01/15: First Lieutenant Samuel Denham (USAF) is assigned as a KC-135 Navigational Officer to the 909TH Air Rescue Squadron, at Kadena Air Base.
  • 01/16: Lieutenant Colonel Karl Tenjin (USAF) is promoted to Colonel.
  • 01/30: Second Lieutenant Jonathan Tenjin (USA) is assigned to the United States Army Special Operations Command.
  • 01/30: Cadet Dylan Cussons (USAF) enters the United States Air Force Academy.
  • 01/30: First Lieutenant Jason Dracar (SAS) is promoted to Captain.


  • 02/01: The HMS Caralis enters construction at the BAE Shipyard. (Original Timeline)
  • 02/03: Private Dylan Callaghan (USMC) is promoted to Private First Class & assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, deployed to the Middle East, based out of Camp Pendleton, California.
  • 02/05: The RFS Kerimov is launched. (Original Timeline)
  • 02/14: Cadet Julian Armstrong (USAF) is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.
  • 02/18: Second Lieutenant Julian Armstrong (USAF) is assigned as a weapons specialist to "Never Never Land" Military Base in the Nevada Desert.
  • 02/18: A revolution begins in Ukraine.
  • 02/22: The parliament of Ukraine votes to remove the president of Ukraine from power.
  • 02/23: The Ukrainian revolution ends; Ukraine begins cracking down on non-Ukrainian ethnic groups, protests begin in support & opposition of the new government.
  • 02/24: Head of Ukrainian government declares that the Crimea, a region with a majority of ethnic Russians, would remain part of Ukraine. Protests are held for a Pro-Russian administrator.
  • 02/25: Protestors block Crimea's parliament, & demand a referendum for independence. Russian troops/"local volunteers" take control of the main access to Sevastopol.
  • 02/26: Fighting between protestors in Ukraine & Crimea.
  • 02/27: Russian-speaking gunmen take control of Crimea's parliament building & Council of Ministers building; internal conflict within the government takes place.
  • 02/28: Gunmen take control of Simferopol International Airport, another unit takes control of Sevastopol International Airport; tentative identification of armed forces as Russian Black Sea Fleet troops (as reported by the Ukrainian minister of internal affairs) or Crimean self-defense patrols (as reported by Russian news), later reports suggest the gunmen are from the Main Intelligence Directorate (MID) of Russia. Russian missile boat blockades the e Balaklava Harbor, where ships of the Ukrainian Sea Guard were stationed & Russian military helicopters were moved to Sevastopol from Anapa, tentatively ID'd as Mi-24 assault helicopters. Russian personnel state that 13 Russian IL-76 transports, each carrying around 150 airborne troops, landed in Hvardiyske military airport. Ministry of Defense for Ukraine acknowledges efforts by Russian troops to take over areas of Crimea.
  • 02/28: President of the United States Barack Obama (USG) states that any military action by the Russian Federation would come with a cost.
  • 02/28: Captain Franklin Covner (USN) takes command of the USS Valley Forge. (Original Timeline)


  • 03/01: Crimea's prime minister, established by pro-Russian militants, appeals to Vladimir Putin (RU) for support & states he is taking control of all security forces in Crimea, while moving the date of the self-sovereignty referendum up by almost two months. Ukraine denies validity of pro-Russian Crimean prime minister, stating he was elected illegally. Russia approves use of military force in Crimea, still legally a Ukrainian province. Ukrainian navy & sea guard are allegedly forced from their bases in Sevastopol. Former Ukrainian officials call for immediate end of Karkiv pact, allowing lease of Ukrainian soil for military purposes to Russia.
  • 03/01: Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill (USAF) is promoted to General. (Original Timeline)
  • 03/01: Jeremy Daniels (USAF) passes away.
  • 03/02: Ukrainian military & support forces still in Crimea are pressured to surrender, with several units surrendering. Crimean officials claim no Ukrainian forces remain active within Crimea. Ukraine calls up reserve forces; armed Pro-Russian/Russian Armed Forces units take control of major sites in Crimea.
  • 03/05: Sean William (US) enters the FBI Academy.
  • 03/05: Venezuela & Panama severe diplomatic & political connections.
  • 03/14: Jin Tan (RT) joins the Republic of Taiwan Armed Forces.
  • 03/16: A referendum is held on the status of Crimea.
  • 03/20: Lieutenant (J.G.) Stephanie Tang (USN) is assigned as an Air Patrol F-35B Pilot & the Assistant Wing Commander at Yongsan Garrison, USFK.
  • 03/20: First Lieutenant Gordon Nelson (USAF) enters Astronaut training at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (Original Timeline)
  • 03/21: Captain Aaron Baker (RCAF) is promoted to Major & assigned as a CF-18 pilot to the 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron at CFB Bagotville.
  • 03/21: Captain Christopher Hubbard (CA) is promoted to Major & assigned to Atlantis.
  • 03/21: The Russian Federation formally annexes Crimea from Ukraine.
  • 03/24: The United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, & Canada temporarily suspend the Russian Federation from the G8.
  • 03/27: The United Nations declares Crimea's referendum for independence invalid, & recognizes Ukraine's borders including Crimea.
  • 03/28: Airman First Class James Calmara (USAF) is promoted to Senior Airman.


  • 04/01: Shao-Wei (Second Lieutenant) Chang An (PLAAF) is promoted to Zhong-Wei (First Lieutenant).
  • 04/02: Airman Brian Coffin (USAF) advances in rate to Airman First Class & is assigned to 55th Rescue Squadron, 563rd Rescue Group out of Davis-Mothan AFB. (Original Timeline)
  • 04/05: Lieutenant John Price (SAS) is promoted to Captain.
  • 04/08: Major Eddie Wu (ROTAF) is assigned as the Military Science Adviser to the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • 04/10: In response to the on-going Crimean crisis, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) temporarily strips Russia of all of it's rights as a member nation.
  • 04/15: Jin Tan (ROTMC) enters basic training.
  • 04/16: Lieutenant Colonel Evan Lorne (USAF) is promoted to Colonel.
  • 04/19: Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Braddock (RCAF) is assigned as the executive officer of the HMCS Borealis. (Original Timeline)
  • 04/19: Cadet Jack Huang (ROTAF) is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant & assigned to the F-CK-2 Defense Force.
  • 04/21: Second Lieutenant Jonathan Tenjin (USA) is promoted.


  • 05/01: The NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen (DEN) retires, being replaced by Yulia Tymoshenko (UKR).
  • 05/02: David Craig (US) enters officer training at Fort McKinley Military Academy.
  • 05/04: Lieutenant Jean Saunière (FAF) is promoted to Capitaine.
  • 05/06: Second Lieutenant Chris Sloan (USAF) is promoted to First Lieutenant & assigned as an F-22/F-35 pilot to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.
  • 05/09: Vince Charlton (USG) is hired by the International Oversight Advisory Liaison to the Pentagon. (Original Timeline)
  • 05/16: Capitaine Jean Saunière (FAF) is assigned to work on "Project Time Machine". (Original Timeline)
  • 05/20: Warrant Officer One John Patterson (USA) is assigned begins Stargate Command Training.
  • 05/22: The NRF Charles de Gaulle is launched. (Original Timeline)
  • 05/22: Cadet Carolyn Kelly (NZSAS) is commissioned as a second lieutenant & enters the New Zealand Special Air Service Training.
  • 05/22: First Lieutenant Rei Hoh (ROTA) immigrates to the United States of America.
  • 05/22: The Royal Thai Army overthrows the interim government of Thailand.
  • 05/24: Captain Robert Dragodamnio (USAF) is assigned as the Chief of Security for 72nd Security Forces Squadron at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • 05/28: First Lieutenant Corran Halcyon (USAF) is promoted to Captain.
  • 05/30: Sadie Ford (USAR) enters the United States Air Force Academy.


  • 06/04: Second Lieutenant Andrew Parker (USMC) is promoted to First Lieutenant.
  • 06/05: Albert Thornton (UK) graduates from the University of Cambridge with a Bachelors in Archaeology & Anthropology.
  • 06/06: Ashlyn Techryn (US) enters Skylar Aerial Tech College.
  • 06/11: Chicago Eastlyn (US) goes through USAF OCS.
  • 06/12: The ANZS Voyager is launched. (Original Timeline)
  • 06/18: The NOAAS Ka '​imimoana (R 333) is decommissioned.
  • 06/21: Doctor Daniel Jackson (USG) heads to Atlantis to conduct research into the Ancients. (Original Timeline)
  • 06/24: First Lieutenant Rei Hoh (ROTA) begins her induction training at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, near Seattle, Washington.
  • 06/25: Captain Julian Armstrong (USAF) is assigned to the F-302 Pilot Training/Fighter Interceptor Squadron 47 (VFA-47) "The Dragons". (Original Timeline)



  • 08/01: Cadet Jack Roberts (CA) is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.
  • 08/05: The RFS Gagarin is mothballed. (Original Timeline)
  • 08/06: Cadet Zeke Anderson (USMC) enters the Officer Candidates Course at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.
  • 08/08: The United States Military begins an air campaign in northern Iraq to stem the flow of ISIS militants.
  • 08/10: Second Lieutenant Jack Roberts (CA) is assigned to a Canadian Peacekeeping Force sent to Sudan.
  • 08/12: Rav samal (First Sergeant) Eli Aarons (IDF) is promoted to Rav samal rishon (Senior First Sergeant) & assigned as a Signal Intelligence Analyst with Unit 8200 in the Israeli Intelligence Corps.
  • 08/13: Sergeant Jacob Miller (USA) is assigned as the Company Sergeant for B Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, based out of Fort Benning, Georgia.
  • 08/14: Private William Mann (CA) takes his Basic Military Qualification, at the Canadian Forces Leadership & Recruit School, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.
  • 08/16: Second Lieutenant James Busby (SAS) is promoted to First Lieutenant. (Rejected Biography)
  • 08/20: Charles Callaghan (UK) enters Harvard Medical School to study medicine.
  • 08/21: Lieutenant Jason Walker (RCAF) is assigned to the HMCS Borealis as an F-302 pilot. (Original Timeline)
  • 08/25: Second Lieutenant Samual Harbour (ASAS) enters the Australian SAS Training at Campbell Barracks in Swanbourne, Perth, Western Australia.
  • 08/25: Cadet William Siegfried (CA) is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, graduating from the Royal Military College of Canada with a Bachelors in Military & Strategic Studies.
  • 08/29: Second Lieutenant Steven O'Neil (USAF) is assigned as a security officer for the Stargate Training Program.
  • 08/30: Jack Greene (US) enters the United States Air Force Academy.


  • 09/01: Second Lieutenant William Siegfried (CA) is assigned as a Infantry Platoon Officer at CFB Borden, Ontario.
  • 09/02: Cadet Nick Anderson (USAF) is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant & assigned as an F-35B pilot to Afghanistan.
  • 09/02: Corporal Joanne Rhodes (USA) is promoted to Sergeant.
  • 09/03: Toby Hutchins (UK) begins training at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick.
  • 09/09: Agent Nathan Black (CSIS) is assigned as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service liaison to Military Intelligence, Section 5 in London.
  • 09/10: Agent Sean William (FBI) is selected for classified work in the FBI Counter-terrorism Division.
  • 09/12: Jamie Marcus (UK) enters the Royal Air Force College Cranwell.
  • 09/12: Chief Special Warfare Operator David Archer (USN) enters OCS.
  • 09/14: Nolan Etearna & Christene Etearna (US) enter the United States Air Force Academy.
  • 09/15: Second Lieutenant Samual Harbour (ASAS) is assigned to Squadron 2, SASR.
  • 09/17: Leading Rate Chris MacKay (RN) is promoted to Petty Officer.
  • 09/18: Midshipman James Colbert (USN) enters the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • 09/20: Private Aaron Hughes (USMC) begins basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina.
  • 09/24: First Lieutenant Edward Connolly (USMC) enters Marine Corps Security Forces School.
  • 09/30: Fänrik Jonas Eriksson (SAC) is assigned to a Stockholm-based Special Forces unit.
  • 09/30: Officer Cadet Jessica Rowe (RCAF) begins NORAD Combat Training with the 2 Canadian Air Division.


  • 10/02: Connor Slade (UK) enters Oxford University of Science & Technology in Oxford, England.
  • 10/10: Petty Officer Chris MacKay (RN) is assigned as an instructor in the British Stargate Training Program.
  • 10/10: First Lieutenant Edward Connolly (USMC) is assigned to Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team, Marine Corps Security Force Regiment
  • 10/11: Seamen Ryan Brown (RAN) becomes an Electrical Technician Apprentice aboard the HMAS Toowoomba (FFH 156).
  • 10/15: Michael Chambers (AUS) is hired as a paralegal by McMaster & Associates Law Office in Melbourne.
  • 10/19: Second Lieutenant Chicago Eastlyn (USAF) is assigned to the Pentagon to work in Communications Signals Intelligence.
  • 10/20: The RFS Gagarin is sold to the United Nations. (Original Timeline)
  • 10/20: Cadet Zeke Anderson (USMC) is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.
  • 10/21: Second Lieutenant Zeke Anderson (USMC) enters The Basic School, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.
  • 10/27: The last of the British Armed Forces hand over Camp Bastion over to Afghan Officials.


  • 11/01: Sigma Base on P6T-4DU is established. (Original Timeline)
  • 11/02: The Philae probe becomes the first entirely Earth-made & designed piece of equipment to land on a comet.
  • 11/06: The USNS Lewis B. Puller (T-MLP-3/T-AFSB-1) is launched.
  • 11/10: Dmitry Medvedev (RU), the Russian Federation's president is assassinated. (Original Timeline)
  • 11/11: Cadet Pierre Laurie (FAF) is commissioned as a Sous-Lieutenant (Second Lieutenant) & assigned as a Flight Surgeon, at French Airbase Abu Dhabi.
  • 11/16: Fänrik Judith Jenssen (SAC) is assigned as a medical officer to Skaraborg Air Force Base.
  • 11/17: Jessica McRae (UK) begins Bachelors Degree in Analytical Chemistry with the Open University.
  • 11/22: Private William Mann (RCMC) enters the Marine Commandos Training at CFB Esquimalt in Esquimalt, British Columbia.
  • 11/25: Second Lieutenant James Jackson (USA) is promoted to First Lieutenant.
  • 11/29: Major Henry Sutherland (RCMC) is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel & promoted to leading Stargate Command Team 20. (Original Timeline)


  • 12/05: First Lieutenant James Jackson (USA) is assigned to Stargate Command. (Rejected Biography)
  • 12/10: Lieutenant Commander James Anderson (RCN) is assigned to CFB Esqualt as an instructor.
  • 12/10: Cadet David Archer (USN) is commissioned as an Ensign.
  • 12/17: The United States of America & Cuba open a dialogue to return to good relations & end the US embargo of Cuba.
  • 12/17: Private Aaron Hughes (USMC) is promoted to Private First Class.
  • 12/18: Ensign David Archer (USN) begins Intelligence Training.
  • 12/18: Private First Class Aaron Hughes (USMC) is granted leave.
  • 12/20: Lieutenant Colonel David Eddings (USMC) is assigned for the White House Honor Guard.
  • 12/25: Private William Mann (RCMC) is assigned to Echo Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Canadian Marine Regiment.
  • 12/28: The United States of America formally declares the War in Afghanistan to be over.

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